ASSault Scene 1 Club Inferno Dungeon

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Title: ASSault Scene 1 Club Inferno Dungeon
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Description: Down in the military warehouse, Brian Bonds and Christian Lesage are craving some hot sloppy fun. Brian rubs Christian's hands down his washboard abs before dropping to his knees to give Christian a sopping hummer. Things heat up when Christian bends over exposing his smooth hairless ass to let Brian shove his face in-between his cheeks. Unable to bare the urge anymore, Brian gets Christian on all fours preparing to handball his sweet ass. At first, it's only few fingers sliding in and out of Christian's hole until Brian sticks his entire hand inside and punch fists his eager butt. Christian moans while Brian reaches in and out of his ass, and Christian flaunts his rosebud in fullest bloom. Christian hasn't had enough yet, so he lies on his back, legs in the air to let Brian dig deep into his bum and lick his sack. Brian's edging and all it takes to send him over the edge is sitting on Christian's fist, which sends a solid load oozing from his cock onto Christian's fist. After Christian feeds Brian some of his own load, he re-inserts his cum-covered hand back into Brian's back door. Christian sits back and lets Brian twist and pinch his bushy nipples before expelling his cream onto his stomach. Featuring Brian Bonds, Christian Lesage. Full Title: ASSault, Scene 1
Added: 2015-07-24

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