Some Exercise Freshmen

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Title: Some Exercise Freshmen
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Description: Ethan wakes to a beautiful morning in our Andalusian villa and decides to engage in some morning exercise as the sun rises. Viggo Sorensen is also up but soon forgets the scenery when he spies sexy Ethan working out downstairs. Viggo grabs his coffee and joins Ethan on the terrace but has a very different kind of "exercise" in mind. Viggo convinces Ethan to quit his morning routine by kissing him and showing him his hard-on in his shorts. Ethan doesn't take much convincing and kneels down to perform a deep blowjob on Viggo. But soon he finds out that the only way to truly satisfy Viggo is to put his hard dick in his butt. The boys move to the kitchen where they fuck against the glass door, on the floor, and on the kitchen table until they both shoot big loads of cum. After a shower together, they join the boys having breakfast at the table where they just fucked. Better not tell them what just happened there! Featuring Viggo Sorensen (aka Ondra Taryk), Ethan Opry.
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Added: 2022-11-14

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