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Young Actor Gets Taught Part 2 at Teach Twinks
Bad teen actor Hayden Chandler sucks up to his teacher Luke Milan after school.View Video
Luke Milan Fucks Rylan Shaw at Jocks Studios
Rylan Shaw spreads his legs wide to take Luke Milans cock. With Luke Milan, Rylan Shaw.View Video
Pack Attack 8 JR Bronson Clip 2 at Hot House
Horse-hung hunks Luke and Mario pummel J.R. from both sides. With JR Bronson, Luke Milan, Mario Costa.View Video
Cabin Fever Part 2 Clip 2 at Falcon Studios
With Luke's legs up and spread apart, Lee fucks him hard. With Luke Milan, Lee Paine.View Video
Members Exclusive Clip 3 at Falcon Studios
Lucas Vitello and Luke Milan take turns suckin on each other. With Luke Milan, Lucas Vitello.View Video
Members Exclusive Clip 5 at Falcon Studios
Smooth sculpted youth Luke Milan and Jessy Ares suck cocks. With Luke Milan, Jessy Ares.View Video
Landon Conrad and Luke Milan at Bound Jocks
Landon promises to untie fellow captive Luke if he blows him. With Luke Milan, Landon Conrad.View Video
Landon Conrad Tops Luke Milan at Bound Jocks
Luke's spread cheeks have no choice but to take Landon's rod. With Luke Milan, Landon Conrad.View Video
Luke Milan at Next Door Male
Luke gets a bulge as he watches his own chiseled reflection. With Luke Milan.View Video
Big Country at Falcon Studios
Huge-cocked Luke kicks back in a rope hammock with sexy Levi. With Luke Milan, Levi Madison.View Video
Close Quarters at Next Door Buddies
While Mario naps, his pal Luke decides to make a move on him With Mario Torrez, Luke Milan.View Video
Tailored Fit at Next Door Buddies
Tailor Luke tricks James into stripping down in front of him With James Huntsman, Luke Milan.View Video
Good Sports at Hot House
Bobby and Luke turn their game into a heated x-rated scrimmage With Bobby Hart, Luke Milan.View Video
Eating Milanese Extra Big Dicks
Hot Latino drills cute guy's tight ass with huge cock. Title: Eating Milanese Featuring Dominic Pacifico, Luke Milan.View Video
Come and Get It Luke and Rylan Falcon Studios
Lazy summer lust turns to white hot action from Luke and Rylan. Title: Come And Get It Featuring Luke Milan, Rylan Shaw.View Video
Twin Heat Spencer and Luke Falcon Studios
Sucking on popsicles gives horny Luke and Spencer another idea. Title: Twin Heat Featuring Spencer Fox, Luke Milan.View Video
Exclusive Donny and Luke at Falcon Studios
Donny Wright & Luke Milan in a very hot poolside oral scene. With Donny Wright Luke MilanView Video
Lee Paine and Luke Milan Fuck at Jocks Studios
Lee Paine and Luke Milan suck, fuck & rim in this hot scene. With Luke Milan Lee PaineView Video
Gloryhole Rookie Goes Gay at Unglory Hole
Today my friend Ty wanted to go to the video store and watch and video and you know what he is probably going to do, haha. Show I busted in on him and told him, dude there is a fucking glory hole right there, stick your dick in there for a surprise. He did and let me tell you the person gave him super head. He even let my boy Ty fuck his tight ass threw the hole until....View Video
Hooker Stories 2 Ep 2 Huge Problem Naked Sword
Who needs a time-share when you've got time to share? In the latest installment of Naked Sword's Hooker Stories 2, escort boyfriends Sean Duran and Seth Roberts take a vacation to San Francisco. And when you love what you do, it's hard not to bring a little work along. So the boys case out the San Francisco clientele the abduction fantasies, the costume dramas, the un....View Video
Full Release Hot House
When Dylan gets a massage, Luke can't resist his bubble butt Title: Full Release. With Luke Milan, Dylan Knight.View Video
Luke Milan and Tanner Wayne Flip Fuck at Jocks Studios
Tanner Wayne and Luke Milan take turns fucking each other With Luke Milan, Tanner Wayne.View Video
Straight Javier Ramirez Bait Luke Milan Bait Buddies
The expression Whoa Nelly! really fits Luke Milan. And, youll know what we mean the second he opens his mouth. He says he goes both ways, but Im thinking he means top or bottom. Anyway, the exclamation point really fits, because this 6 foot tall 25 year old is packing one of the thickest, 8 inch, cut piece of meat youll ever see.We put Luke together with Javier, a Str....View Video
