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Title: Play Date Kink Men
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Description: Finding a good submissive is hard. Dillon Diaz knows that all too well. That's why once he was connected to Benvi, he was quick to take the young man on a date to get to know him better. The first date went splendidly (except for a rather rude waitress in the form of Mother Mary). So great in fact that Dillon KNEW he had found his sub so he takes Benvi home to his dungeon for a proper play session. Benvi is eager and a bit apprehensive but soon enough fear subsides to released inhibitions and the sir and slave have an intense play session. Dillon takes special care to use pins all over his sexy sub's body including a zipper and pins all over his balls which gets Benvi rock hard. Dillon flogs and paddles Benvi's perfect ass before roping him up on one leg and pounding away at his bouncy butt and perfect hole. Dillon breaks out the massage gun and uses it on both Benvi's hole and his throbbing cock before edging him and denying his climax before letting his new toy shoot his creamy load. Original title: The Play Date: Dillon Diaz Doms Sexy Sub Benvi. Featuring Dillon Diaz, Benvi. Original release date: November 30th, 2022.
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Added: 2022-12-01

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