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Derick Sean Cody
A nice body and a big dick? Check and check! Derick seems to check off all the boxes. Not only that, but he's an all-around nice guy, and a giver too! "I'm a very big pleaser and so when I have sex, I really put the focus on my partner...what feels good to me is just knowing that I'm giving someone pleasure." Well Derick, you are giving all of us pleasure, so no issue....View Video
Derick and Lane Sean Cody
"Today, there's a new guy I get to bang!" Lane was all smiles and excited to get started with the hunky Derick, who was also pretty eager to commence the day full of firsts. Lane described the new hottie as "kind of a weird fellow", but certainly in the most endearing way...he did like it after all! Especially when Derick pounded his tight hole with his big dick, and ....View Video
Derick and Shaw Sean Cody
Derick was all smiles all day, and it took Shaw by a good way, of course! He was excited to try out more new things with another hot guy, so Shaw took that as an opportunity to let Derick know he could do whatever he wanted to him, Well, don't hold back. I'm pretty much telling you that you can do whatever, however...I mean, it's your show man! Derick jo....View Video
Derick and Randy Sean Cody
It doesn't get much better than two muscles studs with big dicks going at it. Randy took on Derick's thick cock, and both guys were excited to get things started. I'm excited to fuck Randy. I'm excited to be fucked...if it can fit. It fit just fine, in fact, it was perfect, making Randy cum all over himself! Featuring Derick, Randy. Original release date: December 14t....View Video
Wyoming Getaway Part 2 Sean Cody
Our favorite couple is back, and Derick stopped by to take advantage of the great Wyoming scenery and a couple of tight asses! On a chilly day, dipping into a hot tub is definitely a good idea to relax and warm up, but Derick, Deacon and Asher didn't waste any time getting right to the fun stuff. Hot tub threesome with three very hot guys? You can't go wrong with that....View Video
Frankie and Derick Sean Cody
Derick wanted to ask us a very important question, and we were immediately intrigued. He's been very curious about bottoming lately, and wanted to know if he could try it out on camera. Of course, we were excited about it, and found him a good top: Frankie. Derick was thrilled, I've heard he's pretty rough around the edges, which I like! Frankie was more than happy to....View Video
Derick and Kaleb Sean Cody
He's pretty big! He's definitely got a fat cock, so I'm nervous...but I'm always excited too! Kaleb's excitement about getting fucked by sexy Derick certainly overpowered his nerves, and it showed! As soon as Derick slid his big dick inside of Kaleb's tight bubble butt, it was all pleasure from there. Featuring Derick, Kaleb. Original release date: February 24th, 2018....View Video