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Santa Came on Christmas Eve Maskurbate
It is Christmas Eve and Santa is doing his rounds delivering presents to all the good people. When he gets to Pascal's house, he realises that he has nothing left in his sack to thank his favourite producer for all his hard work. Then Santa notices Pascal's phone and he decides to give Pascal a really special gift. Featuring Ricky.View Video
Never Seen Part 1 Maskurbate
Some of our fans asked us to search in our archives for unseen footage of their favorite models. We did find some amazing ones! Here's part one of some never seen footage, featuring Zack Lemec, Ricky, Carl, and Philippe. Featuring Pascal, Carl, Ricky, Zack Lemec, Philippe. From the web series: Never Seen. Original release date: July 24th, 2018.View Video
Never Seen Part 2 Maskurbate
Here's part 2 of the never seen footage and behind-the-scene shots of Maskurbate's most popular models from the past. Featuring Pascal, Ricky, Brad, Zack Lemec. From the web series: Never Seen. Original release date: July 31st, 2018.View Video
A Big Gun Maskurbate
I was so excited to revisit one of Ricky's classics, Big Gun. Sometimes I feel less is more, and in this case, removing music, adding never before seen footage and letting Ricky's breathing be the soundtrack, I think I made this one a lot more exciting to watch than the original release. In my opinion it's a brand new scene and a must see for all of Ricky's fans! Feat....View Video
Ricky Peep Show Maskurbate
No this is not a behind-the-scene, it is even better! For the first time, you get access to the footages of our classic scenes! Meaning that you see the entire takes, exactly as they were shot before editing. I find it exciting because you really feel as if you were there in the room with us. That's reality at its best! Featuring Ricky. Original release date: November....View Video
No Hands Maskurbate
In addition to new releases, Maskurbate's brings you its classic SD scenes remastered in HD for the first time, using the Detail-preserving upscale technology. Everything you thought was big back then looks bigger than ever now! Re-edited by Maskurbate's creator himself, Pascal even throws in streamy never-seen footages for your own enjoyment. This scene features 9 in....View Video
Making of Ricky Live Maskurbate
Hot jock Ricky's live classic scene's making of now available. Watch how this greatest male striptease scene was put together. Lots of never-seen footages and other points of views of the most popular 9 inches on Maskurbate! Featuring Ricky. From the web series: The Making Of. Original release date: April 23rd, 2019.View Video
BTS Unwatchful Eyes Maskurbate
Steamy behind-the-scene look at Ricky's classic scene 'Unwatchful Eyes'. This special editing is filled with never-seen footage and new hot point of views. If you were a fan of Ricky like I was, this scene is a must have in your porn movie collection! Featuring Pascal, Ricky. Original release date: June 4th, 2019.View Video
Ricky Uncut Maskurbate
Ricky came knocking at my door, a couple of years after his last shooting. In this improvised scene, Ricky shows you new moves, a new look, and his huge, now famous, uncut cock! Featuring Ricky. Original release date: June 25th, 2019.View Video
Ricky QuickShot Maskurbate
I invited Ricky to my place to try the Fleshlight Quickshot. I simply had a fantasy of seeing his huge 9 incher sliding up and down across that wonderful sleeve toy. I wasn't disappointed and neither will you be! hehe. Featuring Ricky. Original release date: December 17th, 2019.View Video
Sport and Sex Maskurbate
You probably know by now that I had a big crush on Ricky since the day I first saw him. So no need to say that I get very excited each time I find unseen footage of him. This week I'm pleasing myself and all his many fans with this version of the Gym, Sport and Sex scene we did together. It features never-seen takes, pov and cool behind-the-scenes. I can't stop watchi....View Video
Live Cam BTS Maskurbate
Maskurbate's Ricky is featured in this live cam show we did for our members. In this new version, you'll access the entire shooting including new point of views, behind-the-scene takes and never-seen footage. If you are a fan of Ricky or simply love hot jocks with big cocks you won't want to miss this one! Featuring Ricky. Original release date: August 4th, 2020.View Video
The Bribe BTS Maskurbate
Behind-the-scene look and entire footage of big-dicked Ricky's classic The Bribe. In this scene, straight jock Ricky gets humiliated, stripped naked, asked to jerkoff and fuck toys in front of gay host. Watch this scene as if you were on location with us! Featuring Ricky. Original release date: October 13th, 2020.View Video
Big Hose Unedited Maskurbate
Many of you asked for it so there it is, the exclusive full unedited version of Ricky's Big Hose scene! More of Ricky from behind-the-scenes to full action. Filled with never-seen sequences. For all huge cock lovers! Featuring Pascal, Ricky. Original release date: March 16th, 2021.View Video
Ricky in Dallas Maskurbate
I'm really excited this week to release the unedited footage of Ricky's 2nd roadtrip. Our very popular well-hung model gave another amazing performance so I decided to remove all of the post-production and cuts to show you the entire shooting. From his striptease to the extended ending when I taste and swallow his huge load from the condom. Featuring Ricky. Original r....View Video
At Home Ricky Maskurbate
It's always exciting to shoot at the model's home. He often feels more comfortable and delivers a better performance. In Ricky's case, he was already a great performer but still, this scene has little something more. Ricky gives you a unique tour of his home and agreed to give you access to his privacy. Once in the living room, the place where he usually jerkoff, he p....View Video
Ricky Photoshoot Maskurbate
Ricky asked me if I could do a workout photoshoot with him and we finally decided to capture this session on video at the same time for Maskurbate. This week I'm giving you access to the unedited version of this shoot. More then twice the length than the original release, you'll see all the in-between take and lots more of super stud Rick! A must see for all young mus....View Video
