Trying Topping Japan Boyz

Title: Trying Topping Japan Boyz
Description: Shaggy Hideaki has proved popular as a Japan Boyz bottom, but today he's meeting up with Kaoru as the top in the equation. Both guys start out in knitted black posing straps that allow their cocks to strain against the porous fabric and push out. We immediately see that Hideaki is hot and ready for his new dominant role from his rock hard dick. Kaoru flicks a tongue across Hideaki's nips while he strokes the stiff prick popping out of the black g-string. He moves in to suck it, getting his hungry mouth almost to the root. Hideaki licks his buddy's hungry hole then works his thumb across its juicy pucker. He gets a mouthful of Kaoru's dick before he lubes up the hole he's gonna plow his cock into. Starting with a white dildo, he works Kaoru and stretches his ass. Rolling on a condom, he kneels behind his buddy and slides in. Hideaki's dick is well-suited to his top role, staying thick, firm and straight as they roll over into a missionary pose. Kaoru lifts his legs high and wide open as Hideaki pushes in and fills him. The horny top grabs Kaoru's thighs and beats his meat while his cock glides in and out. They lie next to each other beating each others' cocks. Hideaki sprays a juicy wad out first, leaving the windowsill spotted with cum and the curtains dripping. Kaoru milks a creamy drop from his own cock and the guys kiss. Original release date: November 6th, 2018.
Category: Japan Boyz
Added: 2018-11-14

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