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Sex Files Marco Lucas Kazan
You first met Marco in a solo for Lucas Kazan --his big cock and his all-Neapolitan grin well on display. Time for the next step in Marco's porn education. Yes, this 21 year old identifies as 'straight'. But he's also eager to try everything once and to expand his sexual repertoire, sucking cock, pounding a guy's ass. Coach Ettore Tosi took him up on it, aided by 2 un....
Adam Gomez ChaosMen
I really don't know much about Adam. He does not have transportation, so I went and got him. We met at a central location, and then when I returned him it was quite a drive from where the studio is located. So, we had a lot of time in the car, but he was on his phone a lot, and I only managed to get a few details from him. I was pretty much a ride share driver. Which ....
Jack and Jamie English Lads
Jamie is a young lad with a great body, and handsome grin - he has only done a solo shoot before with us, so in this video we really stretched his boundaries by asking member's favourite cheeky chap Jack into the room with some baby oil in his hand! Nothing like watching two straight lads rub each other down to entertain you! Jamie's in for a relaxing massage, we see ....
Aiden Miller Gay Hoopla
Aiden Miller is our first model ever who joined us for a solo and ended up leaving fucking a guy all in the same weekend. Aiden has a huge cock and great west coast personality. Watch this stud jerk it and eventually stick in another man's booty hole.
Milo Harper 8teenBoy
Milo Harper is a tasty Texas born twink. Harper is a sucker for huge cocks and beautiful booties, both make this cutie cum quickly! Luckily for us, this is a solo session so we get to soak up his sexiness for some severely sensual stroke time. The young boy beauty loves the beach and is a big movie buff. Here the naughty boy gets to combine his love of exhibitionism a....
Dylan Hayes 8teenBoy
Dylan Hayes is a gorgeous boy next door type who's letting his bad boy side shine in his first ever solo stroke scene! Hunky director Max Carter is armed with a camera and a butt load of charm that heats Hayes up till he slips right out of his clothes! Dylan has super star written all over him with his leading young man good looks, all over tan and a twink tool that'l....
Bryce Foster 8teenBoy
Newbie Bryce Foster isn't shy, in fact he's very vocal and confidently tells director Max Carter exactly what turns him on. The tight blond twink in into making out, nipple play and being choked. This being a solo session, we get down to letting the boy wonder choke his chicken pretty quickly. Foster has a big voice and a petite, compact frame tight with gymnast like ....
Jay Jerking Off Red Hot Straight Boys
Straight boy Jay is back to stroke his huge cock on in this solo video. He puts on quite a show. At times he slaps his hand with his huge penis. This appears to be part of jerking off for him, so he must derive some enjoyment from it. Featuring Jay Woods. Original release date: January 31st, 2018.
Dario Martinez Freshmen
Our Colombian solo today is with Dario Martinex. Dario is full of classic Latino sexiness. We're confident his full lips, mysterious dark eyes and lovely big dick will win some fans. Featuring Dario Martinez. Original release date: April 17th, 2018.
Johnson ChaosMen
I had a bit of drive to go pick Johnson up in order to do this solo. So, we had a nice long drive to the studio and I got to know him better than most models. He is a very likable guy, intelligent, and even a little 'worldly', as he has spent many months traveling around Eastern Europe. He had two favorite locations that he was impressed with, and the descriptions he ....
Dean Phoenix Colt Studio Group
COLT minute man Solo Series welcomes you to minute man 24. The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with three sizzling scenes of hot voyeuristic man action. rnminute man 24 is an up close and personal look at three superstars from the Colt stable of studs. Starring Colt Man Mike Dasher, Bo Dixon and Dean Phoeni....
Jay Hall Fucks His First Guy at English Lads
This is Jay's turn to step into the limelight and out of the shadows after steadily progressing from solo work he finally agreed to stick his cock in a boys ass; Dan Broughton being the lucky one who was bent over at the right time! It starts quite teasy, though Dan is in a mischievous mood, not taking any shit from Jay he just pulls down his pants and gets wacked in ....
Malik ChaosMen
Malik is of mixed descent. He is Cuban and a mix of a few other things. But heavy on the Cuban cigar! He looks about 18, but is actually 23. He likes guys, and even though he has a 10-inch uncut cock, he says he is more of a bottom. He likes dudes to take control, and be bossy with him. Malik is the only guy out of 6 sisters, and I think all the cock must have gone to....
The Wild Guys at AEBN
Robert Prion's Wild Guys kiss, exchanges blowjobs, and someone gets fucked doggie-style. A few solo and oral-only scenes are included just to heat things up.
Josh Takes Collin Gay Hoopla
So here's the inside scoop. Josh Farve flew out to see us with the intention of only doing a solo jerk off scene, but once he saw Collin Simpson in person, Josh not only showed interest, he begged us to let him and Collin fuck! How can this be you ask? Well that answer is simple. The fresh 18-year-old Josh and Gay Hoopla legend Collin hit it off as soon as they said h....
Jax and Angelo Sean Cody
If you couldn't get enough of Angelo and Jax in their steamy Sean Cody solos, then you're in for a real treat! We're pairing two new guys together, giving them double the thrill and double the fun! Angelo opens his tight ass for Jax's cock and takes it like a who's gonna cum first? Featuring Jax, Angelo. Original release date: April 28th, 2018.
Mitchell Wright Gay Hoopla
Check out Ray Ban's first solo shoot featuring red head Mitchell Wright. This hard-bodied ginger swimmer will have your taste buds watering.
Celian Bukkake French Twinks
Celian Meyer is warming up solo before shooting a scene he thinks is a simple duo. While the twink is jacking off watching a video on his smartphone Alexis Tivoli arrives in the living room and pushes his cock already hard in the mouth of Celian. The lips of the young boy glide on the flans of Alexis and his mouth completely swallows this long and beautiful cock. Celi....
Jake Hart ChaosMen
Jake Hart is one sexy dude! He has some aggressive ink, but is a kind and thoughtful dude. Maybe a little cocky, but with that nearly 9-inch cock of his, I guess he has reason. He doesn't identify as gay, straight or bi, but his primary interest is women. He has traveled a couple times, and on those trips, he seems to veer towards messing around with guys. The freedom....
Anthony Bonus Clip at Broke Straight Boys
Anthony is broke, has lost his job and has been thrown out of his house. He's doing a solo to earn extra dosh and has a naughty side he wants to share with everyone!
Accidental Lovers Bel Ami Online
Following on from the 'Loving Kris' series in March, April and May will feature a new special 'Christian's Accidental Lovers'. Up and coming star, Christian Lundgren is the star of the series as Bel Ami recounts some of his amorous adventures around the world. Although he is in a stable, if unconventional, relationship with Hoyt Kogan, Christian does not let this stif....
Espen ChaosMen
Espen had just turned 18 the month before, and he was eager to start doing porn right away. He doesn't strike me as super horny guy trying to fuck everyone around him. I think he thought of it as his Summer job before college starts, and he marked his sexual orientation as 'curious'. I also thought that since he had a big dick, that was another reason he wanted to get....
