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Xmas Wank Party Part 1 William Higgins
In our Christmas Wank Party for 2016 we have Rosta Benecky, Tomas Fuk, Kuba Nevel, and Adam Rezal. In this first part we Tomas and Kuba sitting and relaxing as they are joined by Roast and Adam who are bearing presents. Tomas and Kuba unwrap the presents to find virtual reality headsets. They both insert their phones to try them out. It seems that Tomas has decided to....View Video
Xmas Wank Party Part 2 William Higgins
In part two of Christmas Wank Party 2016 we have Rosta Benecky, Tomas Fuk, Kuba Neval, and Adam Rezal. Kuba is rimming Adam as Tomas Rims and sucks Rosta. Then each pair kiss as they transition into fucking. Rosta moves onto his knees as Adam lays on his back. Kuba slides his stiff cock into Adam's waiting ass as Tomas starts to fuck Rosta's hot hole. They moan as the....View Video
Kuba and Dusan William Higgins
In a lovely Dream Set suggested by Kevin we have Dusan Polanek and Kuba Neval. As we join them they are enjoying some kissing and help each other remove their tee shirts. Dusan's hand dips into Kuba's jeans and pulls out his stiff cock. He wanks on the cock as Kuba opens Dusan's pants and starts wanking him too. Then Kuba lays on the bed for and takes off his jeans as....View Video