During the Meeting Falcon Studios

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Title: During the Meeting Falcon Studios
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Description: Multi-regional director Max Konnor takes his job very seriously, but when one of his employees forgets to turn off their webcam and begins having gay sex during a work meeting, he throws all professionalism out the door and decides to watch his coworker's NSFW fuck session. Assistant Andy Taylor quickly joins his boss in watching their coworker get it on, but when Andy compliments one of the onscreen cocks, Max takes it upon himself to show the twink what an actual big dick looks like. Once Max's XXL cock flops out of his pants, Andy immediately smothers it with his mouth. He slurps, gags, and chokes on every inch of his muscular boss as Max thrusts his meat in and out of Andy's open mouth. After Max's intense face fucking and a couple of strokes from his own hand, Andy finishes himself off as he eagerly waits for Max to blow a load all over him. With his mouth open wide, he lets Max rain cum all over his face and shows his boss how good of an assistant he really is. Featuring Andy Taylor, Max Konnor. From the film: Work from Home. Original release date: September 1st, 2021.
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Added: 2021-09-12

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