Offensively Large 4 Bel Ami Online
This week we released the next installment in our huge Offensively Large series. This time Joel is flying solo without Jack, but joining him to make up the monster cock ranks is newcomer Raf Koons. Another newbie is Jon, who wants to take his chance on 2 of the biggest cocks for his debut scene. Featuring Joel Birkin, Jack Harrer, Raf Koons. Original release date: Jun....
Georgio Black Badpuppy
For today's solo action, we decided to bring back horse-hung Georgio Black, and it doesn't take long for him to awaken the monster in his shorts. Original release date: February 27th, 2015.
Abe ChaosMen
Abe has done a solo before and was ready to give it another try. He got hard easily for the photos and so I stuck him in the shower to do some shots there. Photos in the shower are always a bit more challenging as you are cold and wet, but Abe's dick didn't mind all the distractions. He loves girls to give him head, and he made sure to remind me, girls was the key ing....
Adam and Declan ChaosMen
I had Declan coming in to do a solo and an oral video when Adam Gomez showed up on my radar. I never did get him back in for an oral video, so I thought it was perfect timing seeing that Declan needed a guy to swap head with. Declan is eager to do everything, but he has little to no experience with guys. He was going to push his limits in this video. They start by wat....
Bentley Layne ChaosMen
Bentley Layne has done videos for a few other studios, but when I found out he was local, I was eager to get another local guy to help with the Serviced videos, and to fill-in for any last minute cancellations. He of course is very polished in his solo. Confident in stroking for us and totally making a video for just you guys. Lots of eye-contact and eager to show us ....
Learning Experience Spunk U
Great porn is about chemistry, and experienced performers have mastered the art of clicking with their scene partners. Little Tony and Jordan Beatz are hot guys with promise, but they learn that it's not always easy getting that onscreen magic going on command. Complicating that is the fact that 19-year old Little Tony is trying to make a name for himself in gay porn ....
Rampant Roadies UK Hot Jocks
Keeping the show going is the team of roadies, gaffers and the crew. Frank is taking some equipment up to the main studio, easily distracted and horny he finds a quiet corridor to have some sneaky solo fun with himself, even though he knows he is on a tight schedule. After checking the coast is clear he gets into himself and I mean really get's into himself! He stroke....
Vincent Williams Next Door Male
Vincent Williams is a muscle bound stud from Phoenix, here to heat things up with a fiery solo. With a past in webcamming, Vincent's schedule allows him to be in the gym 6 days a week, and his physique shows it, as he runs his hand over his rippling chest muscles, flexing his biceps and showing off his stout back, but with a sly look into the camera, Vincent shows off....
Paying Rent Sucks Maskurbate
Peter came to David's new apartment to collect his first rent. Unfortunately David had to use part of the money for car repair, so he asked Peter for an extension. Peter is a very understanding landlord and accepts to give him a few more days in exchange for a little favor. Peter saw David's solo on Maskurbate and wants him to put the mask on while he worships his bod....
Channing ChaosMen
Channing is a very shy guy! It is so nice to be around him. Some of the muscle guys have large egos, but Channing is quiet, shy and eager to please. He has done video work before, but I wanted to get him in for the standard solo/oral, just to see how he does. He has a super-hot body, and clearly spends a lot of time in the gym. Since he has done video before, I am sur....
Bronson ChaosMen
Bronson is a little muscle power house with some bad ass tats and an amazingly handsome face. He has done photoshoots, and even has done artistic sketch classes fully nude, aroused, and I think even ejaculating for a class. I haven't ever heard of art drawing classes going so far, so I hope he was paid well for the live show! Needless to say, he is very comfortable be....
By My Fantasy Spunk U
This University definitely plays to my strengths; I am always horny. Today, shooting my solo, I let my mind wander; there is a really hot guy who's masculine and has tons of tattoos, his name is Trevor Stone. As the director yells action, I think about Trevor taking me; his thick cock fills my hole completely. Rubbing the outside of my hole, I know Trevor could pound ....
Colt McClaire Gay Hoopla
Cowboy Colt McClaire is that last of the three best friends. First you saw Daniel Carter, followed by Tyler Hanson. Colt was full of life, really bringing a good vibe to the atmosphere. He was the oldest of the group with the biggest schlong. His rock hard dick also throbbed the hardest when stimulated. He put on a controlling solo scene, making your mouth water for m....
Fletch Adams UK Hot Jocks
We'll never tire of seeing exhibitionist straight boys getting their rocks off in gay porn. This is Fletch's first foray on film, though he's been a naked butler and even a stripper, so we know he's not a shy boy! At 21 he's got an incredible body and sexual voracity, we talk about tempting him back for a full scene, with another guy and he doesn't say no! It's not a ....
Trevor Stone Spunk U
It's hard to do porn as a gay man, it's even harder without a partner. If you're straight, just getting head from a dude is thought of as wrong; some guys will hide their faces or wear balaclavas. For me to get stimulated in a solo, I use toys and watching other guys fuck; the louder the better. Taking direction and remembering to say when you are going to cum is also....
Pablo Salcedo Freshmen
This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to Pablo Salcedo. Pablo is intense and romantic, as Eliot gets to find out in his little interview before Pablo shows us all in his solo performance. Featuring Pablo Salcedo. Original release date: May 15th, 2018.
Johnny Forza Bonus Boy Sites
What's not to love about Johnny Forza? A chiseled body, sexy smile, and a dong that would give a few professionals distress. He says a solo is his limit. Let's hope he's lying! Title: Johnny Forza.
Josh Miles Part 2 Hard Brit Lads
Cute, young, blue-eyed Josh Miles returns for a second solo and puts on an even hotter show than before. Working on his huge cock and smooth hole, in some very hot positions, stretching it with fingers and then a dildo before shooting powerful bucketloads of spunk over himself. Starting off on the sofa, Josh rubs and squeezes his crotch a bit, strips out of his sports....
Derek Logan Spunk U
I heard about an open-set casting for the new Spunk U site; I figured the women I've been with always complement me on my cock, so why not. On set, I really enjoyed working with the cameraman who walked me through everything; I thought I would just jerk and blow but you dudes really like a show. Doing a solo, the directions I got were straight forward and easy to foll....
Omar ChaosMen
Omar is of Middle-Eastern descent but grew up in the Southwestern U.S. Basically an All-American guy. It took a while to get Omar in to the studio. Just after scheduling his solo, he hurt his back doing some squats. I think it was the second time he had really injured himself, and found that he was basically trapped in his bed. All kinds of naughty ideas ran through m....
Chet ChaosMen
Check out the baby blues on Chet! Wow! He has very dark hair, and his blue eyes pop! And if you like natural fur, this guy grew it out for us. But to be fair, the battle to keep it at bay was long lost. He is very hairy! Even his arm hair has a cowlick to it! Love his beard too, and his bright white teeth also really pop nicely amongst all that dark fur. Chet is a 'mo....
Kieran ChaosMen
Kieran has been camming for about 6 months. A buddy of his decided to help him get more established in his burgeoning adult business. So his friend was kind of managing him, when his images got submitted to me. I had to pretty verify that I was legit with a video phone conference. He lives kind of local, so he and his buddies drove to Austin, checked out 6th street, a....
