Sora First Time Japan Boyz

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Title: Sora First Time Japan Boyz
Description: Okay, I'm just going to say that, it's not as easy as it looks. I wasn't really nervous going to the shoot, but when I was sitting on the bed with Fuji, I just froze. Usually I'm very outgoing and want to be as famous as a Karaoke or KPOP star, but doing porn is really hard. Fuji was so nice and gentle, but he does have a really big, thick cock; when I was sitting atop him, it actually got stuck. It took a long while, but I did enjoy the sensation and Fuji is so hot. Now that I know what to expect, next time will be better. This real first time of Sora was definitely an experience. Don't worry, we've got plenty of Japan Boyz to break him in. Original release date: February 20th, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-03-22

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