Roof Top Gay Wire

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Title: Roof Top Gay Wire
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Description: Hey there ladies and gents! I'm out here with my friend trying get him some action! We're out in the parking lot of this mall and we spot this guy coming, so we approach him. At first he was a bit hesitant, like everybody that we come across, but whatever! We tell him what we're up to and we manage to get him on board. Of course, some cash will change anyone's mind. So we're out doing our thing looking for a spot, but this guy had a key to the roof top so what better place than that? We head up there and the action kicks off from the minute we set foot in there! You guys will love it. Full title: Roof Top Anal Sex. Gay Wire Sub Site: Out in Public. Featuring Mario Romo (aka Enrique Romo), Santiago Morales.
Category: Gay Wire
Added: 2023-01-07

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