Getting Steamy TXXXM Studios
Smooth boy Jasper has a raging boner to stroke the cum from in this shower solo! Featuring Jasper Rhodes. Original release date: February 13th, 2018. Full Title: Getting Steamy in the Shower with Jasper
Solo Rider Maskurbate
Me and my friend Zack Lemec went away for a snowboard weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well the first day and Zack had to go solo. He brought his new portable camera to try it out while I was resting in the cabin we rented. When he got back, I got to play a little bit with his new cam and, since I was with a very horny dude, decided to shoot some footage. As al....
Diamond Pictures Marco Blaze AEBN
This movie highlights Diamond Pictures Marco Blaze and features 4 scenes of ass-fucking adventures on the high-seas. If you're ready for a sailoriffic adventure of epic proportions, you've cum to the right place. Two scenes with two sailors getting it on, a solo scene, and the final scene with all of them on a ship, having an argument that turns into an all-out fuck f....
Ondra Taryk William Higgins
Ondra Taryk is aged 24 and lives in Prague. This very handsome and fit str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, soccer, and fitness. What a great looking guy he is, and he starts his erotic solo with a big smile on his face as he sits for his interview. Then Ondra stands and removes his tee shirt to show off his fabulous body. He flexes his biceps a few times and then....
Enrique and Matt Bel Ami Online
Rounding out our week of Freshmen on Bel Ami we have this scene with Enrique Vera and Matt Thurman filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston in our Bratislava studio. You all know Enrique already but this is Matt's first outing on Bel Ami. Matt is a bit of a fitness fanatic as you will gather from the introduction to today's scene, but all the effort certainly seems worth it a....
Smooth and Sweet 8teenBoy
Sexy spring chicken Spencer Locke loves big cocks and Ethan Helms fits the boner bill and then some! This is Locke's first non-solo fuck flick so Helms helps coax the kid out of his shell with sweet kisses and a toe curling cock gobble! After eating a healthy helping of Spencer's sizable schlong he stands up, aiming his perfect piece directly at our newbie's fuck me f....
Russell ChaosMen
Yow! Russell is so masculine he makes me feel like a lil girl around him! I think he is incredibly handsome and his body is amazing. All the tats and piercings add to his rough but refined look. He just screams "Dude!" to me. He has a Prince Albert and I had him take it out cuz I find them kind of distracting. He doesn't seem to fetish over it, so I just thought it wo....
Ricky Decker ChaosMen
Ricky Decker hit me up to do some scenes, so I was thrilled to have a hot beefy and experienced model to come on in. We did a solo with a Fleshjack, but next week you will see him getting fucked. I thought we could skip the oral video, but I wanted to get some photos and a basic solo for his online profile. His look has changed over the years to scruffy with natural b....
Bradley Whitman Gay Hoopla
Bradley Whitman is in the car on the way to shoot his first solo, just a bit nervous but already talking about how the first time he tried to have sex we wanted to fuck but we couldn't get it in. That's the first indication of just how big his dick is. Derek Jones, Gay Hoopla's newest videographer, gets a few shots of Bradley doing a pre-porn shoot pump at the gym and....
Martin Ocenas William Higgins
Martin Ocenas is a freelance worker from Prague. This handsome 25 year old straight guy enjoys gymnastics, fitness, and sports generally. He sits on the end of the bed for his interview. Then Martin stands and begins to run his hands over himself. He raises his tee shirt to rub his hairy belly. Then the tee shirts is removed to expose his sexy chest, with more hair on....
Buck and Derek Gay Hoopla
Fun story before we get going. Being a porn producer means that it's never okay to have sex with the talent. So while a healthy young stud like Derek Jones has needs...we told him if you get tempted...just talk them into doing it on camera and that's okay. And that his how this scene came to be. Fans have been waiting to see this one and they won't be disappointed. Th....
Jaxon and Sebastian Amateurs Do It
New amateur Sebastian scored an instant fan base with his saucy solo last year. Jaxon didn't need any convincing to come and show the new guy how it's done. But Sebastian doesn't need any coaching - he's a natural. They trade blow blog and then Jaxon buries his face deep in Sebastian's fine ass. He moans with extreme pleasure as Jaxon's spit lubes his hole. Jaxon's ha....
Drenched in Dreams Peter Fever
Come along and join Alex Chu in an erotic session of pure self serving pleasure. After being in awe of seeing snow for the very first time in his life, Alex hits the gym. It's very important to Alex to keep his body in shape and to maintain a physique that will make him feel great and will keep the boys looking and cumming. Alex returns home and does a few more exerci....
Ripley and Zack Active Duty
Hey Troops,Here are a couple of good ol' boys if I ever seen 'em! It's one of our very favorites, Zack Matthews, along with a recruit with whom we haven't had the opportunity to become very acquainted, Ripley Grey.Now I don't think anyone could forget the sizzling solo jerk session (that almost sounds like a Jamaican recipe) Ripley did for us not long ago. We also saw....
Todd ChaosMen
Todd has done video work before, and I was happy to see this naturally hairy stud come my way. He definitely identifies as straight, but is eager to please his buddy. Todd has mostly been a Top, but has bottomed. I was actually a little surprised when he said during the interview that he enjoyed getting fucked most of all, and that he could cum from getting fucked. At....
Troy Haydon Hard Brit Lads
Troy Haydon is a captivating lad, tall and striking with tons of confidence, big smile, and a cheeky glint in his eye. His piercing gaze and thick lips are enough to get your blood boiling but the most striking thing about Troy? His tattoos. He's got a lot of them...strong and unique. Troy is relaxed during the interview, with a deep sexy voice and northern accent. He....
Roman Tate Gay Hoopla
Rough and Ripped Roman Tate starts out his day doing a bit of a pump. He's 25, a personal trainer and weighs in at 175. He says that he likes girls but tells us that one time he let his girlfriend fuck him with a strap-on. So...we know he's at least open to more. Roman starts out his solo with a bit of a workout and some kick boxing practice. He even does a bit of sne....
Mario Texiera Freshmen
Here is our preview of a Slovak boy who will go by the Nom de porn Mario Texiera. I'll refrain from a lengthy comment as you will get more information in his interview and solo. Suffice to say he is a beguiling combination of passion and shyness. Featuring Mario Texiera. Original release date: November 3rd, 2017.
Angel ChaosMen
Angel is one sexy dude! He has a very cool, Bohemian vibe, and is easy to chat with. He lives in a very queer friendly environment, and I feel like he is more mature than most 21-year-olds. He is mix of Asian and Latin, giving him a beautiful unique look. He also has a perfectly straight 7.5-inch uncut cock that looks tasty. He says he is more of top, but he enjoys bo....
Lucas Leon ChaosMen
It seems a lot of studios are no longer having models sign a short-term exclusive contact, and a few models are taking advantage of sampling studios they want to work with. Lucas Leon did a couple studios, seeing which would be a good fit. And I needed a bottom. With Rydell's massive cock, I was looking for bottoms who would be up for the challenge of taking on his bi....
