Splashing Semen Jawked

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Title: Splashing Semen Jawked
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Description: Young Robbie Dane is training in the family pool at the start of this Jawked video when his older -- and hairier -- step-brother Donnie Marco arrives to interrupt. It's not the first time Donnie has stopped by to watch his bro train but there's clearly something different this time, his cock is swelling in his shorts and it seems he's looking for some manly company. The man might usually be straight but it seems he's decided that a little friendly cock play with young Robbie would be fun, jumping into the pool and planting a smooch on the younger guy. If Robbie is surprised by the sudden interest he's even more shocked by the cock sucking skills his brother displays when he gets him up on the edge of the pool and gobbles his hard young erection. Clearly it's not the first time Donnie has sucked a dick and the realization only gets Robbie even more worked up. Of course he's eager to return the favor, the pair heading to the gym equipment where Donnie's rigid penis is revealed from his shorts for Robbie to taste. It turns out Donnie is even more experienced than jock boy Robbie could have suspected, the hairy man doesn't hesitate to lick out his tight young hole when he gets the chance, making it clear that Donnie is ready to plunge his penis deep inside. Heading to the couch for a little more comfort the boy gets what he wants, the warm length of brotherly boner thrusting up inside his swimmer hole, fucked from behind and on his back while Robbie jacks off, finishing with a ride on his older bro's stiff length and culminating in a messy shower of semen all over the young jock's incredible body. We can only guess Donnie will be stopping by for more training sessions now Robbie knows the man is into cock and hot ass. Featuring Donnie Marco, Robbie Dane (aka Robi Dane). Original release date: March 12th, 2021.
Category: Jawked
Added: 2021-06-01

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