Embarrassed Ass Fuck Jawked

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Title: Embarrassed Ass Fuck Jawked
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Description: We have to admit we totally agree with Roman Capellini in this new Jawked video and his step-brother Jacob Harris is a seriously hot young hunk worthy of adoration. Thankfully, for Roman at least, it seems his new housemate is a little curious about things. After accidentally walking in on the gorgeous young man in the shower Roman is mortified, but horny Jacob correctly sees it as an opportunity to have some fun and explore their relationship. It's no surprise Roman is so eager, he's on that hard uncut cock in a flash, stroking and sucking the delicious boner in his mouth. What is a surprise, however, is that his handsome step-brother is equally eager to suck his impressive dong in return. It seems this sexy young man is more than a little experienced with sucking dick already, but by the end of their morning encounter he's going to know what a tight little boy hole feels like on his dick, too. Roman rides him, his own impressive cock swinging with delight as he slides his pucker up and down Jacob's dong. The curious jock boy can't wait to take charge and ram that ass from behind before getting his new fuck buddy on his back and pumping his dick deep. Judging by the incredible pumps of semen Jacob splashes all over Roman after making the boy spurt his own cream from his dick the handsome lad had a lot of fun exploring with his new bro, he's definitely not regretting being ogled in the shower. Featuring Jacob Harris (aka Tomas Petruj), Roman Capellini. Original release date: April 23rd, 2021.
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Added: 2021-06-01

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