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Title: In the Family Kink Men
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Description: Roman Todd has been separated from his father for years. So long in fact that the next communication from or about him was finding out the old man had passed on. Not only was he now deceased but he left Roman everything in his will, the mass of money, the luxurious house, everything. There was one condition though, he had to take care of everything in the home. Roman comes to his new home and is amazed by how nice it is. Marble floors, a pool, huge garage, this was a major step up from his old apartment. As he turns in to sleep on the first night however, he hears a banging coming from one of the rooms he had yet to investigate in the home. Weapon at the ready, Roman stalks down the hallway and approaches the source of the noise. He enters the room, ready to attack but only finds a covered cube in the center of the room. He reaches out and pulls the sheet off of it to make a startling discovery, a caged and nearly naked Pax Perry! Quickly Roman releases the man and to his further surprise, the man immediately makes a grab at Roman's crotch. Taking a few steps back, Roman demands to know what is going on as to which the man replies reminding Roman of his father's last request: everything is yours as long as you take care of everything in the house. This includes, but is not limited to, his father's gimp. It seems as though Roman's father knew Roman better than he thought and takes to being the young man's daddy like a fish to water. In no time, Roman has him tied up and throating his throbbing cock. He fucks his face nice and hard before worshiping his amazing body and then tying him to a St. Andrew's cross where he is able to do a great amount of impact play on him, teasing his dick and balls and turning his skin the most beautiful shade of red. Roman then has Pax tied down bent over and gives his perky ass some attention with his riding crop and paddle before plunging his stiff member into him and fucks his hole mercilessly. Lastly, Roman has the man tied up in full suspension and continues ramming his hole before cumming all over his opened pink hole and causing Pax to shoot his own hole. Who would have thought being an amazing dom would run in the family? Original title: Runs in the Family: Roman Todd and Pax Perry. Featuring Pax Perry, Roman Todd. Original release date: October 10th, 2022.
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Added: 2022-12-01

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