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Title: Hot Meat The Guy Site
Description: This is what a lot of people have been waiting for: Chance finally fucking a guy. Not everyone could take a dick as big as Chance's, but, Cain said he was "bound and determined." There's plenty of dick sucking as well and yet another of Chance's signature, intense whole body orgasms. He's also never been hairier than he is now. The action was pretty intense and I didn't want to stop it for stills so there aren't as many of those as usual. There is plenty of video and I did put in a few minutes of behind the scenes footage including Cain shaving before the shoot. He had to because Chance said he "just couldn't hang with facial hair." I think Cain looks good either way. So, how did Chance like it? He told Cain he gives blow jobs better than most women he knows, and, as soon as the camera was off he said: that wasn't too bad. Featuring Chance, Cain West.
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Added: 2021-12-13

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