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A Hot Evening French Twinks

A Hot Evening French Twinks

The hot Paul Delay and the lovely Gabriel Lambert are watching TV in bed before sleeping but the proximity of their two smooth bodies almost naked will delay bedtime. The two delicious twinks huddled together kiss each other passionately and while their wet tongues intertwine their hands slip under the bed cover. Paul strokes the beautiful bump formed by the panties of Gabriel then licks his nipples and makes him moans of pleasure. Always so naughty Paul is wearing a jock-strap that offers an ideal view and a perfect access to his pretty ass. While Paul is deep-throat sucking Gabriel's thick cock, the cute twink begins to play with the little hole expanding visibly. The groans of Paul and the sighs of Gabriel are becoming more intense and the two boys are now full naked. Paul comes riding Gabriel and impales with delight on his cock hard as wood. Let's go for a rodeo as hot as sensual in which it's sometimes Paul who moves his ass, sometimes Gabriel who pounds him. The pace is varied, the penetration is deep and the fusion is perfect. Gabriel then fucks Paul in spoon, curled up against him. The two bodies make one and Paul will soon explode with pleasure and watering his belly with hot cum. It's then Gabriel's turn to sprinkle Paul's face with multiple jets of cum in a supernatural ejaculation of which he has the secret. Featuring Gabriel Lambert, Paul Delay. Original release date: January 18th, 2018.
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  Title: A Hot Evening French Twinks

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