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Jagged Mountain 2 Sc 4b Kristen Bjorn
Sergio and Tomas have been treated to the oral expertise of Bran and Rodrigo, now they want to see if the guys are just as talented bottoms. Brad starts out by sitting on Tomas' hot cock and taking it to new depths of pleasure. Tomas has his cock buried deep within Brad and then releases his desire to plow him hard and furious. Sergio takes a different approach by ben....View Video
Jagged Mountain 2 Sc 4a Kristen Bjorn
Rodrigo calls Sergio to brag about the great sex he just had, only to find out that Sergio has the exact same news for him. So the two decide to do what hot men do, join forces. Sergio and Brad arrive and are immediately intertwined with their new friends. Rodrigo and Sergio begin undressing each other as Brad and Tomas are lip locked in passionate kissing. The clothe....View Video
Jagged Mountain 2 Sc 2 Kristen Bjorn
Description not available. Title: Jagged Mountain 2, sc. 2 - Rodrigo Calas, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood).View Video
Wild Attraction 1 Sc 3 Kristen Bjorn
Pau Casserras and Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood) suck each others uncut dicks, and later, Pau licks Tomas's muscle ass. Then Tomas fucks the hell out of Pau, causing them both to shoot their loads Title: Wild Attraction 1 - Scene 3.View Video
Strangers in Prague 2 Scene 5 Kristen Bjorn
Tomas spots the guys walking down the street and decides to entice them into his place.  The guys are intrigued and join him.  Diego and Friedel pair up as do Wagner and Marco to swap some hot cock sucking.  Each being challenged by the other's huge, fat cocks, which then leads to a hot suck chain with Wagner eating Marco's perfect pink hole.   Tomas bends Marco ....View Video
Sands of Time Foursome Raging Stallion
Four muscular hunks get kinky in this gay group action scene! From Sands of Time: the Hourglass. Featuring Donato Reyes, Jalil Jafar, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood), Valentino Medici.View Video
Getting Together Kristen Bjorn
Scott Carter and Maikel Cash get together with Pau Casserras and Tomas Friedel for a suck fest. Each man sucks the others dick until each of the four cocks has shot it's cream. Featuring Scott Carter, Maikel Cash, Pau Casserras, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood). Full title: Wild Attraction 1 - Scene 5.View Video
The Hourglass Chapter 1 Kristen Bjorn
Jalil and Donato are attending a very elegant party as they enjoy the view and reflect on their relationship. They have 2 rules that they live by, always share everything and never stay until the end of a party unless it is really worthwhile. Jalil and Donato are lead downstairs by Valentino and Tomas, but never make it to the bottom of the stairs. Valentino eagerly u....View Video
The Hourglass Chapter 2 Kristen Bjorn
When we last saw our hot guys Jalil and Donato had decided to stay after at an elegant party with their hosts Valentino and Tomas. This turned out to be one hot, steamy after party. Now the stakes have been risen and there is a game to be played, one game, grab as much pleasure as possible before the sands of time run out in the hourglass. Jalil and Donato are in one ....View Video
Abducted Kristen Bjorn
Borek Sokol has been backpacking his way across Europe and is feeling a bit fatigued and not paying a lot of attention to his surroundings. He passes by 3 muscle thugs that have noticed he would be an easy target. They take him back to a club that Tomas Friedel works for at night and force him to his knees and strip him. Confused and thinking the worse, Borek has no c....View Video
Casting Couch 328 Kristen Bjorn
Tomas Friedel and Honza Capek are in the military and have taken a break to relax. Relaxing leads to some hardcore cock sucking with some hot face fucking and choking down of your friend's massive piece of meat. Tomas spreads Honza open and probes his ass deep with his throbbing cock. Honza fights to relax his ass muscles and control his breathing to accommodate Tomas....View Video
Foursome Kristen Bjorn