Wills ChaosMen
Wills is a former military guy. He got out recently, and thought doing some video before starting his job would help make ends meet. He identifies as straight, but has had a couple encounters with guys that makes him think he will do fine. As usual, alcohol was involved in at least one incident. Wills mentioned he and another guy were with another girl, and she encour....
Armin ChaosMen
Armin is a polite dude, and I would also say a shy type of guy. Smart and humble, he is just quite nice to be around. He is vegan and eats organic and in the last couple years, he has focused on his diet, and of course working out. He has a lean muscular build that suits his 6'3 frame. I would swear he is taller than that, but then again, I may be shrinking! He is int....
Dexter Graf and Adam Baer 3 at Broke Straight Boys
Look who's back. Dexter Graf! He did a solo for us awhile back and has returned for another round. Like last time, Dexter is here for truck cash.
Minute Man Liam Magnuson Colt Studio Group
Lounging in the hot sun Liam whips his dick out of his jeans. Title: TIMBERLINE - COLT Minute Man Solo Series Featuring Liam Magnuson.
Eddie and Josh Bait Buddies
Magic Mike has nothing over Magic Eddie. Eddie is also straight, gorgeous and built like nobody's business. The only difference is the venue. Mike danced for chicks on the west coast of Florida while Eddie dances for dudes at a famous Ft Lauderdale gay strip club on Florida's gold coast. Eddie is 26 years old, all muscle, with a handsome and very masculine face, a bub....
Deacon and Asher Sean Cody
Deacon and Asher are already back! Their solo scenes were earlier this year, but now they're coming together for a Sean Cody first...the real-life couple fuck for us! They've been together for 2 years, which we've mentioned is a lot in gay years! Their story is classic: they bumped into each other at a bar, and the rest is history! So, why Sean Cody? Asher started, "W....
Rix and Richard Active Duty
We got a sweet surprise for you today. We welcome Rix back to the war room and he did such a great job showcasing his skills in his solo that we brought him back as fast as we could so fast that his first scene is days away from going live. He will be with one of our newest vets Richard Buldger who has just a mere two scenes under his belt but he has proven his worth ....
Dominic and Billie Active Duty
Looks like one of our freshest recruits is back for more and that's Billie Starz. He did amazing in his sexy solo debut back in March and now he's ready for the next step in becoming a true veteran. Dominic is the lucky vet and who better than Billie to fuck that nice round bubble butt of Dominic's. Billie really hasn't had much experience with men but by the looks of....
Bishop ChaosMen
As part of Marchmania I thought I would bring you Mr. Bishop. I recently filmed him and loved his sexual energy. He reminds me of Vander in many ways. Very sexual without being trashy, very few limits, loves all types of guys and can find something stimulating about each, and likely won't take it personally if the straight guy they are working with isn't into them. Bi....
Mike Mann ChaosMen
Mike Mann has done some solos and hand job/oral videos here and there. His primary interest is fucking girls, and the straight porn gigs do go his way. He is very well-qualified! But of course with a 10-11inch cock, gay fans who like extra big boners, are eager to see it in action. Mike is a tall guy too. At least 6' 3", which you would think would make his cock look ....
Jay Taylor ChaosMen
Jay has a very sexual vibe. He likes dudes, and loves to bottom. The bigger the better! For his solo, he asked to use a toy. I asked him if he used them at home, and he said No. but that day he was feeling extra horny and his ass needed some attention. He gets his cock somewhat hard, but you can tell he has his eye on the dildo. Once he grabs for it, his cock springs ....
Jonah Cain Next Door Male
Jonah Cain is excited that he came to our studio for an amazing interview with his solo. He wasn't sure what to make of the whole adult industry thing but once he met some of our staff he said he felt extremely comfortable and ready to rock. He is an avid football player and when in High School his team made it to the playoffs. He is now attending college and working ....
Michael Shores ChaosMen
Michael is a hot muscle daddy type. He is a verse bottom with an awesome bubble-butt! He is packing a 7-inch rod with natural pubes. He is kind of doing porn on a lark. He has friends in the industry, and he has a steady job, but he has worked hard on his body, and I think wants to show-it-off. He is also a fan of the guys from ChaosMen, so he is eager to be paired-up....
Chett and Wills ChaosMen
I mentioned during Chett's solo summary that he is Bi. But has not had a lot of chances to explore with guys. So, he was eager to do a video with another guy. Chett is a big fan of oral, and most especially likes grinding cocks together. Wills seems to be really enjoying messing around with guys, and he says he is active sexually and I think that shows by his high ski....
Eddy and Lucas at Alex Boys at Alex Boys
Yeah! We managed to bring two of our favorite boys together for a duo shooting, super slim Eddy and baby face Lucas! At first Lucas hesitated because he never did this before, but as he enjoyed his solo shootings very much he finally agreed.
AJ Alexander Hard Brit Lads
A sensational solo here, with super hot new Scottish fittie, AJ Alexander showing off his super fit, ripped, tattooed body and his extra thick, big uncut dick. He chats first, his accent is very sexy, as is his confident, masculine, friendly character. The solo begins with AJ on the sofa, he takes off his sports vest to reveal his very impressive abs and tight pecs. H....
Bryce Corbin Toegasms
Sexy Bryce delivers a hot load in this solo foot show and cock stroke! Original release date: February 17th, 2016. Full title: Beating Off with Hot Boy Bryce - Bryce Corbin.
Zack Daniels American Muscle Hunks
Zack Daniels performs this week in his solo debut on AMH. This hot scene is a compilation of behind-the-scenes shots for his photo and video shoot. Zack is too hot not to watch his every move and we wanted to share it with you. Observe him flexing, pumping up, doing the photo shoot and then blowing his load on the casting couch. Featuring Zack Daniels. Original releas....
Jaxson ChaosMen
I was really happy to pick Jaxson up at the airport. His smile was really easy, and seemed like a chill type of dude. Jaxson was not nervous about doing the shoot, mainly because he is confident his dick is super-sized. I did notice he had a tough time looking me in the eye, and that was something that I struggled with during his photos and videos. You don't notice it....
Alec ChaosMen
I mean this in the nicest way possible, though I suspect if Alec reads this, he wont be pleased, but I find him incredibly "adorkable" Kinda of a twink, very cute, very hung, nice natural pubes, and his voice is super deep. But he does have kind of a nerdy vibe about him, though he has a lot of style in the way he moves and dresses. He seemed nervous at first, but aft....
Wiley ChaosMen
Wiley is a sly little Twink type of guy. With his whiskers, he appears a bit more mature, but clean-shaven people guess his age as much younger. He had just turned 19 when we shot this. He is energetic, personable, and you can really tell by his interview how happy and enthusiastic he is. Wiley proudly says he is a Bottom, though he is not all about size. During his s....
Guy Rogers Hard Brit Lads
With classic good looks and strong features, Guy Rogers is a sexy lad. Seriously into sport and fitness, he has a hot body. His legs are very muscular and hairy, as is his chest. Stripping down to a jockstrap he oils up his body then jerks off, plays with his arse and works his hairy hole with a black dildo before shooting his spunk over his hairy abs. We start off wi....
