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Title: New Concept Boy Fun
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Description: Where I'm from tea drinking is almost a bodily function not unlike breathing or blinking, but it seems to be a new concept to Finn Harper when he takes a break from smooching with gorgeous blond friend Jamie Kelvin to imbibe. It's a momentary pause in their friendly smooching and although Jamie suggests heading out it seems Finn is more interested in some afternoon Boy Fun. And who could blame him. Both of these boys are gorgeous and with their smooching rousing their uncut cocks in their pants it's inevitable a boy like Finn would prefer to stay at home and continue their games. Indeed, that's the agreement made and soon enough shirts are off and the smooth young guys are heading down to get a good sucking of each other's perfectly stiff cocks in a delicious treat of swapped oral, their hooded lengths bursting with pleasure and their full balls rolling in their sacks as their cum loads are prepared for sharing. Pale Jamie looks even hotter up against tanned boy Finn as the two lick and suck those stunning young erections, but with Finn ready to slide right in his friend doesn't hesitate to offer his pink little hole. Buggered from behind young Jamie is super hard and stays that way when he impales his pucker on his pal's knob, riding Finn's impressive erection while his own swings and bounces in the air. It seems the boy can barely touch his own prick without the threat of early climax approaching. Laying back for a deeper ride the boy rubs his rigid meat and gets some help from his top boy to get that big gushing cum load splashing out over his smooth body, his semen leaping powerfully from his fleshy dome to drench his stomach. It's an impressive mess young Jamie makes, but you can bet it's going to be matched by eager Finn and his gushing rocket, spurting that juicy goo out all over his friend's cute face to bring their afternoon tea to sweet conclusion. They might not like cream in their tea, but they certainly enjoy it in other forms. Featuring Finn Harper (aka Igor Uran), Jamie Kelvin.
Category: Boy Fun
Added: 2021-06-01

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