While Pau Casserras and Tomas Friedel suck each other's cocks in a 69 position, Maikel Cash fucks Tomas, and Scott Carter fucks Pau. Later, Scott gets his ass plowed by Tomas, while Maikel fucks Pau, until each man blows his load. Featuring Pau Casserras, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood), Maikel Cash, Scott Carter. Full title: Wild Attraction 2 - Scene 2.View Video
At the Port Kristen Bjorn
Tomas Friedel is hanging out at the port when Toby Dutch passes by, Toby is caught off guard by such a sexy, muscular man. Toby stops and introduces himself and Tomas invites him over. Soon the clothes are stripped away and the guys are stroking each other's hefty pieces of meat. Toby begins sliding up and down the long shaft of Tomas' cock before Tomas takes control ....View Video
Erik Haaz Badpuppy
Hunky Erik Haaz (aka Zack Hood) is a tall drink of water who always enjoys showing off for the camera. After a short interview, Erik strips down and does a little posing for us showing off his lean, muscular body. When he is finished giving us a close inspection of his muscular form Erik sits down on the chair, grabs his manhood in his hand and with just a few touches....View Video
Marek and Zack Twinks in Shorts
We enter Zack Hood's studio with a twink massage already in progress. Marek Prohodil lays on the table, face in the hole while Zack works his magic on the twink's slick body. Smooth and oily, Marek is easily positioned as the knots in his shoulders and upper body melt away. When it comes time for the lower body to get some attention, Zack removes Marek's sexy underwea....View Video
Yuri and Zack Twinks in Shorts
When muscled hunk Zack Hood spots Yuri Adamov naked except for his thong underwear, the masseuse knows exactly what the slender twink wants and Zack is ready to give it to him. Yuri lays down on the massage table and the beefy top gets to work. Dripping hot oil all over Yuri's luscious body, Zack gets the blond twink all slippery, making it easier for his hands to gli....View Video
Timmy and Zack Twinks in Shorts
When Timmy Cooper walks into Zack Hood's massage studio, the pretty twink has some attitude. It's clear Zack is unimpressed and pissed by the boy's cockiness but the big and beefy muscle jock knows how to give twinks like Timmy an attitude adjustment. Plus, he knows how to give one hell of a twink massage, too! Zack starts off oiling up Timmy's back, then running his ....View Video
The Ass Workout Staxus
There are plenty of guys around who would think that muscle-dude Zack Hood -- with guns and abs that almost defy reason! -- is the sexiest buddy in porn today. Clearly that's not a sentiment that new boy, Martin Muse, seems to share, however. Given the opportunity to cop off with the overworked Hood or the baby-faced Alex Silvers, the fellow makes a straight bee-line ....View Video
Sex Toy Antics Staxus
It's always nice to get someone else to tidy up your mess, but when employing a cleaner the issue of trust is never too far away. After all, how on earth are you ever going to know what they get up to once your back is turned? Will they really be cleaning? Or will they be rifling through your belongings at the very first opportunity? It's a problem that muscleman, Zac....View Video
Cleaning Boy Staxus
Lucas Mann has made a big mistake. He's arrived at Zack Hood's apartment to do the cleaning, armed with only a mop and bucket -- and believe us when we tell you that Mr. Muscle isn't at all happy! Not only that, however, but the cleaning agency has also sent him to Hood's address at the wrong time! It goes without saying that Hood's very quickly on the warpath; and it....View Video
Guest Room Porn Maskurbate
After attending a hardcore party, I invited my friend Thomas to stay for the night. Thomas had a lot of fun as he had sex with the female bartender and two busboys in the back room. Later, he came home and slept in my guest room. I know that Thomas had been wondering for a long time what it felt like to shoot a scene for Maskurbate with the famous mask. So, I intentio....View Video
Everybody Loves Peter Maskurbate
Ever since Peter made his debut on Maskurbate, everybody wants him. Thomas does too but knows he has to come up with a good plan. He found the HypnoMask at a friend's apartment and after trying it himself, he decides to use it on Peter. Poor Peter is in for quite a ride. Get ready for some fuck action at its best! Featuring Peter Lipnik, Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood).....View Video