Kodie and Landon Straight Off Base
Straight Off Base, Corporal Kodie meets up with the Major to take things a bit further from his recent solo encounter with a few toys. Kodie gets introduced to Sergeant Landon who has been summoned by the Major to assist Kodie in crossing the line with his first guy-on-guy experience. Kodie and Landon start the action off with getting each other at attention with some....
Damien Reign ChaosMen
Damien is a very sexy dude. He was local, and I was eager to get him in quickly, despite the shaved pubes. He says they really get out of hand, and based on how hairy his ass crack is, I believe him. He did say he would grow them out for us. He wanted to come over to the studio and do a solo, but upon arriving, he said he was down for getting his dick sucked. He has h....
Bentley and Matthew ChaosMen
Matthew mentioned during his solo that he loved uncut cock, and thankfully I had Bentley Layne on hand to give him a taste treat. Matthew takes charge, getting Bentley's cock at full-attention. He has some great cock-sucking skills. Bentley returns the favor, and eagerly sucks on Matthew, almost toying and playing with his cock. Bentley was in to this video, even kiss....
Aaron Summer at Twinks
We welcome Aaron Summer back to Twinks with this bedroom-set solo video. He's such a cheeky bugger, I just want to lean him over and teach him a lesson. But here, he's going to teach us a little bit about jerking off hot twink cock with a masturbation session in front of our cameras.
Trammel Active Duty
What a special show this time! I haven't seen a hunky, tall drink like this soldier in a while. Trammel 6'2' and dripping with Southern charm. He has a personality that draws you in, and you can tell he's comfortable as a gander in the nest...a gander with a huge cock, that is! His dick should truly be immortalized in statue, or perhaps oil portrait. He tells Claude i....
Aiden Cums Hard Blake Mason
Quiet, handsome and hot, Aiden has arrived to show off his stroking skills. Original release date: August 6th, 2015. Full title: Aiden Cums Hard in His Solo - Aiden Rivers.
Ashton Jerks Off Cocky Boys
Ashton Webber is unlike any guy you've ever met. He's a thin hunk with big muscles, piercing blue eyes, and a cock that's so big that it can barely fit inside all the jockstraps he owns! And Ashton loves jockstraps! He told us there's nothing more he likes than stripping down in the locker room at the gym and showing off his thick ass and tight bulge. Sometimes he'll ....
Beck Hartley Solo Helix Studios
Masturbation maestro Max Carter is back again conducting a super sexy solo symphony with a small town boy with a big talent! New cummer Beck Hartley has a body to die for and a big beautiful round butt he's happy to show off and spread wide as Carter delivers a few spankings! His cock is thick and meaty and both boys hands fit on it comfortably. Carter cups his balls ....
Quentin and Mathias Active Duty
The best of the best is back and that's Quentin Gainz, one of our best combat veterans by far. He's back with Mathias who has never been with a man and only did a solo with us which was amazing and one of the reasons we brought him back. Once Quentin saw pictures of him we brought him back from leave and now Quentin's the lucky guy to pop Mathias' man cherry. Once Mat....
Hugo and Douglas Lucas Kazan
It's 'Brazil month' at Lucas Kazan. Beginning with Hugo and Douglas in a flip-flop for director Ettore Tosi. Both hunks self-identify as gay. Both flash gorgeous smiles --when they do smile. Hugo, 24, is single. Douglas, 28, in a relationship. "I taped Hugo a year ago in Rio for a solo", says director Tosi. "I wanted to see him in action and Douglas proved the perfect....
Jessy ChaosMen
How about some more Twink action for today? I promise next week I got a Rugby style hair boy for ya to keep things mixed up! Jessy is a little lean guy. He is gay, but a Top. So it's gonna look a mighty bit odd, trying to have him top some of the meaty beefy guys. Roger's solo aired last week and I think putting those two twinks together might be a goo....
Clyde ChaosMen
Clyde has done some video work before, and decided he wanted to come play at ChaosMen. He is a bit of home boy, and has the "chill dude" thing going on. For his Solo I wanted to do something different. Clyde told me he doesn't jerk-off very much but has had good luck with Fleshjacks. I have been wanting to try to mix-up the solos a bit, but it is hard because there is....
Wagner ChaosMen
I thought I would mix things up and get a big slab of 'mature' beef on the site! Wagner works in the geeky tech industry but clearly spends a lot of time in the gym. He has done webcam shows over a year ago, but found it was hard to keep up with the pace. He stumbled onto a photographer friend of mine, who forwarded him to me. He had a few days off around the Christma....
Pax ChaosMen
Pax is equal parts adorable and sexy. He is very calm, mature, and super polite. It surprised me, because to me, he looks so much younger. At 26 he already has a vibe about him that is relaxed and professional. He was married very young, and has a 7-year-old son, so has the maturity of someone in their 30's. He is quite nice to be around! He isn't much of a talker. No....
Shay ChaosMen
Shay has a lot of talent! Oh, he is talented in the cock department, but it's not just the size that makes him talented, it is the crazy cool muscle control he has! Sure, most of us can make our hard cocks jump around a bit, but Shay seems to have extra power over his hard cock. Once he is hard he can make it move it around a lot, even making it stand up on its own! I....
Getting to Know Jessie Peter Fever
Hi guys, I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement I have received from modeling; it's hard work keeping my body so strong, but it's worth it. Like many guys, I was a skinny kid who got bullied a lot. Changing my eating habits and working out multiple times a day, I feel great about the way I look; what part of my body do you like best? I suggest you wa....
Jack Off Rogan Richards
Rogan puts on some juiced up muscle porn and shows off his juiced up thick hairy muscle body for you guys in this hot solo jack off vid. Everything muscle on his body is pumped and palpitating for attention. He gets out his nipple clamps to push him over the edge and you see first hand what nipple play does to his fat throbbing cock. All Rogan's sex toys are supplied ....
Fuji for Fun Japan Boyz
I had prepared and planned to bottom today, but when I arrived, instead of a boy, I found a toy. Apparently my fans have asked that I do a solo; I do love to entertain the Japan Boyz members. Already horny, I harden the front and lube up the back. Working in some fingers, it has been a while since I have had anyone use my hole. Pumping an anal dildo in and out, the se....
Motel Cowboys the Classic Porn
Who's ready to ride a stallion? At this seedy Southwestern motel, all the horny travelers are hung and ready for a little cowpoke! Even the horny proprietor (played by hunky Eric Edwards) grabs his bull by the horn for all of us to admire! And, these guys are so hot and horned up that they don't even wait for each other to begin the party .. they pull out their favori....
Joel Wentz Gay Hoopla
Joel Wentz at GayHoopla is our rugged mountain climber who enjoys some sweaty solo private time. After we got to know him a little through his interview, we got to watch him beat his stick. Joel is a sexy hairy man who I'd love to bend me over and drip sweat all down my back while he's plowing me. So if you're into manly, hairy, and sweaty jocks, Joel Wentz is your ma....
Bridger and Austin Active Duty
Now this has to be a contender for one of my all-time favorites. By now, we've seen Bridger jerk his meat for a sexy solo, and we watched him fuck Quentin's sweet, plump ass. We know how much fun he can be and that body just won't quit! This time, Bridger is breaking in newer recruit, Austin. And does it turn out hot! Some deep kissing started up right off the bat and....
