The Rent Man Part 2 G Dude

Title: The Rent Man Part 2 G Dude
Description: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! My rent man clients are a bunch of Daddies in a private guest house, looking for some fun with the hottest dick-for-hire around. I think I can handle ten guys at a time, what do you think? I make my entrance in a leather harnes, flirting and teasing the guys, making them want my big dick and muscular body. Arousing the Daddies I take them on one at a time and give them a fuck they'll never forget. They want me and want to give me their male seed--okay, I'm up for that! From the web series: The Rent Man. Original release date: October 24th, 2020.
Category: G Dude
Added: 2020-12-02

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