Grappld 2 BTS Part 2 UK Hot Jocks

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Title: Grappld 2 BTS Part 2 UK Hot Jocks
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Description: Part 2 of this behind the scenes extravaganza we get all wet and really! 2 of the 5 featured scenes in Grappld 2 were what we like to call 'wet wrestles', basically we put the boys in a big pool of lube/gunge and get them to wrestle and fuck in the goop! Getting our substance from the guys at Slube for this movie, it was bright coloured, warm (to start with) and apparently tased quite nice! As you can imagine trying to do something like this is certainly not a serious business, trying to shoot enough of the all important wrestling is pretty hard to do without a lot of laughs and fun along the way. The guys may be competitive but that all goes out of the pool when trying to keep a straight face here! So, so much fun...though it's a hideous clean-up job! It takes almost as much time to clean up after each scene, as it does to set the whole thing up. Going the extra mile for some wacky, messy and seriously hardcore scenes for our UK Hot Jocks fans. This scene may features Logan Moore, Alexis Belfort, Jeffrey Lloyd, Gabriel Phoenix, Jayden Middleton, Jonas Jackson, Colin White, Endo Black. From the web series: Grappld 2. Original release date: December 4th, 2017.
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Added: 2017-12-16

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