Wrestling Buddies Staxus
When you're presented with a couple of gorgeous, cock-hungry twinks like Tony Conrad and Martin Muse, you seriously wonder whether you need any gimmicks to enhance the performance. After all, these are the kind of lads that pretty much all of us could comfortably watch stroking solo in an empty room! Never ones to skip enhancing the show, however, we decided to provid....
Carter Olson ChaosMen
I sure have had a run on red heads lately, with more to come! Carter is quiet rough and tough guy. He's a bit shy but is proud to show off his equipment. He has an unusual jack off technique, kind of a milking action. It's definitely not conducive to showcasing his cock, but you can tell he is enjoying himself. This solo also has something else unusual, as our red-pub....
Mico ChaosMen
I thought I would start off Monster Cock Week with a lean hippie-style dude. His look is not for everyone, but you gotta give the guy props, he is packing some big meat! Mico is a bi guy, leaning more to the gay side. He does have a pretty big dick, and he finds not many guys can take it, so I think he sleeps with girls to get some penetration. I told him he isn't loo....
Duncan ChaosMen
Duncan brings his 'Grade A Meat' to Monster Cock Week, along with his 'A Game'! He has an amazing body, a hot sexy vibe, and a 7-8 inch cock that he literally can't wrap his hand completely around! I am sure there are longer cocks out there, but the dude has got some monstrous girth on him! Duncan did a solo about 6 years ago, and has changed much since then. He did a....
Cody Lines Hard Brit Lads
At 22, tattooed skinhead Cody Lines has a hard look about him. The first timer sports a thick uncut 8 incher, hard in his shorts before even taking his kit off. During the interview you'll hear Cody's deep voice and sexy northern accent. Soon, he begins his solo by rubbing the bulge in his shorts then taking his top off to play with his nipples. He grips and squeezes ....
Introducing Matty Strong Next Door Buddies
For anyone who missed his solo debut, Florida stud Matty Strong is back for his official introduction, as he has his first male experience on camera. Matty is visibly nervous, having never messed around with a guy before, even in his personal life, but luckily, Damien Kyle is here to take control and break him in slowly. Damien guides Matty through the preliminary mov....
Adam Cerny William Higgins
Adam Cerny is aged 25. This sexy str8 guy works as a stripper and is from Prague. In his spare time he enjoys sports, yoga, and fitness. What a handsome guy Adam is and he looks so good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. Then Adam stands and removes his sweater to show off a very hot chest. He writhes as he opens his pants and reaches inside. Then, t....
Mirek Ivok William Higgins
Mirek Ivok is from Postoloprty and is aged 27. This handsome and well built straight guy is a worker who enjoys sports, particularly, MMA and fitness. He looks so good as he sits, leaning forward, on the sofa for his interview. As he chats he smiles and laughs at his memories. Then Mirek leans back and starts to grope himself through his jeans. He rubs a hand over his....
Jackson Fucks Maskurbate
Young Jackson Stock is back for his second scene on Maskurbate. Members really liked his smooth muscular body and wanted him back. I decided to shoot this scene in my own bedroom, to give it a more intimate surrounding for Jackson. He asked me to stroke with a Fleshlight for his second solo but I decided to make him fuck one with the mount. I thought I would be more e....
Hammond ChaosMen
Hammond reads like he looks of Asian descent, but he is actually quite a mix, including Hispanic and Native American. He is often asked about his heritage and his response usually is, Guess! I shot for Japanese, but I guess I missed the mark. Whatever his genetic stew, he is beautiful and handsome. His hair is impressive, and it is like a second character in this vide....
Amateur Twink Boys Fox
Twenty-one-year-old Norbert Varga has had a tough night at the club, working behind the bar and being tempted by so many sexy customers; they're always hitting on him. Now that he's home all he needs is some solo stroke time before hitting the sack and getting some sleep before band practice in the morning. He shows off for us, teasing us with his incredibly tight and....
Brandon Hart and Carter Blane Clip 1 from Broke College Boys
Today is a newbie-fest treat. Brandon Hart and Carter Blane take over our casting couch. Both models performed flawlessly in their solo videos, and will give man-on-man a try. Neither will win awards for talking too much (smile), but they are ready for the show.
2 Kaio Felipe at Bang Bang Boys
Here is a great new solo of my boy Kaio. This was his first video I ever shot - almost like his casting tape. I have long thought Kaio was one of the hottest models I ever worked with. As he's grown older, he just keeps getting more and more attractive. I think you'll find Kaio looks the most amazing in this video, let me know what you think.
Small Ass Five Star Boys
Check out the hot solo by a teen gay, who has got a small ass.
Marco Sessions UK Naked Men
Look what we found! We shot Marco Sessions' first solo video way back in spring and somehow it never made it to the site! That's a nice surprise to end the year and a reminder it's good to check your files now and then! Marco has the kind of body that causes men (and women) to drool; every ripple and bulge is sculpted through years of careful training. Look up to his ....
Smooth Meets Hairy 2 at AEBN
The combination of a hot, hairy man with a smooth, buff studs is pretty irresistible, as these couple show. Spencer Reed is the hairy behemoth who fucks smooth stud Brady Jensen every which way. Muscle daddy Arpad Miklos shows smooth muscle man Devin Draz who's boss. Then smooth, muscular Robert Axel takes the lead as he shows Conner Habib a good time. Then hairy hunk....
Hung and Hairy Toegasms
Wiley is back to show off his cock stroking moves in this horny solo jack off. Original release date: January 27th, 2016. Full title: Hung and Hairy Wiley Wanks - Wiley.
Lucky Taylor and Daren Hecker Badpuppy
When cute and cuddly Daren found out that his friend Lucky did porn, he became interested and did a solo video. Not long after, they talked and decided they would love to do a video together. In this action video, our two young studs slowly undress each other, kissing and tonguing each other's bodies. Lucky gets an eyeful of Daren's enormous cock and apparently gives ....
Horny Athletes Staxus
When you're training for a big race it's important that you keep your eyes on the prize; but even so it's more than just a little understandable that Kris Blent and Ray Mannix find themselves distracted when they encounter young Lucas Drake running around solo in the woods. After all, who wouldn't find their heads similarly turned by the sight of this handsome young b....
Adam Rezal William Higgins
Adam Rezal is a very handsome straight guy, aged 18. He is a student and he enjoys sports, cycling, and soccer. We have already enjoyed Adam in some very hot action, but it is good to see him in his solo work too. Here he shows off his sexy body, stripping off and showing his soft cock too. Then he lets us enjoy his hot ass, pulling the cheeks apart to expose the hole....
Kris and Miguel Bel Ami Online
We're going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with newcomer, Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes (and one blow job with Julien Hussey) but he makes his hardcore debut on both Bel Ami Online and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer. For those of you who don't follow our comments o....
Austin ChaosMen
Another hairy guy for your viewing pleasure! Austin pretty much gave up on trying to keep his body hair at bay, and frankly it looks awesome on him. He is a natural in front of the camera and loves to show off. He has an amazing dick, pierced for some of the photos for fans, but removed during the solo. He likes to have it tugged on so maybe a little play with it duri....
