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My Moms New Husband Part 2 Drill My Hole
Will Braun has found out that his mom's new husband, Dennis West, has been keeping a secret. Will is no fool and knows that Dennis will do anything to keep his wife from finding out, so he decides to fuck his hot new stepdad until they both blow their hot loads. Featuring Dennis West, Will Braun.View Video
Fucked at First Sight Part 3 Drill My Hole
Watch the chemistry shared between Bennett Anthony and Dennis West when they meet for the first time. These two are paired up based on a personality and sexual compatibility test and trust us when we say that you won't be disappointed! Featuring Bennett Anthony, Dennis West.View Video
Gay of Thrones Part 8 Drill My Hole
Theo Ford and Dennis West have some insane chemistry as they suck and fuck until they release their loads in this epic episode of Gay of Thrones. Featuring Dennis West, Theo Ford.View Video
The In Laws Part 2 Str8 to Gay
Dennis West's husband tells him about how he first met Aspen, and the two decide that they should keep it a secret. Dennis calls Aspen over and very quickly has seduced Aspen into taking every inch of his hung cock before busting his creamy load all over his future son in-law.View Video
The In Laws Part 3 Jizz Orgy
Aspen's soon to be in-laws, Dennis West and Dirk Caber, invite him over one last time to "get everything out of his system," and they also invited Brendan Patrick. They soon convince Aspen to let loose, and he sure does! These four studs fuck hard and leave each other covered in cum.View Video
Stealth Fuckers Part 2 Drill My Hole
Jack Radley isn't exactly a morning person, that is until his stepdad, Dennis West, shows him just how great mornings can be. Dennis enters Jack's room and starts to blow his big cock. When Jack's friend comes over to pick up Jack, there is no stopping the amazing feeling Jack is having with his stepdad's horse hung cock. Jack takes Dennis' cock balls deep as he has c....View Video
Ass Bandit Part 4 Drill My Hole
Connor Maguire is back to collect what was promised to him, except this time he is caught by Dennis West. This is one sexual household with a craving for a hung, uncut ginger thief! Dennis works Connor's magnificent cock with his wet mouth before having Connor slide into his warm hole!View Video
Glenn and Dennis at Sean Cody
Original release date: August 8th, 2013.View Video
Noel and Dennis at Sean Cody
Original release date: April 1st, 2014.View Video
Dirty Uncle Dennis Part 1 Drill My Hole
Dennis West's step son has graduated and is headed to college. As a present, Dennis offers to buy his step son a car but only if he hooks his favorite step dad up with some of his hot friends. Dennis just wants a piece of young fresh teenage ass and cock, and he knows his step son is the ticket. Scott Riley comes by offering to do some work in exchange for cash, and D....View Video
Dirty Uncle Dennis Part 2 Drill My Hole
It's time for Dennis West to have his step son's friend, Landon Mycles, do a little gardening in the nude. Landon is hesitant at first but Dennis convinces the young man to stick around and let him put him at ease with a nice cock sucking. Dennis treats Landon just right, so much so that Landon gives up his hole for a good, hard fuck.View Video
Dirty Uncle Dennis Part 3 Drill My Hole
Alex Mecum has finished tidying up in the nude and asks to be paid for his services. Dirty uncle Dennis West has an idea for one more chore though, assuring young Alex that it will be fun for all. Alex knows better than to fall for Dennis' antics, but one look at Dennis' big, pervy dick and even he can't resist a taste.View Video
Dirty Uncle Dennis Part 4 Drill My Hole
Will Braun and Luke Adams pay a visit to their friend's dirty uncle Dennis West. Will is shy at first but it doesn't take long for the pervy uncle to convince these young studs to have some hot three-way action.View Video
A Connection Drill My Hole
Jake Bass and Dennis West are the perfect match in this hot flip fuck.View Video
Do Not Tell My Wife Part 1 Str8 to Gay
Dennis West has a bitch wife and needs to let off steam. Turns out Owen Michaels is into sexy married men, and gives up his sweet ass for Dennis' desperate dick.View Video
Star Wars Parody Part 2 Drill My Hole
Luke Skywalker is bartered for the use of Han Solo's ship. Featuring Luke Adams, Dennis West.View Video
Do Not Tell My Wife Part 2 Str8 to Gay
Dennis West can't take his in-laws anymore and just wants to leave and get his ass drilled by a hot cock. He knows just who to call who will fuck him just the way he needs. Featuring Dennis West, Peter Fields.View Video
Star Wars Parody Part 3 Drill My Hole
The Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, shows Han the dark side of the force. Featuring Dennis West, Vader.View Video
Naughty Boys Part 2 Str8 to Gay
Dennis West is not happy with his stepson, Jimmy Fanz, but the only thing on Jimmy's mind is his stepdad's lips wrapped around his dick. When Jimmy tells his stepdad to suck his dick, Dennis agrees but says it's the last time. Dennis take his stepson's hot cock deep in his hole until they both cum all over. Original release date: January 20th, 2016.View Video
Naughty Boys Part 3 Str8 to Gay
