Thick as Thieves Sc 1 Kristen Bjorn

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Title: Thick as Thieves Sc 1 Kristen Bjorn
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Description: Art thieves Yuri Breshnev, Bruno Diaz, Arpad Miklos, Saha Borov and Arpad Banfalvi rob an art gallery. Banfalvi becomes obsessed with a painting of a semi-nude man. When it comes time split the loot, Banfalvi asks if he can keep the painting. The four other crooks finally agree, but only on the condition that he suck all of their dicks. In no time flate, Banfalvi is sucking on the five boners until they shoot their hot loads. Still not satisfied, The 5 thieves make a rimming daisy chain, and lick each other's holes, until Banfalvi can no longer hold onto his load. The the two Arpads double fuck Matthews, while Diaz fucks the hell out of Breshnev. Needless to say, this ends in a huge round of cream shots. As though this weren't enough, the gang then forms a human suck ladder on a stair case, where each dick is dicked until each crook has shot yet another load of cum. Title: Thick as Thieves - Scene 1.
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Added: 2013-12-30

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