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Jax and Ryker Straight Off Base

Jax and Ryker Straight Off Base

Straight off base, USMC studs and best battle-buddies, Corporal Jax and Sergeant Ryker return to the Major's quarters for a webcam show and hop into the quarterdeck jacuzzi to get the fun underway. They banter with the appreciative webcam audience while comparing and stroking their glistening Marine Corps weaponry. Jax and Ryker then head over to the couch to engage in some mutual hand-to-cock combat training and share stories of recent sexual encounters. Corporal Jax busts a massively thick cumload on his fist and Sergeant Ryker explodes his cum across his chiseled chest onto his chin. Featuring Jax, Ryker. Original release date: June 15th, 2017.
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  Title: Jax and Ryker Straight Off Base

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