Fuck Surprise 6 Scene 1 Male Digital
From the film Fuck Surprise 6 produced by US Male. Featuring Ricky, Peter K., Miro, Bob, Daniel, Lucky Taylor, Frank J., Francis, Zack Hood. Original release date: September 29th, 2010.View Video
Some Like It Muscle Scene 1 Male Digital
From the film Some Like It Muscle produced by Huge Studio. Featuring Zack Hood. Original release date: December 27th, 2009.View Video
Martin and Zack UK Naked Men
Hubba Hubba Hubba, you want 'em big, broad, hung, and uncut? yep? well we deliver in the sexy, spunky shape of broad-as-a-barn-door Zack and his very willing, very sexy bottom boy Martin Dajnar, who's now sporting a very handsome, very kissable beard, imagine that sweeping a tidy path around your arse hole, hmmm tickles! Martin's feeling the 'summer horn' -- just as w....View Video
Zack and Rico Butch Dixon
Rico Fatale likes his men, broad, brawny and big downstairs, Zack Hood likes his boy, handsome, hung, horny, uncut and ready to take a throbbing cock and a juicy load -- so this heavenly pairing was sure fire, heavy summer winner! Rico is nasty, especially when he's cock-focused -- when he gets on his knees and he sees and all he wants is cock. Zack keeps the horny pu....View Video
Zack and Luke Butch Dixon
Where's the beef? its here! Two mountains of muscle, colliding like Titans, just watch this two absolutely, 100% masculine beefy studs smash each other to sopping ruins. It's Zack Hood -- my latest crush, just look at that dark, smouldering stud, and letting that shaved hair grow in good and bushy. We pitted him against muscular, and very masculine stud -- Luke Ward, ....View Video
At Home with Thomas Maskurbate
Thomas Friedl has been in porn for a while now but I think these days he is in such amazing shape that he still deserves his place in the spotlight. We decided to visit him at his place, while his girlfriend was away, and take a look at his famous body from head to toe. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: June 19th, 2018.View Video
Zack and Danny UK Naked Men
If there's anything hotter than getting your arse reduced to a sopping, spunk wreck by big, burly bastard -- Zack Hood, then it must be the added danger of a scorching, outdoor fuck. Danny Torro is the man for the job, he picks up Zack in a sleazy underpass, notorious cruising area. Danny pats Zacks. bulging crotch and he's not disappointed by the burgeoning cock he c....View Video
Tight Twink Ass Young Bastards
Cute lad Dom Ully has crossed the wrong path and this mountain of muscle isn't gonna let the boy walk away without a lesson in obedience. After throwing Dom around, slamming him into the pool and roping up his hands, Tomm Friedel (aka Zack Hood) hauls out his throbbing uncut meat. It's a big fucking dick that most guys would struggle to take, but this boy doesn't have....View Video
Naughty Boy Young Bastards
Cute little JD Black is desperate to find out what's under the tree, but when Santa (Zack Hood) catches him trying to peek he's in for a punishing lesson in how to be good boy. He won't be getting a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking, but he will be getting a face full of thick uncut cock and his tight little butt spanked and stuffed! With his smooth cheeks sore a....View Video
The Gift Maskurbate
This is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting solo scene with a Fleshlight toy. Thomas Friedl delivers incredible performance. It features amazing close-ups of his huge cock penetrating the toy as if you were inches away from the action. A must-see! Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: February 19th, 2019.View Video
Zack and Harry Badpuppy
Zack Hood returns from the gym and declares the following to Harry Quinn, Good morning, my sweet bitch. I am back from the gym, and I'm fucking horny. And with that, Zack pulls down his pants and pulls Harry's mouth onto his raging hard-on. Harry wastes no time sucking down and enjoying Zack's piece of man-meat. Zack soon orders Harry out of his clothes and Harry is s....View Video
Zack and Tomas Badpuppy