Two Little Piggies at Drill My Hole
Luke Milan and JR are country boys with nothing to do and a bag full of apples. Bored stiff Luke challenges J.R to a throwing contest, whoever can hit the tree across the road with an apple wins. Soon they even get board of that and the game turns into who can hit the first car that passes by. Unfortunately the next car isn't even a car at all, it's a truck, a truck d....View Video
Spencer Fox And Luke Milan Fuck at Jocks Studios
Spencer Fox gets fucked on the kitchen counter by Luke Milan.View Video
Out for Some Ass Out in Public
Hey there ladies and gents I'm bringing you today's Out in Public update. I'm on a mission trying to get my boy some ass today! so I have him waiting for me at this spot where I know there is a lot of prospects if you know what I mean so were out there talking it up and we spot this guy and you know me I'm gonna approach him with no shame but this guy was all game fro....View Video
Hole Orgy Raging Stallion
Trenton sucks and takes the loads of 5 anonymous massive dicks. Title: Hole 1. Featuring Tommy Defendi, Adam Killian, Josh West, Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Luke Milan.View Video
Luke and Bryan Raging Stallion
Shadowy voyeur Bryan massages Luke through a plastic prison. Title: Hole 2. Featuring Luke Milan, Bryan Cole.View Video
Luke and Tanner Falcon Studios
Luke braces himself as Tanner pounds into Luke's lush ass. Title: Sit Tight 2. Featuring Luke Milan, Tanner Wayne.View Video
Luke and Mathew Lucas Raunch
Original Title: Toy With Me 04 - Luke Milan and Mathew MasonView Video
Alpine Wood 1 Threesome Falcon Studios
Hot tub hunks Jimmy Angel and Luke stuff their faces with cock. Featuring Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan, Angel Rock.View Video
Alpine Wood Trio Raging Stallion
Hot tub hunks Jimmy Angel and Luke stuff their faces with cock. Featuring Jimmy Durano, Angel Rock, Luke Milan.View Video
Alpine Wood Trio Falcon Studios
Chris and Luke suck and fuck up a storm on the cabin pool table. Featuring Luke Milan, Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark.View Video
My Sisters Husband Next Door Buddies
Luke's wife is out and her brother comes over for some fucking. Featuring Luke Milan, Mike Gaite.View Video
Alpine Wood 2 Trio Raging Stallion
Chris and Luke suck and fuck up a storm on the cabin pool table. Featuring Luke Milan, Chris Bines, Kaleb Klark. Original Title: Alpine Wood - Part 2View Video
Massage Call Next Door Buddies
Masseuse gives athlete body massage, then moves to his cock! Featuring Wolfie Blue and Luke Milan.View Video
Alpine Wood Part 2 Naked Sword
The hottest studs around have Alpine Wood in Falcon's Two-Part Spring Blockbuster when they share a house in the mountains for a weekend of fun. Leading Director Bruno Bond shows how a rugged good time gets even better when these scruffy-faced Falcon men hook up all over the house in spontaneous manly action. Hard dicks and big appetites abound in the lodge, where the....View Video
Let Me in Men Over 30
Tucker is at the park with his dog enjoying the day which he does every week. He needs to let the stress of the day go and this is the best place to unwind. Luke always comes to the same park and he sees Tucker at the same bench time and time again. This time Luke has the balls to stop and chat with him for a bit and feel out the vibe. The conversation goes very well ....View Video
Every Last Inch Extra Big Dicks
Dimitri is out enjoying the view on the lake when Luke comes up asking him for directions to the dorm rooms. It just so happens that Dimitri lives there and is headed that way right now. They both head off to the dorms and Luke gets invited in and immediately they both begin to kiss and rub each other's bodies. It was an unexpected encounter but Dimitri hasn't been la....View Video
I Need Big Cock Extra Big Dicks