Asher Hawk and Jimmy Fanz are step-brothers who have been getting their sweet holes fucked by their stepdad, Dennis West. Watch as they team up on Dennis' fat cock and then see Asher get his sexy ass plowed. Original release date: January 28th, 2016.View Video
The Married Bottom Str8 to Gay
Dennis West is straight and married but he loves to bottom for hot guys. When Topher DiMaggio offers to drill his sexy hole, Dennis comes right over. Topher gives him the pounding he craves, but not before making him suck his big dick. Original release date: February 19th, 2016.View Video
Betting on the Straight Guy Part 3 Str8 to Gay
Wesley Woods has just got into town when he meets Dennis West. Wesley really wants company for the night and Dennis really wants to forget about his wife and kids. Watch the inevitable as Dennis slams Wesley's hot ass. Original release date: March 3rd, 2016.View Video
Boys for Rent Part 1 Drill My Hole
Dennis West is looking a young, jock type of guy, and he's willing to pay for the time. Hot stud Dylan Knight offers up his sweet ass for Dennis' big cock. Original release date: March 14th, 2016.View Video
Straight Classifieds Part 3 Str8 to Gay
Jordan Boss is at it again! Watch him pull some more antics to score married hunk Dennis West. He works Dennis' rock hard cock with his mouth before bending his sweet ass over for a pounding. Original release date: March 21st, 2016.View Video
My Wife Can Not Find Out Part 2 Str8 to Gay
Brendan Phillips is willing to do whatever it takes to land this babysitting job, especially if it means seducing Dennis West while his wife and children are out of the house. Unable to resist, Dennis gives in to his throbbing desire for young and taut Brendan Phillips in his family's living room. Featuring Dennis West, Brendan Phillips. Original release date: May 2nd....View Video
A Hollywood Story Part 2 Str8 to Gay
Hollywood execs Dennis and Billy are ready to audition aspiring actor Will Braun the morning after Brenden Cage stretched him wide open. The new kid in town is quickly learning the ropes to success in Tinseltown, one thick throbbing cock at a time. Featuring Billy Santoro, Will Braun, Dennis West. Original release date: May 11th, 2016.View Video
My New Fuck Toy Str8 to Gay
Dennis West's wife is away -- and she wants to make sure he gets the attention he deserves. Cue Scotty Zee, Dennis' new fuck toy hired by his wife. Dennis takes advantage of Scotty's smooth young body and tight pink hole, fucking him to completion in the master bathroom. Featuring Scotty Zee, Dennis West. Original release date: May 16th, 2016.View Video
A Hollywood Story Part 3 Jizz Orgy
Will Braun's induction to the debaucherous nature of Hollywood concludes in Part 3, and it seems he's learned how to take direction quite well -- especially with four cocks raining cum down onto him in this jizz orgy. JJ Knight joins Will in satisfying these powerful men of Hollywood. Featuring Will Braun, Billy Santoro, Dennis West, Brenden Cage, JJ Knight. Original ....View Video
Dad vs Stepdad Drill My Hole
It's Dennis West vs. Eddie Walker in Dad vs. Stepdad. The only place these polar opposite dads are compatible is in the bedroom. Featuring Eddie Walker, Dennis West. Original release date: June 17th, 2016.View Video
Just Like Dad Part 3 Drill My Hole
Like father like son, like son like father-- Dennis West gets with Jordan Easton, the boy he gifted to his son as a rebound. Featuring Dennis West, Jordan Easton. Original release date: June 21st, 2016.View Video
Turning Point Part 1 Str8 to Gay
Watch as Dennis West penetrates Paul's eager hole in Turning Point. Featuring Dennis West, Paul Canon. Original release date: June 27th, 2016.View Video
Just Like Dad Part 4 Drill My Hole
Colby Jansen fills Dennis West with his 7" throbbing cock. Featuring Dennis West, Colby Jensen. Original release date: June 27th, 2016.View Video
Fix and Fuck Drill My Hole
Mike Maverick has work in a few hours, so of course his laundry machine breaks down with all of his clothing in it. Dennis West comes to the rescue, but it turns out he is much more than your average repairman -- as evidenced by his bag of assorted sex toys. Mike is serviced in more ways than one! Featuring Dennis West, Mike Maverick. Original release date: June 30th,....View Video
Bliss Gods of Men
Dennis West and Addison Graham take turns exploring each other. Dennis goes down on Addison's beautiful cock first, savoring the hard piece of meat and pre-cum with his welcoming mouth. Addison then lubes up Dennis' dick with a blow-job to prepare for the plunge it will take inside his tight bum. Dennis passionately fucks the sexy Addison until both men blow their loa....View Video
Clipboard Activist Drill My Hole
It's man-meat, not animal meat for this clipboard activist. Dennis West doesn't know what he's getting himself into when he agrees to sign Roman Todd's petition -- but he ain't mad once Roman starts milking his dick dry. Dennis rams Roman's ass with his rod, making this activist spray his splooge all over himself. Featuring Roman Todd, Dennis West. Original release da....View Video
New Landlord Drill My Hole
Dennis West is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his apartment. His new landlord Jimmy Durano has just served him an eviction notice. Jimmy has something in mind that will help him forget the notice he just served -- something specific involving his rock hard cock penetrating Dennis' tight ass. Who knew keeping your rent controlled apartment could be so...pleasu....View Video