We find Tomas Salek chilling out reading a book when Zack Hood walks in and plops himself down on the bed next to Tomas. It's not long before Zack takes the book out of Tomas' hands, flings it to the floor and both of their hands begin wandering each other's hot, toned bodies. Zack rips off his shirt and Tomas makes quick use of his tongue on Zack's perky nipples. Zac....View Video
Zack and Bastian Badpuppy
We find Zack Hood working out with the punching bag while Bastian Karim sits on a nearby weight bench doing curls and watching Zack's style. Zack catches Bastian watching him and invites him over for some instruction on how to properly hit the bag. As Zack brushes up behind Bastian, Bastian feels the excitement growing in Zack's workout pants. Bastian peels off his sh....View Video
Zack and Peter Badpuppy
Zack Hood was cleaning up in the kitchen when he heard some strange noises coming from Peter Lipnik's room. As Zack looked around the corner he could see that Peter was watching porn on his laptop. He walks into the room and loudly asks Peter what he's watching. Peter slams the lid of the laptop closed and declares that he's not watching anything like that; but, Zack ....View Video
Zack Hood Badpuppy
Muscle stud Zack Hood delights us with a solo performance that is sure to get your juices flowing. Zack slowly strips off his shirt and pants showing off his ripped body. He flexes his powerful arms while massaging his perfectly chiseled abs and pecs. It's clear he spends a lot of time working out at the gym. As he pulls off his underwear he lies back on the bed, spre....View Video
Javi and Zack Butch Dixon
You've been clamouring for the great, dark man -- Zack Hood and he's back, all six foot and then some of strapping hunk and he's punishing another very willing, tight hole in the very sexy shape of tight, tanned and funky Javi Garcia. I particularly luved watching Javi trying to swallow that massive meat. Plucky little Javi strictes his hot lips wide and takes as much....View Video
Deep and Real Naked Sword
Golden eyed Diego Lauzen and handsome Gabriel Lunna fuck the cum out of each other! Sexy Nicoli Cole gets picked up by gorgeous Jan Bavor, before being joined by muscleman Tomas Friedel. Then they both get their asses plowed! Ripped Atilla Kardos rams his uncut cock into blond muscle bottom Torsen Wolf's ass! Hairy foxes Xavi Garcia and Teddy Torres flip fuck each oth....View Video
Big Bigger Biggest Bromo
Rick Palmer peruses the collection of dildos on offer, each one bigger than the last, before his eyes light up as he sees the big, thick cock belonging to Thomas Friedl. Rick sucks that dick and Thomas fucks his throat with each plastic cock in turn, before Thomas lubes up his hole and starts all over again at the other end. Instead of pounding Rick's ass with the big....View Video
Muscular Tom Fap Boys
Muscular Tom shows off his amazing hunky body while jerking off his dick. Featuring Tom (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: October 19th, 2015.View Video
Muscle Men on Top Gay Empire
Description not available. Featuring Zack Hood, Paul Fresh, Alex Bach (aka Alex Hell), Geoffrey Lloyd (aka Jeffrey Lloyd), Alex Vichner (aka Lukas Chlad), Luke Ward (aka Ondra Matej), Dick Keissie (aka Dick Casey), David Kadera. Produced by: Cocksure Men.View Video
On the Prowl 1 Scene 2 Naked Sword
Men prowl the streets of Old Barcelona in search of hot sex, which is always available. Come see 13 of the world's sexiest hot men in 6 boiling hot scenes which will knock your socks off! Featuring Toby Dutch, Zack Hood. Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. From the film: On the Prowl 1. Produced by: Kristen Bjorn.View Video
Randy Cow Poke UK Naked Men
Hows that confinement coming along, at least spring is here and there are worse situations than being locked up with Zack Hood and Rob Banner. It's been a while since we've seen, largely straight, (largely, but we're thinking not 'completely') Rob's eyes were out on stalks -- but that's not the only stalk in the room. These overly hung studs couldn't wait to strip off....View Video
Hard Bodied Cocksure Men
Hard bodied studs Thomas Ride and Ivo Kerk kiss and feel each other up in the kitchen. The handsome men take their shirts off and reveal their magnificent muscular physiques. They kiss each others huge biceps and pecs. Thomas lifts Ivo by the ass and Ivo rides him through his jeans. The pants come off and they stand stroking each others cocks. Thomas blows Ivo's uncut....View Video
