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Beach Buddies Next Door Studios
As Sir Jet takes a run on the beach, he happens across old friend Markie More. Markie asks Jet what he's doing in town, and Jet tells him he's just bumming around. Markie tells him he's got space at his place if Jet wants to sleep on the sofa. Jet is agreeable to that arrangement, but once they get back to Markie's place, it becomes obvious that Markie has no intentio....View Video
Behind the Curtain Drill My Hole
Arad Winwin has just checked into his room and doesn't know Sir Jet is hiding behind the curtains waiting for him to leave so he can sniff some underwear. Upon returning he finds his clothes thrown about and Sir Jet hiding. Well, the games are over and a new one is about to start! Featuring Arad Winwin, Sir Jet. Original release date: February 21st, 2018.View Video
Trevor and Jet Spunk U
Danny, the big boss, stops by at Spunk U. He's aware there's a big cock on campus and he wants to see Trevor Stone in action. Bringing one of Peter Fever's favorite models over to bottom, Danny introduces Sir Jet to the college boy. Within minutes the two guys are undressing and sizing each other up, and down. Aware of Jet's abilities, Trevor wastes no time as he face....View Video
Fitness Fuckers at Peter Fever
Alex has been leading some of his buddies through workout sessions, but this time he might have met his match -- blond, handsome Sir Jet is stronger, more muscular and knows his way around the gym. Hes likely to teach the teacher a thing or two, in and out of the workout. They start out with a set of pushups and some dumbbell squats, then Alex claims to need to take o....View Video
Oil Wrestling Peter Fever
Today's main event pits the two most powerfully built Peter Fever models against each other in the oldest sport known to man. Like classical Olympians, Axel Kane and Sir Jet oil up the rippling muscles of their naked bodies before they go skin to skin, grappling for position. And in another nod to Ancient Greece, the winner gets to have his way with the loser. It's a ....View Video
Reckoning Peter Fever
Brash Thor (Sir Jet) has entered the spaceship of the evil mastermind Phallos (Damian X. Dragon), intending to vanquish the diabolical alien. But one zap from Phallos jewelled glove and Thor's resistance is utterly useless, he willingly obeys Phallo' sexual commands. Thor sucks down Phallos' mighty alien cock, then bends over as Phallos tastes the mighty God of Thunde....View Video
Rosy Cheeks Peter Fever
In the playroom, Max Konnor has Sir Jet bent over the air hockey table to reach him a kinkier game. Pulling out a stern leather paddle, he starts smacking Jet's perfect alabaster cheeks till they start blushing with a hot red flush of color. Max yanks down the pouch of Jet's jock to expose the tender taint and tight nutsack, then starts smacking his rosy butt with a s....View Video