Daniel and Lorenzo ChaosMen

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Title: Daniel and Lorenzo ChaosMen
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Description: It is going to be interesting to see where or even if Daniel lands in one spot on the sexuality meter. Picking porn for him to watch went from hot girl action, African-American guys pounding twinks, to transsexual videos. All of which seemed equally appealing to him, but I think the guy-on-guy stuff worked best for him. Based on how he acts in this video, you can tell he is a passive bottom. He gets most turned-on with his ass in the air, waiting for someone to rim and play with his hole. Daniel wasn't kidding when he said he liked to get fucked! So we get more than a glimmer of what his specialty will be. power bottom! Lorenzo does a great job making him comfortable, and he even got Daniel to suck on his cock. After flipping Daniel on his back, Lorenzo works to get Daniel hard, but after not making progress, he slides a butt-plug into Daniel and that does the trick. Daniel's cock looks extra big after getting that toy in there. There were a couple times when he almost ejaculated too soon, so that toy was hitting the right spot. Lorenzo jacks his cock really hard, trying to get him to cum, but Daniel needed a little more anal stimulation. He reaches down and fucks himself with the toy. Between Lorenzo's jerking, and ass butt-plug penetration, Daniel busts a thick creamy white load! Featuring Daniel, Lorenzo. Original release date: November 2nd, 2016.
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Added: 2018-01-29

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