Wild Attraction 1 Scene 3 AEBN
Allow yourself to be carried away by Wild Attraction. A game of hot, horny men, vengeance, passion, surprises, and loads of sex. Are you ready to lose control? Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Zack Hood, Pau Casserras. From the film: Wild Attraction Part 1.View Video
Wild Attraction 1 Scene 5 AEBN
Allow yourself to be carried away by Wild Attraction. A game of hot, horny men, vengeance, passion, surprises, and loads of sex. Are you ready to lose control? Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Maikel Cash, Scott Carter, Pau Casserras, Zack Hood. From the film: Wild Attraction Part 1.View Video
Wild Attraction 2 Scene 2 AEBN
Allow yourself to be carried away by Wild Attraction. A game of hot, horny men, vengeance, passion, surprises and loads of sex! Lose control... Again! Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Maikel Cash, Pau Casserras, Scott Carter, Zack Hood. From the film: Wild Attraction Part 2.View Video
Hole in One Scene 4 AEBN
Fucking and getting fucked can be the best part of sex. The top enjoys sticking his cock in a hole. The bottom loves a hot cock in his hole. Produced by: Cocksure Men. Featuring Zack Hood, Martin Muse (aka Petr Plodner). From the film: Hole in One.View Video
Peter Fucked Maskurbate
Peter Lipnik getting fucked by Thomas Friedl was in my mind for a while. When it was finally possible to get those two together, they did not let us down! We decided to let them enjoy each other while we took as many shots as possible, from every angle possible. This is for the first time the entire unedited footage of that day. Lots more content and steamy views for ....View Video
Thomas Friedl Uncut Maskurbate
Pornstar Thomas Friedl was excited to do a video for us wearing the famous mask. Here's the entire uncut footage of his performance with extra close-ups and slow-motion sequences so you can see every inches of his amazing body. Rediscover Thomas like never before! Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: November 16th, 2021.View Video
On the Prowl 1 Gay Empire
Men prowl the streets of Old Barcelona in search of hot sex, which is always available. Come see 13 of the world's sexiest hot men in 6 boiling hot scenes which will knock your socks off! Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Alex Brando, Angel Lobo, James Castle, John Finkel, John Rodriguez, Juanjo Rodriguez, Julio Rey, Manuel Olveyra, Max Toro, Pablo Morant, Sergi R....View Video
Gift for Thomas Maskurbate
We sent Thomas Friedl a sex toy and captured the moment he tried it in front of our camera. Here's the complete footage shot that day, available to you for the first time. You won't want to miss a single second of that amazing scene! Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: February 1st, 2022.View Video
Cum Thirsty Gay Empire
Description not available. Produced by: Bromo. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood), Tomm, Nico, Rico Fatale, Tim Law.View Video
Greasy Sluts Gay Empire
Description not available. Produced by: Bromo. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood), Tomm, Dom Ully, Rosta Benecky, Peter Lipnik, Dick Chayne (aka Dick Casey).View Video
Cum Break Gay Empire
Description not available. Produced by: Bromo. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood), Dom Ully, Jeffrey Lloyd, Ricky Peter, Brick Norwood (aka Brick Moorewood), Ryan Cage, Eric.View Video
Fucked Deep Gay Empire
Description not available. Produced by: Bromo. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood), Tomm, Jeffrey Lloyd, Pavez.View Video
Shut Up Gay Empire
Description not available. Full title: Shut Up and Fuck Me. Produced by: Bromo. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood), Tomm, Luke Ward (aka Ondra Matej), Mike, Max.View Video
Thomas Unmasked Maskurbate
Description not available. Featuring Thomas Friedl (aka Zack Hood). Original release date: September 27th, 2022.View Video
Jagged Mountain Part 2 Gay Empire
