Tasty Ginger Jizz Pits and Pubes

Title: Tasty Ginger Jizz Pits and Pubes
Description: Nathan Daniel is a hot ginger cub with full curly pits and a trimmed crotch. Don't worry though, he's not the best at shaving and missed a few spots that show off how long and pretty his actual pubes can be. He also didn't shave his sack, so his balls are nice hairy. Nathan starts off by ru ing his fingers through his bristly pubes and feeling his big full nuts before he licks his pits and starts jacking his growing cock. He plays with his hairy bits, sniffing and breathing harder as he brings himself closer to relief. When the time comes, Nathan lets out a final moan and covers his pubes with cum. He rubs it deep into his crotch and gets his pubes all nice and lathered up before he slathers his left pit with the leftovers and gives it a nice long sniff. Before he's done though, Nathan puts a little bit in his beard to take home for later. Original release date: September 19th, 2020.
Category: Pits and Pubes
Added: 2020-10-06

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