Jordan Cleary ChaosMen
Jordan has a day job doing upholstery, and a couple nights a week, he dances at a local gay club (Atlanta). He is straight, but with all the guys coming on to him, he is getting to be a bit more flexible in his thinking. He has had been with the same girl for a year, and I think they might be married. She is the one who put him up to dancing, and she also seems flexib....
Dorian Ferro ChaosMen
Dorian Ferro is really interested in doing porn and getting into the industry. He seems pretty driven, so I suspect we will see him eventually at other studios. But he makes his first appearance at ChaosMen. He has done a lot of conventional modeling, but this was the first time doing anything adult. Well, maybe he has done naked photos, but the solo is his first fora....
Berkeley ChaosMen
Berkeley is 18-years-old, about to be 19. He finished High School last year, and is taking a year off working for the family business. He wants to go to college, but has not decided what he wants to study. His interests seem to vastly vary from automobiles to criminal justice. Berkeley is straight, and watched some Asian lady porn to get off. He did say he has had his....
Prince Sayed Hard Brit Lads
Starting off with an interview, tall, dark and handsome bisexual lad, Prince Sayed, chats about how he keeps fit and what he is into. He has a laid back, relaxed manner and a deep sexy voice. The solo begins with some horny bulge play on the sofa, and he takes off his top and shorts to reveal his broad shoulders, firm pecs, ripped six pack and hairy legs. Taking off h....
Max Reid Hard Brit Lads
Athletic hairy straight lad Max Reid strips to his undies to show off a tight defined body. His chest and legs are hairy, his pubes and balls natural and untrimmed. Best of all, Max has a big thick 9-inch cock! Starting off with an interview, straight Essex lad Max tells us how he keeps fit, then the solo begins with Max in black sports kit. He rubs his bulge and lift....
Bennett and Timmy ChaosMen
When Bennett described his ideal sex partner during his solo, he pretty much described Timmy, and I realized how lucky I got to have paired them together. I had also mapped out all the shoots, and sent a list of new guys that Timmy wanted to work with, and Bennet was his first choice. So initially I knew Timmy would be down to play with Bennett, but once Bennett descr....
Wiley and Bryan ChaosMen
Well, there are three versions of this 'solo' video. The first being the original solo. This version is the Director's Cut, complete with alternate ending! I mentioned in the summary for his solo that Wiley was struggling to cum, and he kept dropping hints that I could help out. He is a big fan of aromatherapy, and even that did not help get him over the top. This ver....
Blake Allen Boy Fun Collection
Beautiful twink boy Blake Allen wears only his black tie as he strokes his nice cock, while also fingering the hell out of his tight asshole in this solo masturbation video from Boy Fun. Featuring Blake Allen.
Mats Andys Aussie Boys
Mats' mighty uncut cock is a thing of great beauty. Coupled with this gorgeous face and sexy tattoos and this solo wank is something very special. This Aussie boy fingers his ass while he plays with that chewable cock. He knows just want he likes and cums all over himself -- look straight at the camera with those big brown eyes. Featuring Mats. Original release date: ....
Aiden Garcia Helix Studios
Super popular Helix hottie Aiden Garcia gifts his thousands of fans with this salaciously sexy solo stroke session. Set against the sensual setting of a sweeping romantic staircase and a waterfall wall, Garcia gets his jets going by grabbing that perfect package growing inside his black boxer briefs. He works his 9 inch uncut cock till its fully engorged, pitching a t....
Johnny Dees ChaosMen
Johnny Dees has done some video work before, and I thought I would get him in for a solo/serviced combo to check out his skills. He has a thick 6.5-inch cock that goes nicely with some confident sexual swagger. He likes the ladies but is down for just about anything with a guy. He says he fucked and has been fucked. Johnny said he hasn't sucked dick but is more than w....
Sean at His First Gay Sex
Sexy art student Sean happened to bump into Nico and Ricky over by the jacuzzi. Sean went on to talk about all the gay guys in his class. Ricky and Nico went on making their plans to get in to Seans virgin asshole. This fresh piece of meat winds up playing a mean solo on the skin flute. TOOT! With Sean Hawk, Ricky Ferrero, Nico Ricchelli
Hunter Conan and Landon Clip 2 from College Dudes
Hunter gets his first experience with another guy in this HOT vid. Who better than Landon to show Hunter the ropes? After some heavy muscle kissing and foot licking, Landon has Hunter on the edge, and he goes right in for that nice cock that Hunter has! We get to see the aggressive side of Hunter here, as he shoves Landons pretty face down on it. And just to prove he ....
Minute Man Tate Ryder Colt Studio Group
Tate lounges back in the bright morning sun, completely nude. Title: BIG BUCKS - COLT Minute Man Solo Series Featuring Tate Ryder.
Jimmy and Jake Bonus Boy Sites
Jake is back in the studio today, along with Jimmy Johnson. Like his solo, Jake was shy and quiet and more than a little nervous about being fucked for the first time, however, he desperately needs some quick cash to put towards a new place to live. Featuring Jimmy, Jake.
Stroked to Be Here at Trystan Bull
Canadian hunk Trystan Bull busts one out in this solo scene With Trystan Bull.
Straight Romario Fario Bait Buddies
Well guys weve hit the jackpot again with our new straight guy - Romario! He is one true hunk and he knows it too!Romario will blow you away with his sexy bedroom eyes, a body that is unreal, and a super fat cock! This guy is too hot for words. We couldnt find a bait guy that would take the chance of getting beat up by this muscle jock so we had to have him do a solo ....
Tsuyoshi the Big Cock Japan Boyz
Filming for Japanboyz has a lot of perks, including meeting hot Asian twink boys like this one. Tsuyoshi is on the couch and chats away about being 22, filming some Japanese porn, enjoying romantic sex and really wanting to make a connection with foreign guys. He hopes by doing this solo, we will be enticed to contact him. I know I am a professional videographer, and ....
Golden Gate Season 2 Episode 1 at Naked Sword
For our first "solo" in Season 2 of Golden Gate, is actually a "double": Both stars of Episode one - Sage Daniels and Jesse Santana - are jerking it for you. Why not watch these studs pleasure themselves before they pleasure each other? Makes perfect sense to us.
Golden Gate Season 2 Episode 5 Solos Part 1 at Naked Sword
Solo Tony Buff: Tony Buff is well known for bringing his scene partners to explosive climaxes, but can he give himself the same amount of pleasure? You bet he can. Watch the legend that is Mr. Buff passionately stroke himself to full release.
Seth Wants Cum Homo Emo
Seth licks up his fresh semen in this horny solo jack off cum shot session. Featuring Seth Evans.
Home Made Twink Porn Aaron Cute
Cuter than angels, hornier than the devil! Aaron is here to send your jaw on the floor with his all new solo site!
Touch Ass Aaron Cute
The webs cutest twink now has a kickass solo site with tons of stuff! Become a member right now, it's safe and secure!
