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Title: Sealing the Deal UK Hot Jocks
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Description: After the previous nights revenge fuck with hot new houseboy Jasper, Miles assumes all is well with husband Jacob. But Jacob is still pissed off. So when Miles wakes up and initiates some early morning action, Jacob is having none of it. Plus the contract on the new investment still hasn't been signed. Jacob goes for a run to try and calm down. Working up a hot sweat outside doesn't seem to do the trick, so when he see's the Investor casually perving on him from the hot tub, he decides to take the bull by the horns. Marching over he spots the contract lying there and demands he signs it. But the Investor has other ideas. Having fucked one husband, perhaps the other husband can be more persuasive. Determined for a signature, Jacob grabs him and angrily kisses him. The Investor is ready for this, and lifts his naked body out of the hot tub to reveal his huge hard cock. Jacob stares down at it in wonder before leaning down and taking it all in his mouth. The Investor groans in ecstasy as Jacob devours him, kissing and licking up and down his cock, and then up and down his body. The investor tugs at Jacob's clothes and it's not long before he's naked too and straddling the side of the hot tub as the Investor goes down on him. Gearing him up for a fuck, Jacob demands the Investor turn around as he sticks his tongue deep inside his ass and then slams his cock deep inside him. The Investor moans in pleasure as Jacob nibbles his ear as he fucks him hard. Spinning him over so the Investor is now sat on his cock, Jacob goes to town on his ass, showing him he means business. This is too much for the Investor to bear as he shoots his load, before kneeling down and taking Jacob's load all over his chest. Finally satisfied, there is only one thing left for the Investor to do -- sign the contract! Featuring Jack Taylor (aka Jack Green), Kayden Grey (aka Kayden Gray). From the web series: An Investor Calls. Original release date: January 7th, 2018.
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Added: 2018-01-08

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