Tomas vs Denis William Higgins

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Title: Tomas vs Denis William Higgins
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Description: Tomas Petruj is paired against Denis Pletak in a submission wrestling match. They both look good as they enter, wearing just their underwear. They begin by doing some stretching to warm up their muscles. Then they begin the match. They slide around on the slippery mats as they grab hold of each other. They soon fall to the mats as Tomas pulls down Denis' underwear. Denis sexy ass is easily bared as they grapple with each other. He takes off his underwear and tries to rub his groin in Tomas face. They continue to grapple with each other and very soon Tomas is naked too. The cocks flair and the bare asses spread as they roll around on the floor trying to gain a decent hold. Denis prevails in the first round, gaining a neck hold which brings the first point. They start the next round grabbing as each other to get a hold. The bodies are closely entwined as they roll around on the mats trying to gain a good hold. In the process those bare asses get spanked too. Denis is able to gain another submission before too long. Tomas works hard too, trying to win a point as they slide all over the mats. He does win a point, by grabbing at Denis' cock and balls. Then they take time to oil each other all over before starting the next round. The slippery bodies glisten as the grapple with each other. Working hard Tomas wins another point to level the score. But, also resorting to grabbing dick, Denis wins the final point and takes the victory. Then they settle down to wank. They start to wank themselves and then have a quick turn at wanking each other. Wanking hard they both cum at about the same time. Tomas shoots his load into the air as Denis unloads onto the mat. They each milk the cocks dry and then go off to the shower. Featuring Tomas Petruj, Denis Pletak. Original release date: June 13th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-07-05

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