Men Amongst Ruins Scene 4 Kristen Bjorn

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Title: Men Amongst Ruins Scene 4 Kristen Bjorn
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Description: Meanwhile, the boss of the thieves (the masterful Juan Jiminez) discovers that one of his underlings (Bjorn veteran Attila Sipos) has skimmed off some stolen money and decides to punish him: Sipos must service not only Jiminez but two other gang members (the beautiful Jeremy Shelton and the ferret-like David Chelsea). After all four bring each other off by hand, they settle into a tower tableau for some serious sucking and another round of pop shots in a deserted courtyard. Next they break into pairs, with Shelton happily fucking Sipos while Celsea kneels nearby to gobble down Jiminez. The sequence ends with Shelton and Jiminez double-fucking Chelsea as he sucks Sipos. Most amazing of all, Chelsea explodes in a seven-geyser pop shot (while double-plugged) that is the best of the film. Featuring Juan Jimenez, Attila Sipos, Jeremy Sheldon, David Chelsea. Original Title: Men Amongst Ruins - Scene 4
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Added: 2014-05-11

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