Man Up Drill My Hole
Dennis West gets his man hole drilled by Diego Sans gorgeous bulging cock. Featuring Diego Sans, Dennis West. Original release date: August 31st, 2016.View Video
Call Me Daddy Drill My Hole
Dennis West is on the hunt for someone young, dumb, and full of cum. Leo Sweetwood is just the guy to fulfill his desires. Once both men are primed with a blow-job and a rim-job, Dennis fucks that tight young ass with his pulsing cock. He fills Leo with pleasurable pumps until both shower their cum onto each other. Featuring Dennis West, Leo Sweetwood. Original releas....View Video
A Tale of Two Hookers Part 2 Drill My Hole
Aspen helps Dalton Briggs get into the escort business so he can assist with living expenses. Dennis West is excited to get with the new guy, and it isn't long before Dalton is sucking that hunk of man meat. Dalton takes his thick cock and slams Dennis' ass, earning his fair share for rent. Featuring Dennis West, Dalton Briggs. From the web series: A Tale of Two Hooke....View Video
Then and Now Part 2 Drill My Hole
In Part 2 of "Then & Now', Dennis West's marriage to Leo Fuentes is failing. They decide to hammer the final nail in the coffin with a bit of break-up sex taking place on top of the divorce papers. Featuring Dennis West, Leo Fuentes. From the web series: Then and Now. Original release date: November 4th, 2016.View Video
Then and Now Part 3 Drill My Hole
Dennis West and Evan Marco reconnect after their relationship grew strained after hooking up some 20-odd years ago. They relive the concert that changed their lives and work on rekindling that puppy-love they once secretly shared with each other. Featuring Dennis West, Evan Marco. From the web series: Then and Now. Original release date: November 15th, 2016.View Video
Did I Just Do That Str8 to Gay
Dennis West is surprised to learn what he did last night...rather who he did last night: Lucky Daniels. Featuring Dennis West, Lucky Daniels. Original release date: November 22nd, 2016.View Video
Ghosts of Christmas Part 3 Drill My Hole
Jordan Levine is confronted by The Ghost of Christmas Future in Part 3: Dennis West. Dennis helps him realize there's more to life than signing deals and getting the job done, such as sucking a hard cock and ramming a tight ass full of his beautiful dick. Jordan slobbers down on Dennis' man meat before Dennis returns the favor. Jordan pummels Dennis' hole, working him....View Video
Soap Studs Part 1 Drill My Hole
Drama is engulfing Dennis West's fashion house Salem Couture. His cunningly grand plan to win his company back involves Arad Winwin's rock hard body and delicious cock seducing his son-in-law -- but first he needs to make sure Arad has the goods. And boy does he, proven as he shoves them into Dennis' eager hole. From the web series: Soap Studs. Featuring Dennis West, ....View Video
Sorry Sister Str8 to Gay
Brenner Bolton runs into his sister's old ex from college -- Dennis West. The guys catch up, and Brenner is reminded of the crush he had on Dennis all those years ago. Things escalate and heat up once back at Brenner's for a drink, and Dennis can't resist Brenner's advances. Featuring Brenner Bolton, Dennis West. Original release date: January 11th, 2017.View Video
The Book Part 2 Drill My Hole
Diego Sans can't get enough of "The Sands Of Our Time" -- the book that sucks you in.. and then sucks you off. The age old question is asked in chapter two: daddies or twinks? The correct answer: both. Diego gets down with Dennis West and Will Braun, using his cock to massage deep inside them. Featuring Will Braun, Diego Sans, Dennis West. From the web series: The Boo....View Video
With Him Gods of Men
Dennis West and Griffin Barrows prepare for their first scene together. Griffin swallows Dennis' dick, getting it nice and lubricated for his tight bottom. Dennis plunges his tongue into that tight hole, working it open with his strong fingers before loading it up with his hard cock. Griffin's ass swallows his rod as Dennis works it in and out. Featuring Dennis West, ....View Video
Slut Cash Part 3 Drill My Hole
Jacob Peterson is making bank! This time around he has Dennis West with which to fool around. Featuring Dennis West, Jacob Peterson. From the web series: Slut Cash. Original release date: March 19th, 2017.View Video
Bath Time Drill My Hole
Dennis West gets to have fun with young guy Xander Brave. After a muddy soccer match, Xander needs to get clean -- and Dennis is going to make sure of it. He runs a hot bath and bathes Xander, making sure to reach every part of his body. Soon enough Dennis has his cock lodged up Xander's ass, filling both men with probing pleasure. Featuring Dennis West, Xander Brave.....View Video
For a Good Time Call Part 1 Drill My Hole
Damien Kyle comes across Dennis West's phone number scrawled on the wall in a bathroom stall. Although he didn't write his number there, Dennis decides to embrace his gay side and invites Damien over for some ass slamming. His curiosities give way to one of the best fucks he's had. Featuring Dennis West, Damien Kyle. From the web series: For a Good Time Call. Original....View Video