Post Game Pounding Jawked

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Title: Post Game Pounding Jawked
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Description: Gregor Gilead is quick to offer fit young footballer Florian Mraz a little help with his aching muscles when the handsome lad returns from his game at the start of this Jawked video. Of course his hand can't help but slip up into the sexy shorts for a grope of that hardening jock cock and it seems Florian isn't the kind of boy to say no. Now, it could be nothing more than a good rub down when Gregor reveals that hard uncut footballer cock from Florian's shorts, no doubt the boy has had plenty of great massages from teammates before, but a taste of the juicy pink boner shows that the twink is willing to do more than just lend a friendly hand. Florian welcomes it, slipping off his shorts and giving Gregor his full dick to suck and slup before demanding a taste of the boy's boner in return. It seems Florian is a little more experienced than most footballers, once he gets a taste of that big pale penis he's sucking it deep and licking all over, even turning his attention to Gregor's snug little pucker with some lapping and fingering. We don't know how many goals the boy scored out on the pitch before injuring himself but his pain seems to be gone when he scores again and slides his naked cock up into Gregor's tight hole, spooning the boy on the bed and then giving the slim twink a ride on his post. With plenty of bouncing on Florian's proud prick Gregor lays back for some deeper thrusting and Florian delivers his skilled moves, his hot little muscle ass pumping his rigid penis inside until their frenzied cock rubbing finish leaves Gregor splashed with both their loads. We don't need to know the rules of soccer to assume there's going to be extra time. Featuring Florian Mraz, Gregor Gilead (aka Igor Uganec). Original release date: January 29th, 2021.
Category: Jawked
Added: 2021-06-01

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