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Wank Party 10 Part 1 William Higgins
Wank Party 2016 #10 is a Dream Set and features Alan Carly, Petr Andre, Martin Polnak, and Dusan Polanek. In this first part we see Peter Andre sitting on the sofa as Dusan and Martin arrive to wish him happy birthday. They tell him that the present should arrive shortly. As they wait Peter tells them of his other presents. Their wait is ended when the present arrives....View Video
Wank Party 10 Part 2 William Higgins
In part two of Wank Party 2016 #10 we join Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak, Alan Carly, and Peter Andre. Martin is rimming Alan's eager ass. He stands and slides his throbbing cock into Alan's hole as Dusan and Peter are watching. Dusan reaches over and rubs Alan's ass as he watches the cock fucking it deep. Martin fucks that ass real well and then pulls out, so that Pet....View Video
Wank Party 11 Part 1 William Higgins
Wank Party 2016 #11 features Nikol Monak, Dusan Polanek, Milan Major and Adam Rezal. In this first part we Milan and Adam as they sit on the sofa kissing each other. They are quickly joined by Duas and Nikol who arrive with wine to celebrate a birthday. Dusan pours the wine and then Dusan kisses Adam, wishing him a happy birthday. Nikol and Milan join in the fun by ki....View Video
Wank Party 11 Part 2 William Higgins
Wank Party 2016 #11 has Nikol Monak, Dusan Polanek, Milan Major, and Adam Rezal. In this second part we see Nikol and Dusan rimming and playing with the holes of Milan and Adam. Then, in unison Nikol and Dusan slides their throbbing cocks deep into the waiting asses. Nikol fucks Milan as Dusan does the same to Adam. The fat dicks really stretch the holes as the guys m....View Video
Kuba and Dusan William Higgins
In a lovely Dream Set suggested by Kevin we have Dusan Polanek and Kuba Neval. As we join them they are enjoying some kissing and help each other remove their tee shirts. Dusan's hand dips into Kuba's jeans and pulls out his stiff cock. He wanks on the cock as Kuba opens Dusan's pants and starts wanking him too. Then Kuba lays on the bed for and takes off his jeans as....View Video
Wank Party 82 Part 1 William Higgins
Wank Party #82, featuring Tomas Fuk, Dusan Polanek, Martin Polnak, and Romi Zuska is a lovely Dreamset, suggested by Daniel a long-time supporter of the site. Part 1 starts with Martin in the bathroom, rinsing his mouth. Then he goes into the bedroom and lays on the bed. As he rests Romi, Tomas and Dusan rush into the room and overcome him. They tie his hands behind h....View Video
Wank Party 82 Part 2 William Higgins
In Part 2 of our Dreamset Wank Party '82, which was suggested by Daniel, we have Tomas Fuk, Romi Zuska, Dusan Polanek, and Martin Polnak. Martin's hands are tied behind his back and the guys are feeling him. Dusan is straddling him and his hard cock pushes against Martin's ass hole, sliding deep inside. He fucks that tight ass briefly before moving aside so that Romi ....View Video
Ivan and Dusan William Higgins
Ivan Sabado is a very good looking straight guy who was up for a Screentest, so we paired him with Dusan Polanek. They sit and chat for a while with Dusan offers some help to Ivan with an injury he suffered playing handball. Ivan takes off his tee shirt and lays on his belly. Dusan straddles him and begins to massage his back. Then he turns Ivan over and rubs his hand....View Video
Oleg and Dusan William Higgins
Oleg Makarov's Screentest sees him paired with Dusan Polanek. He is sitting on the sofa when Dusan arrives and they have a chat. As they chat about sex Oleg says he would like to try something with a guy. Then the two start kissing each other. Oleg removes Dusan's tee shirt and then the favor is returned. That bares Oleg's hairy chest. As they kiss they rub each other....View Video
Dusan and Mirek William Higgins
Handsome str8 guy Dusan Polanek gets his cherry busted today by another sexy str8 guy Mirek Madl. We join them as Mirek sits between Dusan's legs having his body felt all over. His tee shirt is removed and Dusan's hands run over the bare chest and down to his groin. Mirek's cock is hard in his shorts as Dusan gropes him. Then Dusan's tee shirt is removed and Mirek goe....View Video
Dusan and Bradley William Higgins
Two very hot straight guys give us a great scene, Bradley Cook is sleeping, as he is joined on the bed by Dusan Polanek. Bradley's gorgeous hairy ass is readily available as Dusan leans over and begins kissing it. He parts the hairy cheeks and laps at the tight hole. The light shimmers on the hairs as Dusan's hands rub over the ass. He continues to kiss it as he runs ....View Video