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Title: All Rise Himeros TV
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Description: There is a Hindu tantric saying, nadevo devam arcayet, "by none but a god shall a god be worshiped." Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Joseph Campbell. We use the physical body as a portal to a deeper experience of our own selves. Worship is a mindset. We may have lost touch with the parts of ourselves that feel deep reverence, since we are often spiritual outliers of our own cultures of origin, orphans of the gods, with a ravishing hunger for gods among men. Worthiness for all. The idea of the cock, idolized, a towering emblem. We expect this, no less. To the gay psyche, it is iconic, familiar, and the prize. The cock is only one part of the man. It has come to be associated with power, might, strength, and masculinity. We hunger for it because we are animals. A huge cock can leave us feeling filled completely and well-fed. It, too, can be an idol without meaning when the man attached to it is lost on us. Truly, every part of a man can be subject to praise, unlocking tremendous erotic potential. Featuring Angel Cruz, Gabriel Cross, Kayden Gray. Original release date: September 28th, 2020.
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