Way up in the Pyrenees lays Jagged Mountain, a natural wonder that draws hot studs to it, like a man magnet! Come join us on this erotic adventure to the hills; you'll never want to come down again. Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Sergio Serrano, David Kadera, Caleb Ramble, Justin Harris, Donato Reyes, Abel Pozsar, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood), Tibor Cernan.View Video
Bent Over Twinks Gay Hot Movies
These hot twinks will bend over backwards (and forwards) if you want them to. Soap them up in the bath and they'll let you bend them over the tub so you can slip your fat cock between their peachy butt cheeks. Oil them up on a massage table and you can fill their butt with anal beads and fingers before you give your hard cock its own workout in their ass. With raging ....View Video
Pump This Gay Hot Movies
We all long to look like a toned, six-packed Greek Adonis, but how many of us have got the time and patience that's needed to achieve that goal? Fortunately, it's an objective that this crowd of horny fuck-buddies keep firmly in focus ? aided and abetted by the hyper pumped-up Zack Hood, whose muscles really are a wonder to behold. Pyotr Tomek, Leo Ocean and the unbel....View Video
Tinderbox Gay Hot Movies
Welcome to spring time in the European countryside, where eight sexy young muscle studs hitchhike, suck dick, munch butt and fuck each other at a buddy's country home. It's Tinderbox, the sizzling spunk-splattered feature from Titan Men Fresh. Produced by: Titan Men Fresh. Featuring Mark Zebro, Thomas Friedl, Eric Tomfor (aka Zack Hood), David Novotny (aka Erik Demko)....View Video
Jagged Mountain Part 2 Gay Hot Movies
Way up in the Pyrenees lays Jagged Mountain, a natural wonder that draws hot studs to it, like a man magnet! Come join us on this erotic adventure to the hills; you'll never want to come down again. Produced by: Kristen Bjorn. Featuring Sergio Serrano, David Kadera, Caleb Ramble, Justin Harris, Donato Reyes, Abel Pozsar, Tomas Friedel (aka Zack Hood), Tibor Cernan.View Video
Zack and Dom Dads and Twinks
Zack Hood is a very busy man and he doesn't have time to deal with problem from his employees. That's' why he has Dom Ully step into his office to make sure he won't be causing any more issues. Dom stands there with his face down in preparation for what he thinks is going to be a tongue lashing. What he's going to be actually getting is a lot more than he was planning....View Video
Zack and Max Dads and Twinks
Zack Hood is in need and he's not going to stay like that for long. He's naked in the shower and cleaning every inch of his ripped body but there's one big thing that's sticking out. He has a massive erection that's pulsating in the water and he's not the only one who's noticing it. Max Trey got a good look at the naked hunk and can't stop himself from standing in the....View Video
Casting Tomas and Rado Kristen Bjorn
Tomas and Rado have hooked up before and have arranged to meet again today. Unable to reach Tomas, Rado heads on over to his flat, letting himself in. Tomas is already excited when he sees that Rado has made himself comfortable. Rado wastes no time and immediately goes down on Tomas' hard cock. Tomas takes full advantage of knowing Rado's limits and fucks his face for....View Video
Casting Alex and Tomas Kristen Bjorn
Alex and Tomas are having a cocktail when they realize that it is much more that they desire. You know the routine, you see a guy across the bar, buy him a drink, strip him naked, suck him long and hard then you throw him on the table and fuck him long and deep. See I knew you had done this before. If not let Alex and Tomas show you how to suck and fuck your way to ec....View Video
Erik Haaz and James LaCroix Badpuppy
Erik Haaz (aka Zack Hood) and James LaCroix are featured in this hot scene and are a definite treat for anyone's tastes. The more dominant Eric takes matters into his own hands from the start. He handles James like the hot young boy toy he is, taking him roughly in his big muscular arms, pulling his hair, and quickly making his way down to James' hard cock. The sounds....View Video
Jerry Harris and Erik Haaz Badpuppy
Jerry Harris and Erik Haaz (aka Zack Hood) put on an amazing sexy show for us at Badpuppy! Erik is a beefy muscle man with a fuzzy chest and Jerry is muscular twink with a perfect ass. The guys are eager to get things started, and after a quick interview they're on their way! They take turns taking off each other's pants, and even before they're stiff we see how both ....View Video
