Takahisa Pools Around Japan Boyz

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Title: Takahisa Pools Around Japan Boyz
Description: In college, Takahisa is young, at 18. This is his first year in Tokyo and although he doesn't have a girlfriend, he's looking. Being straight, Takahisa is here to jerk off for Japan Boyz; it has been a few days. On the bed, he rubs his package before showing himself; his frame is thin and toned. Once Takahisa is naked, he kneels on the bed while the camera zooms in tight. Bending over, Takahisa's winker is presented; just like his groin, it is full of hair. After a bit more masturbation, he zones out, watching his head redden. Cumming, Takahisa produces a nice pool of jizz. I ask if he'll be back, he accepts. Let's hope he enjoys a warm mouth. Original release date: January 25th, 2017.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2017-07-20

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