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Michael Fitt Worshiped My Friends Feet
MyFriendsFeet knew that Michael was going to be sleeping for a long time so their friend snuck into his room and sniffed on his fragrant ankle socks. Then he pulled them off and sucked on his delicious toes for a long time. Michael's feet are amazing! MyFriendsFeet didn't want to wake him up, but their friend couldn't resist tickling his soles for a bit just to watch ....View Video
Michael Fitt Hogtied My Friends Feet
MyFriendsFeet set up an absolutely fantastic scenario in this video shoot. Michael Fitt is back and was talked into being hogtied and tickle tortured to the point of total submission. A blindfold was placed over his eyes as well, cutting off even more of his senses as his feet and sexy body were tickled relentlessly. While he was driven crazy Michael ended up having a....View Video
Michael Fitt Dominates Full My Friends Feet
I do believe that gorgeous stud Michael Fitt can smell out a submissive foot freak because he certainly knew how to take control of me in this MyFriendsFeet scene. Dressed in some of his best clothes, Michael soon had me on my knees worshiping his feet! Featuring Michael. Original Title: Michael Fitt Dominates Me with His Gorgeous Feet - MichaelView Video
Michael Fitt Tickled Nude Full My Friends Feet
One of my favorite MyFriendsFeet men of all time is back. Michael Fitt is looking very 'fit' indeed. In fact, he's looking better than ever and just like I found out before, his gorgeous body and size 11 feet are still super ticklish! Featuring Michael. Original Title: Michael Fitt Tickled Nude - MichaelView Video