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Description: Bound with rope to the St. Andrews Cross Michael Roman is checking out Alexander Volokov's hot, muscular Russian body. He spanks his firm ass and then pulls out the flogger and gives him a good ass whipping that turns his butt bright red. Michael tastes Volokov's hard cock and continues to check out the goods. Now Alexander is on all fours tied to a railing with a big metal hook in his ass. Roman licks Volokov's tight hole, slides the hook in and out and then crams his big dick inside his ass for double penetration and fucks him hard and long. On his back with legs and arms tight up in the air Alexander Volokov gets his ass fucked again and this time Roman lets him taste his ass. Roman goes back and forth between eating Alexander's ass and fucking him. Alex can't get enough of Romans pounding cock as he moans in ecstasy until Mr. Roman shoots his load all over him. Finally in the bathtub Michael Roman takes a piss on Alex's face as Alex jerks himself and cums. Kinky! Original title: Michael Roman and Alexander Volkov get Kinky. Featuring Michael Roman, Alexander Volkov. Original release date: June 13th, 2022.
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Added: 2022-08-08

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