Soaped Up Raging Stallion

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Title: Soaped Up Raging Stallion
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Description: Roman Todd is already soaking wet, soaped up, and rock hard when Chris Damned walks in on him in the shower. When he can't resist the temptation of Roman's soaked, god-like figure, a fully-clothed Chris walks into the shower and begins exploring Roman's naked body. Chris slowly removes his drenched clothes as Roman swallows every single one of Chris' girthy eight inches. Now on a bed with his face shoved in the sheets, Roman loudly moans as the dominant top spits on him and fucks his wet hole. Chris's XL cock continues to destroy Roman as the muscle bottom lays on his back and covers himself in a hot coat of jizz. That's when Chris pulls out and adds his own load to the sea of seed that's covering a completely drained Roman. Featuring Roman Todd, Chris Damned. From the film: Just Sex. Original release date: October 8th, 2021.
Category: Raging Stallion
Added: 2021-10-12

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