Lukas and Istvan William Higgins

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Title: Lukas and Istvan William Higgins
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Description: Lukas Kolafa get his cherry busted by Istvan Bernas in a very good scene. Lukas is a good looking guy as we see while he sits on the bed to answer a few questions, which quickly leads on to some about sex. He explains that he has never tried anything sexual with another guy. He is therefore surprised when Istvan joins him on the bed and begins to kiss him. Lukas smiles as Istvan runs a hand over him and kisses him more. Lukas allows his sweater to be removed and Istvan soon begins to kiss on the bare chest as well. Istvan removes his tee shirt snd encourages Lukas to feel him too. Lukas lets a hand run over Istvan, down onto his jeans as well. Istvan explains that he will show how to suck cock. He opens Lukas jeans and lowers them to release a stiffening cock. That cock is quite hard as Istvan takes hold of if in his hand and then leans over to suck on it. He wanks and sucks on Lukas' stiff cock, keeping it rock hard in his mouth. He then removes Lukas jeans completely and returns to sucking on the rock hard dick. Lukas lets a hand rub over Istcan's back while enjoying the feel of the mouth on his cock. Then Istvan moves onto his knees and pushes down his jeans to release his own stiff cock. He encourages Lukas to take the cock in his mouth and suck it. Lukas closes his mouth around Istvan's stiff cock and he begins so suck it and wank it. His head moves bac and forth as he learns how to suck cock. He uses his tongue to lick around the bulbous cock head. Then he takes it in his mouth to suck again. Istvan's big cock is rock hard as Lukas demonstrates his willingness to suck. He sucks hard on the throbbing cock as Istvan moans with pleasure. Then Istvan asks to fuck Lukas who is a bit unsure. Be the promise of being gentle seems to work. His legs are raised and Istvan's stiff cock pushes against the virgin ass hole. The big cock slides into the tight hole and Istvan starts to slowly fuck. His hip moves back and forth as he speeds up with his fucking. Lukas moans as he feels his virgin hole being taken for the first time. That hole is stretched wide by the big cock fucking deep into it. Lukas takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as Istvan's fucking gets harder. Istvan pounds that hot ass hole as fast as he can as Lukas wanks hard too. Lukas keeps wanking hard and then stops as his cum is forced out of his cock by the thrusting of Istvan's dick in his ass. The hot cum shoots over his sexy body. Then Lukas turns over, onto his knees and feels the big cock sliding back into his tight hole . Istvan fucks that ass hard his hips thrusting the cock so deep into the hot hole. He grabs Lukas' hips as he pounds the tight hole. Then he pulls out of the hot ass and wanks his cock to shoot his cum onto Lukas' back. Istvan milks his cock dry to end a great Cherry Busting. Featuring Lukas Kolafa, Istvan Bernas. Original release date: June 12th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-07-05

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