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Erik Drda Badpuppy
Muscle stud Erik Drda loves to show off his body especially when he's lifting weights. Every ripped muscle in his chest and arms pop out at you as Erik gives us a demonstration of his lifting technique and exercise regimen. After a little workout, Erik lies back on his workout beam and gently massages his own chest, slowly working his hands down his stomach and under ....View Video
Erik and Petr Badpuppy
Erik Drda just left the gym and stopped by to see Petr Zuska for some relaxing play time. Erik removes his shirt and pants revealing and incredibly built body. He spies the bottle of lotion on the table, picks it up and squeezes the contents into his hands which he begins applying to his own muscles. As he rubs the lotion into his muscles his hands intermittently disa....View Video
Erik and Laco Badpuppy
Erik Drda was awakened early one morning with Laco Meido gently rubbing his rock-hard stomach and chest. Working his way down Erik's chest Laco rubs the outside of Erik's underwear before reaching his hands inside and then slowly pulling the underwear back. Erik's manhood popped out from beneath the underwear and Laco began gingerly kissing, licking and sucking Erik's....View Video
Bradley and Erik William Higgins
Erik Drda is sitting between Bradley Cook's legs and having his shoulders and chest massage. He rubs Bradley's legs through his jeans and then turns over to kiss him. As they kiss Bradley's big cock is released from his jeans and he slides Erik's down to rub his ass. Rolling over, so Bradley is on top they kiss some more and he pulls Erik's jeans down further revealin....View Video
Honza and Erik William Higgins
Honza Onus is in the army barracks, sleeping. Erik Drda, his superior, comes in and finds him and wakes him up. Erik tells him to get up and makes him fold his clothes. Then Erik finds that Honza has been drinking and decides that he must be punished. He makes Honza take his pants down and starts to cane his ass. Honza moans as the cane lands and stings his ass. Honza....View Video
Erik Drda William Higgins
Sexy str8 guy Erik Drda is using the weights to tone his hot chest and biceps. He looks so good as he stands and poses, flexing his huge biceps. Then he sits and exercises the biceps some more. His body looks so pumped as he keeps working and does push ups on the log. Laying down he starts to caress his sexy chest and reaches into his pants to grope himself. Standing ....View Video