Misconduct Raging Stallion

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Title: Misconduct Raging Stallion
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Description: Army life is rough and extremely demanding. Sergeants bark orders and expect them to be followed to the letter. As the Grunts are trained to be soldiers, down time becomes more and more important. Camaraderie comes into full play on the battlefield and is reinforced in the few minutes of rest and relaxation provided during training. The third installment in this trilogy follows the men through more training, more barking of orders, and stays with them during their time off. What happens when the sergeants aren't around? How do the men in charge let off steam? Featuring Dominic Pacifico, Ricky Sinz, Max Schutler, Brodie Sinclair, Luke Hass, Aaron Summers, Jay Mack, Rafael Alencar, Roman Ragazzi, Jake Deckard, Trey Casteel.
Category: Raging Stallion
Added: 2021-08-19

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