Bondage Session French Twinks

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Title: Bondage Session French Twinks
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Description: Jonathan Garnier surprises the innocent Gabriel Lambert by blindfolding his eyes and tying his wrists firmly. Once Gabriel is at his mercy, Jonathan seized a whip and browses it on the hairless body of the twink. Gabriel, excited by the situation begins to get hard in his boxers and Jonathan then strikes him a whip in the crotch. The clapping of the leather resounded with the cries of Gabriel, whose skin reddened by sight. Jonathan relishes in this game of domination and sticks his hard cock into Gabriel's mouth. The young submissive swallows his master's cock while moaning and Jonathan then begins to fuck his mouth vigorously. Gabriel is then held on a leash, still tied up and blindfolded while Jonathan eats and fingers his ass. The twink cries loudly whenever he feels a finger penetrating into his tight hole. Jonathan is on cloud nine and after a few additional whips hits he introduces his cock in the ass of Gabriel. The fucking is intense and punctuated by spanking. Gabriel still sees nothing and blindly undergoes the assaults of his partner. Jonathan then gags the young passive to stifle his cries and fuck him wildly before exploding with pleasure and squirting on his balls. After his master has cum, it's Gabriel's turn to unload and the amount of sperm as much as the power of the jets are really impressive! Featuring Gabriel Lambert, Jonathan Garnier. Original release date: July 19th, 2017.
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Added: 2018-03-13

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