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Title: Help Wanted Kink Men
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Description: Archer Croft is a man who is down on his luck financially and can't seem to catch a break. Shadow is a man with a lot of money and is very particular about his home. Seems to be a match made in heaven. Archer responds to a help wanted ad for a house and groundskeeper. He arrives and Shadow is quick to hire the sexy man. He gives him a brief tour excluding one of the rooms which he is very clear that Archer must never enter. In a flash, Shadow is off to run errands and leaves Archer to cleaning and attending to the pool. Archer is amazed at how unkept the house is after a party that Shadow threw the night before, but sadly, he needs the money. He can't help but to wonder though as he cleans the pool… what is in that other room. You know what they say about curiosity. Archer decides to check it out since he figured he still had time to before Shadow returned and is shocked to find a fully equipped at home sex dungeon. Floggers, dildos, paddles, lube, riding crops, anything you could imagine in a large room. Even a mysterious video camera to the side which has a great display of the entire room. Archer was shocked, but couldn't help but to explore further against his better judgment. As Archer examines and plays with the toys, Shadow arrives and in an instant, Shadow has Archer in his clutches, tied up and is using every inch of the man. He fucks his throat in pennance for disobeying his orders. Flogs and paddles his perfect bubble butt and stretches that hole so much that he is able to fit his full fist inside of his formerly tight man cave. Once Shadow has had his fill of filling Archer, he creams all over his supple ass and lets him go. As Archer puts back together his clothes and his last bits of shame, Shadow approaches him with his payment in two separate amounts. Either Archer could take the lesser amount and just be a maintenance man, or he could take the larger amount and be a good little house boy. After the life changing experience he just had, Archer opted to be a smart man that day. Original title: Help Wanted: Shadow Hires Archer Croft's Sexy Ass. Featuring Shadow, Archer Croft. Original release date: November 25th, 2022.
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Added: 2022-12-01

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