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Tomm and Reece Twinks in Shorts

Tomm and Reece Twinks in Shorts

Reece Andrews is one of the beefiest, most compact twink-hunks we've seen in a long time. With his Teutonic looks and cherry red lips he looks like an angel. Except if you've seen him giving a massage and jerked-off to what happens after, you know Reece is hardly an angel. Still, he's serious about giving hunk Tomm Charlie a good massage. Outdoors, Reece has Tomm lay down and immediately gets to work. Reece gets his hands slippery with oil and strokes Tomm's back, kneading and compressing. He soon has the dark-haired stud on his back, working his legs before pulling off his shorts and rubbing his own delicious body all over Tomm's backside. Erotic and sensual, Reece gets his hands even more slippery and gives Tomm a good ass massage, working the glutes, exposing that hairy little hole until the smooth, dark-haired hunk can no longer take it. Reece grabs hold of Tomm's uncut fat cock with an oil-slicked hand and starts stroking. It must feel pretty good because Tomm is soon pumping into Reece's hand as the blond twink jerks him off and gives him a handjob. Tomm is soon ready to come but Reece knows how to handle hunk meat and slows down, edging his new buddy with the perfect job until he blows one of the most enormous loads we've ever seen! Featuring Reece Andrews (aka Bold Gold), Tomm Charlie. Original release date: August 30th, 2016.
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  Title: Tomm and Reece Twinks in Shorts

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