Pleasure Boat Jawked

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Title: Pleasure Boat Jawked
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Description: Fit young Jacob Dolce is at the water's edge planning on a BBQ when sporty friend Luke Geer arrives to apparently help him out at the start of this Jawked video, but it soon becomes apparent that these boys are hungry for something other than a badly cooked burger or two. With the boys heading into the seclusion of a small group of trees their lips are meeting and although Luke might not have expected such a welcome he's not complaining when his long uncut cock is out of his shorts and being gently sucked by his cute friend. Jacob does indeed love a good sausage, but it seems he's not the only one. With his boner wet and throbbing Luke is soon getting a taste of his younger pal's penis when they head into the nearby boat for a little more privacy. It's the perfect place for a couple of buddies with eager dicks to engage in some afternoon delights, and with both boys completely naked and their awesome smooth and toned physiques on display Luke takes his friend from behind on the couch. Jacob's perfectly pale little ass is pumped slowly and expertly by the rippling young hunk as Luke jabs his boner in and out of his hole, switching things up with some spooning and finishing with young Jacob on his back and wanking his dick. The boy spurts a hot mess of his own cock cream over his tight stomach, which is just what handsome Luke needs to see for his own long dick to be spurting out jets of hot milky juice from Jacob's cock all the way up to his neck. After such a rampantly horny time the boys definitely need to get that fire started and cook something to restore their energy, no doubt they'll be banging again before sundown. Featuring Jacob Dolce, Luke Geer (aka Rico Gabbani). Original release date: January 31st, 2021.
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Added: 2021-06-01

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