Huge and Uncut Maskurbate
For this year's Holidays, I give you access to the footage of Ricky's Holiday Special. Almost twice the length of the original release, this exclusive release features everything that was captured that day (behind-the-scenes, bloopers, never-seen-before shots). Ricky has always been one of my favorite on Maskurbate, and watching this unedited version, I still feel the....View Video
Rickys Road Trip Ep1 Maskurbate
Ricky's road trip is gonna have him cumming all over America. Featuring Ricky.View Video
Ricky Fucks Maskurbate
Ricky Fucks. My fantasy of watching Ricky fuck a Fleshlight is realized. Featuring Ricky.View Video
Private Workout Maskurbate
Peep into Rickys private workout, he poses and flexes for you. Featuring Ricky.View Video
Well Cum to Dallas Maskurbate
Ricky dresses up cowboy-style and I swallow his load of cum! Featuring Pascal, Ricky.View Video
Gym Sports and Sex Maskurbate
Ricky's secret to keeping his great body is gym sports and sex. Featuring Ricky. Original Title: Gym, Sports and Sex!View Video
Ricky Live at Stock Bar Maskurbate
Ricky's amazing 20th scene for Maskurbate at the Stock Bar. Featuring Ricky. Original Title: Ricky Live at Stock Bar.View Video
Big Gun Maskurbate
Ricky's back in a two parts fantasy scene featuring him as a Police Officer. In part one, our big gun wakes up and starts his day as usual, with a hard-on. Ricky takes care of himself then takes a quick shower before putting his uniform on and go to work. Who will he encounter during his shift? Stay tuned for part two. Featuring Ricky.View Video
The Big Hose Maskurbate
This fantasy scene is about a sexy fireman (Ricky) who rang at my door to let me know that my next door neighbor had a small kitchen fire. He asked my permission to inspect my house, to be sure it was safe. While inspecting a couple of rooms, Ricky saw the Maskurbate website open on my laptop. He asked to know more about me. I told him I was a producer and this was my....View Video
The Bribe Maskurbate
Ricky has been bribed to do as I say otherwise his wife would see the sex tape he did with other girls. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get this hot jock to obey my orders and have some fun. Featuring Pascal, Ricky.View Video
At Home with Ricky Maskurbate
After visiting Brad's place, it is now time to visit Ricky's. It's a cool thing to watch our most popular models in their own environments. This reality series, 'At home with...', says a lot about who they are and what they really like. I also find that they perform differently at home. They are more relax and weird to say but, their cumshots are much bigger! Shooting....View Video
Ricky Cam Maskurbate
Ricky is our first model to perform on the MSKBCAM. This multi-cams HD show presents a new way to get up close and personal with Maskurbate's hot studs. In this episode, guys get to tell Ricky what to do, compliment his smooth body and worship his popular 9-incher. As usual, Ricky delivers a great performance in this new exciting approach. A must see! Featuring Ricky.....View Video
Under Watchful Eyes Maskurbate
I hired hot stud Ricky to paint my bathroom. He's very handy so I was pretty confident that he would do a good job. Nevertheless, since I had to leave, I let him know that I would be watching his every move through the security camera. He made sure I was pleased with every inch of his progress. Featuring Ricky. Original release date: March 22nd, 2016.View Video
Peep Show Maskurbate
I built a temporary peep show booth in my house to shoot Ricky's next scene. I told him he would be dancing in the living room while I take pictures on the other side of the window. What he didn't know is that I invited some friends to sneak into the booth to watch him strip and stroke his huge cock. Featuring Ricky. Original release date: April 19th, 2016.View Video
Twins Contest Maskurbate
I've been dreaming about how things would be if one of my models had a twin. What would it be like to shoot a scene with identical twin brothers? That fantasy of mine, through advances in technology, I can now make a reality. It is with great pleasure that I bring you Maskurbate's first twins' contest, Ricky vs Ricky. The rules are simple, the first one who cums wins.....View Video
Special Effects Maskurbate
We had so much fun shooting the Ricky's twins contest! With the help of special effects, Ricky played both twins in a jerkoff contest. This week I'm giving you access to the entire footage! So for the first time, you'll see each individual shots and in-between takes. A must see for all Ricky's fans and big cock lovers! Full title: Ricky's Twins Contest: Raw. Featuring....View Video
Ricky Fucks at Maskurbate
More than double the length from the original release, this unedited, bts version of Ricky's toy fucking scene will please everyone who likes muscled studs, big uncut cocks, foreskin play and toy fucking. It's one of my favorite scene on Maskurbate and with all this new exclusive never-seen-before content, a must see! Featuring Pascal, Ricky. Original release date: No....View Video
Casting Session Maskurbate
Description not available. Featuring Pascal, Ricky. Original release date: December 5th, 2023.View Video
Ricky Christmas Maskurbate
As a gift for you all, I am releasing a very special Holiday behind-the-scene featuring Ricky. This unedited version gives you access to everything that was shot that day, including never-seen-before shots. Ricky's huge uncut dick is so spectacular, you'll be pleased to see a lot more of it! Happy Holidays to everyone! Featuring Ricky. Original release date: December ....View Video
Ricky Extended Maskurbate
Almost double the length than the original release, here's and extend and behind-the-scene look of big-dicked Ricky's classic Casting scene. In this scene, straight jock Ricky strips naked, jerkoff and fuck toys in front of me. Watch this scene as if you were on location with us! Full title: Ricky's Casting Extended and BTS. Featuring Ricky. Original release date: Feb....View Video