Lovers Tomas and Radim Kristen Bjorn
After a long hard day at work it is good to be home with your lover. Tomas and Radim are very excited to see each other after their hard day. Now it is time for hard cocks and romance. The sensation of one stroking your hard cock delivers pleasure to your entire body, especially when it is done with love. Tomas knows exactly how Radim likes to have his huge, uncut coc....View Video
Erik Haaz and Ruslan Brodovich Badpuppy
Erik Haaz (aka Zack Hood) and Ruslan Brodovich are back, and what could be hotter than these two ripped studs getting into each other's hard cocks and hard bodies? How 'bout getting into each other's tight manholes? This is one scorching flip-flop fuck! Original release date: July 2nd, 2015.View Video
The Climax Club Bang Boys
The camera confronts all of Tom his activities on a regular day, so this amazing update is pretty unique. In the beginning it's just some foreplay and in the end it's time to finish off with a nice cum shot. Featuring Tom (aka Zack Hood).View Video
Gay Buds Bromo
Ripped stud Tomm and chiseled, slender Tim love getting together for some one-on-one anal action. Tim takes Tomm's entire manhood deep inside his throat before mounting his cock and drilling it into his tight hole. Featuring Tomm (aka Zack Hood), Tim.View Video
The Room Part 1 Bromo
Slim, tall Tomm loves to get his ass stuffed by a big dick or a massive dildo, and beefcake David comes by to help him play with that horny, tight hole. Dark-haired David loosens up both his holes with extra-large dildos all while stroking his cock until he's ready to stuff his own thick meat in his open, wet entrances. Featuring Tomm (aka Zack Hood), David. From the ....View Video
Open House at Titan Men
This Open House will definitely take your mind off the mortgage crisis. Hunky Thomas Winter and Jakub Kostas spend the day looking for a love nest and come across tall dark and handsome real estate agent Karlos Armandes as he's showing a house to a bunch of hot and horny prospective buyers. No sooner does the pair start looking around the place than cute Martin Corvin....View Video
Punish My Boy Bring Me a Boy
I went looking through my stepson's room for dirty clothes to wash. What I found made my blood boil. We don't have many rules in our house, but the rules we do have, I expect him to follow. No alcohol. No drugs. And no cigarettes. Naturally, I had to punish him. How else could I drive the point home? I lay the boy across my knees and started to spank his ass. His plum....View Video
His Boy Bring Me a Boy
A good boy knows how to please a daddy. He knows just what to say and do to get dad's attention and affection. An even better boy knows how daddy likes his cock sucked, his balls licked, his chest and lips kissed. He knows what position daddy likes, how daddy wants his hole to taste, what gets daddy excited. A great boy knows how to slide down on his dad's big cock an....View Video
Hot Studs 1 Gay Hot Movies
Tonny walks into the house to find Timmy on the couch sulking about losing his pilot license. So Tonny comforts him the best way he knows how. James calls in a Doctor because he's really under the weather. When Dr. Greg gets there he recommends a full physical. Alan wants to sign up for the army, but not as a solider like Nick. He wants to be the entertainment, and wh....View Video
Hot Studs 2 Gay Hot Movies
George Basten and Johan Volny are strong, virile, in control, in command, hard and tough, these men in uniform will dominate your every desire. Paul Fresh just finished going over everything in Paul's house when he finds a huge safety infraction hiding in Paul's pants. Danton and Johan are tired of their regular sex so Danton suggests that they play dress up. There's ....View Video
Massage Me 3 Gay Hot Movies
Nothing like a set of strong greasy hands giving your back the once over, unless you replace 'back' with 'cock'. Chris has a voucher for a massage and decides to turn it in. Seeing how it's his first time, Benjamin gives him a massage that hell always remember. Franc gets back from a long run and his feet are killing him. Tomm breaks out the oils and gives hima much n....View Video