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Horny Swimmers Staxus
They've just enjoyed a lovely swim, but it's clear from the off that neither Shane Hirch or Joshua Levy are much in the mood to relax. In fact, as quickly becomes apparent, they're both looking for a very different form of exercise -- and that, of course, can only mean one thing for you very lucky viewers! All the same, there's no denying the sensuous introduction to ....View Video
Trainee Medics Staxus
Everyone knows that medical students are experts at the human anatomy, but Tony Conrad and Joshua Levy clearly take that knowledge to another level -- at least if this horny little escapade is anything to go by! Work's over, but neither of these boys appears in any hurry to head home. Instead, their studies of all things anatomical continue with a passionate smooch on....View Video
Greased Up Buddies Staxus
We're not totally convinced that the opening action is quite as dramatic as the music suggests, but there's certainly no denying that watching Joshua Levy and Florian Mraz as they play-wrestle together is a homoerotic dream-cum-true. Beginning outdoors, before heading for an indoor romp, these two greased-up beauties put in their very all as they slip and slide around....View Video
Big Oily Cock Staxus
Anyone who didn't know him better would honestly think that butter wouldn't so much as melt in his mouth, but we've already seen enough of horny newcomer, Joshua Levy, to realise that he's one hot little fucker. What's more, give him a bottle of oil and he seems to get even more hyped up -- as quickly becomes apparent here. Fact is he's a lad who's completely in tune ....View Video
Great Dane Staxus
New boy Chris Jansen clearly enjoys a bit of cruising in the local park -- but it's a pastime that doesn't go without its reward when he encounters none other than the ever-delicious Joshua Levy. Within minutes the two fellows are smooching away like a couple of horned-up alley-cats; before heading off to a nearby apartment, where their antics become (not unnaturally)....View Video
Loved Up Buds Staxus
Staxus favourites, Noah Matous and Joshua Levy, are having a very romantic day together in downtown Prague -- eating lunch in a cafe, walking along the river and smooching in a doorway. So it's little wonder that the two handsome dudes can't wait to get back to their apartment to express their affections for each other in a much more intimate manner. Indeed, you only ....View Video
Newbie Rimmed Staxus
New boy, Jeffrey Lloyd, is in the mood for a relaxing cup of coffee -- but, as he very quickly discovers, there's no time to sit supping hot beverages when you're a Staxus boy. Indeed, once Joshua Levy has finished his shower and slipped into some sexy, silky underwear, the focus is very quickly on what you'd expect in a top-notch porn scene; with both lads releasing ....View Video
Breakfast Buggery Staxus
Everyone knows that the best time for sex is first thing in the morning, when the mind and body are fully refreshed -- a philosophy that Kris Blent and Joshua Levy are clearly determined to uphold when they each get up for breakfast and encounter one another over a dining table. After sharing a few niceties, their primeval urges are soon clearly getting the better of ....View Video
Kinky Toy Play Staxus
Oh for the time when these two young buddies used to be happy playing with Lego and Meccano! These days Joshua Levy and new boy, Mike Cole, clearly prefer to while away their free time playing with toys of a very different kind -- ones that stimulate their meaty, uncut cocks rather than their brains! So it is that they start this terrific little duo working masturbato....View Video
Horny Sparky Staxus
He claims to have come to the office to inspect the electricity sockets; but given the fact that he's wearing a sleeveless vest and gives only a half-hearted check of the equipment in the office, you'd be forgiven for making the assumption that Joshua Levy's intentions are somewhat more carnal than he'd have you believe. Especially when he decides to put on an almost ....View Video