Ever since Dimitri and Luke hooked up he can't stop thinking about Luke's big fat cock. The men he's been hooking up with lately just can't compete with Luke's yummy dick. As the two sit and discuss their issues Hugh walks in and begins to undress. Luke and Dimitri look on in awe as Hugh drops his shorts and is only wearing a jockstrap. Dimitri sees the big cock and i....View Video
Need It Again Extra Big Dicks
Braxton won't leave Luke alone and keeps calling him and texting him every day so he can get fucked by the big dick again. Luke has a boyfriend and doesn't want any that ass no more but Braxton is very persuasive and talks Luke into coming over to his house for quickie one last time. Luke arrives and is very reluctant to do this but Braxton drops to his knees and pull....View Video
Hot Fucks 5 at AEBN
The fuck, the hole fuck, and nothing butt the fuck! This DVD is pure hardcore anal fucking. No oral and no plots--just 100% dick-in-ass action featuring the finest power-fucking we have ever filmed! This Raging Stallion scene features Luke Milan, Spencer Fox. Full Video Title: Hot Fucks 5: The Fuck and Nothing But the FuckView Video
Big Country at AEBN
These well-endowed collegiates are the definition of Jocks and their massive endowments are raring to go from start to finish in Big Country. There's not enough of Levi Madison to go around, which may be why he's featured in two scenes -- a sizzling opener and a passionate finale. Paddy OBrian is his first partner, and Paddy is happy to let his cock get a first class ....View Video
Naked Housekeeper Next Door Buddies
As a naked housekeeper, Luke Milan has to think on his feet, since he never can be sure just what he's gotten himself into. Quentin Gainz seems like a quiet client, but since it was Quentin's wife who hired Luke, Quentin has no idea that Luke's services are a bit more stripped down than the average housekeeper. This comes to a head in the living room, when Luke enters....View Video
Hole 2 at AEBN
In Hole 2, big-dicked voyeur Josh West oversees a grim detention center whose inhabitants are forced to watch each other jack off or fuck on closed-circuit TV. Josh allows them to watch each other, and he continually plays hot puppet master by throwing two men together to enjoy watching them sexually ravish each other. This Raging Stallion scene features Luke Milan, B....View Video
Latino Goes Gay Project City Bus
In this week's update we have a cute little Latino boy that gets on the wrong bus. He's just trying to meet up with his people when we intercept him. He claims not to be gay but we start throwing money his way and suddenly he starts becoming more open minded. After a little of smooth talk and a couple of crispy Benjamin's he agrees to let my boy suck his dick. That go....View Video
Dirty Interrogation Next Door Studios
As Luke Milan stands bound and blindfolded at interrogator Johnny Torque's request, it occurs to him that he may be fucked, figuratively speaking. After all, desertion is not a crime the military takes lightly, and Johnny seems to have a particular hard about getting Luke to confess his treacherous behavior. But when Johnny rips Luke's shirt off of him and gives his t....View Video
He is Tempted by Cock 2 at AEBN
One look at these ripped studs bulging cocks and a rush of hidden desires comes flooding into their minds. There's no point in trying to fight it, when you could just get down on your knees and taste these hard dicks for yourself, and once you've successfully acquired a taste for it, you can bend over and receive a thick schlong deep into your anal cavity! Full Video ....View Video
Alpine Wood at AEBN
These boys aren't going to let their hard-ons go to waste. Stiff and ready for action, they are looking for willing partners! This Falcon Studios scene features Jimmy Durano, Luke Milan, Angel Rock.View Video
Expert Hands AEBN
It's not always about the sex -- sometimes the foreplay is the best part. A pair of strong, firm hands running up and down the length of your body. His fingers exploring your every inch in new ways, intimate ways. Touching you where you least -- and most -- expect him to. Massage is like the ultimate form of foreplay, and it's only natural that when two irresistible m....View Video