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Title: Casting William French Twinks
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Description: Our actors are stars undoubtedly and the best persons to choose their future partners and to know which candidates have real potential in porn. So we entrusted Kevin Ventura and our favorite couple Baptiste Garcia and Chris Loan to audition the new models. In this first session it's the turn of the young William Lefort, 18 years old, to show off in front of our jury and try to charm them. If Baptiste seems immediately convinced by the new one, his boyfriend Chris Loan has some doubts, he finds William a bit too fragile to take the blows from his cock to the ass. A little impressed and overwhelmed at first, William bends to the will of the judges, undresses, gets touched on the torso, the ass, as well as the dick and takes up the challenge to get hard in less than three minutes. At the end of his interview, the twink is invited to draw a random card which will indicate which of the three members of the jury will introduce him to the porn actor job. Chris Loan is chosen and he is delighted! Our athlete quickly takes the young boy in his hand and begins to get sucked in deep-throat. Chris then plays with William's tight little hole, making him moan with pleasure just before getting penetrated by Chris's cock hard as a rock. William is riding Chris and bounces on his knees, shouting more and more. The sex is very intense and Chris will then lay William on the back to fuck him deeper. William is so excited that he can no longer restrain himself from the intense pleasure and sends several jets of sperm while Chris continues pounding him. The master still wants more and William will have to continue to take Chris's cock by clenching his teeth until Chris comes to squirt a massive ejaculation in his face. Featuring William Lefort, Chris Loan. Original release date: January 9th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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