Cory and Ollie Sean Cody
When it came time to shoot this scene, Ollie in all seriousness was running late. He got stuck in traffic so we figured we would just start with Cory. "Its like my solo all over again!" Cory joked When Ollie finally got to the studio he was wearing his "real-job" clothes and wasted no time diving right in. He slobbered all over Cory's dick before coming up for air for....
Nick Fucks Sean Gay Hoopla
Nick Paul has always thought about hooking up with a dude, just never had the opportunity. We found this out during his solo shoot out here when we started talking more about the hardcore content. Ideally, he wanted to top and dominate another man. He loved playing the alpha seductive dominate role when being sexual active. We knew there was nothing more manly then th....
Perfect Arse Blake Mason
Adorable boy Chris comes from Denmark, ready to deliver a great wank solo for his debut! Full title: A Perfect Arse and an Eager Twink Cock! - Chris Jansen. Original release date: September 25th, 2016.
Cock Worship Japan Boyz
You may recall Natsume when he did a solo for us in his first video with Japanboyz. After his "shoot" we had the chance to talk more with this young Japanese twink. Natsume admitted that he is really not that experienced in the "sex arena." He know he likes guys. He admits that he has fantasized about having sex with some of the guys he knows when he jerks off. He's o....
Johnny V and Luca American Muscle Hunks
Luca has returned, and he's taking over Johnny V's hole. Luca and Johnny had quite a connection behind the scenes during his last shoot. They both requested a duo shoot after filming Luca's solo. The two begin by making out and climbing all over each other's muscle bodies. Luca plants Johnny's hole right on top of his face and gets down to business. Johnny rides his t....
Novak ChaosMen
Novak is one smoking hot dude! Kind of a super tall Justin Timberlake? He is 6'5", lean but muscular, has an amazing engaging smile and personality. He seemed confident but not cocky in the slightest. Novak likes blonds with big tits, the bigger the better. Doesn't seem like a Player, even though he has devilishly good looks. Speaking of playing, he played football, n....
Kieron ChaosMen
Talk about a good mix of genetic material! Kieron is half Chinese half Polish. He likes Latin and Asian girls, mostly though, I think it is a size thing as he likes to pick 'em up, and move them however he wants. Kieron was a bit of a surprise as I had been wooing him for several months, so I thought I would surprise you today with his solo. I don't think he will be b....
Jiri ChaosMen
Jiri is a hot Persian guy who has always done traditional fashion modeling. I think he changed agencies and decided that since many photographers want him to get naked that he may as well do some porn. It was super easy doing photos for him, and though it took a couple months of us going back and forth on doing the shoot, his cock was very responsive once I turned the....
Rich ChaosMen
I think you can easily detect a Minnesota or Wisconsin accent on Rich. He has German look to him, typical of that region. I always hate saying 33 years old is "mature" but it is nice to get a mature muscle dude in to the studio. Rich is super friendly and while in Austin, he was really surprised by how friendly everyone one. His attitude really fit in, and after leavi....
Seb ChaosMen
Seb and I just clicked when we would email and talk on the phone. He was very excited about doing a peep video and did like 3-4 jack off sessions. He was very diligent, polite, and really wanted to please. He used to be quite heavy, losing about 100 pounds, so I kinda liked the fact he had worked so hard to get healthy, and I figured many members and fans could relate....
Zale ChaosMen
Zale wins the award for getting his cock hard the fastest! Okay, well, maybe some guys pop out of their underwear hard, but very few hop into the bed completely soft, play with their cock 15 seconds, and have their cock standing at full attention. Literally, don't blink while he gets it hard. Zale is a confident guy, not cocky, and you can tell based on his photos, th....
Eddie ChaosMen
Eddie is a friendly and outgoing type of guy. He said he used to be very shy, mainly because he was tall and skinny growing up. He finally started working out hard while eating right, which boosted his self-esteem. At 6'4", the dude has 'presence'. Eddie was great to talk to and also was professional and detailed oriented. He seemed way more mature than 22. He is fini....
Lee Tyler and Ben Grey Hard Brit Lads
Something pretty special here...Lee Tyler is a straight bodybuilder, 6 foot two, skinhead, major tats, and a really big thick meaty uncut cock. He did a couple of solo shoots, and after much persuasion, seeing as he really loves good oral, he finally agreed to let a lad suck his huge dick, with some very horny muscle worship thrown in too! And highly sexed young hotti....
Paddy OBrian Hard Brit Lads
Seriously fit and stunningly handsome straight lad Paddy OBrian strips for us, flexing his spectacular muscled body, great pecs, killer abs, with hairy chest and powerful legs before lubing up his big thick girthy dick and jerking off to shoot a huge load over his sweaty bulging six pack. We start off with an interview. With Paddy, you get more than with most models. ....
Ryan Days Hard Brit Lads
Starting off with an interview, Ryan Days is seriously cute in his shiny pale blue sports kit. He talks about keeping fit playing rugby, tells us he likes daddy types, and that he is more of a bottom lad. Then the solo begins. Ryan rubs the bulge in his shorts. He lifts his sports vest and plays with his nipples, giving us sexy little looks, then takes off his top. Ry....
Antonio and Prentice ChaosMen
After testing out the waters with a toy in his last solo video, Prentice said he would come back and do a full scene, and maybe even try getting fucked. Maybe. I had him setup with Antonio, who is one of the best Bottoms ever, but I knew he could stay hard to Top if he had some nice cock to suck. Antonio does enjoy sucking dick more than anything, and actually anytime....
Buck Bottoms Gay Hoopla
Here it is, that moment you've been waiting for. A couple weeks ago we got to see Julian Rodriguez bottom for the first time and we got introduced to Buck Carter in his debut solo. People wanted to see more of here we are. This is Buck's first hardcore scene and he admits he's a bit nervous but Couldn't ask for a cuter guy, he says looking at Julian. He says....
Austin Tyler Boy Fun Collection
Cute freshman Austin Tyler pulls off his red boxers and plays with his nice cock, while also rubbing his hairy ass in this solo masturbation video from Boy Fun. Featuring Austin Tyler.
James Huck Boy Fun Collection
James Huck plays and twists his nipples as he strokes his beautiful dick in this solo masturbation video from Boy Fun. Featuring James Huck.
Trevor First Gay Red Hot Straight Boys
One of the best things about making (and hopefully watching) these videos is not knowing how far any of these straight boys will go when it comes to sexual contact with another man. At the outset, most have only agreed to do a solo masturbation video. Featuring Trevor Birch. Original release date: January 13th, 2018.
Ben Radcliffe Freshmen
Sometimes we film the interview before the scene, sometimes after. As a good jack-off session is an effective way to relax a model, we usually do it after. Such is the case here. You met Ben earlier this year in a scene with Jeff Mirren. The most common adjectives were adorable, awesome and definite keeper. So, we're confident you'll like his performance. This intervi....
Casting Alejeandro Lucas Kazan
You first saw Alejandro pounding Ettore Tosi in a sizzling Private Sex File. For a change, we go backwards and unveil his XXX solo and a juicy, tell-all interview. 23, from Colombia, but long in Naples, Alejandro admits he's not the boyfriend type. His first time? When I was 12, 13. With a school mate of mine. I guess he was in love. He'd write love letters too. Some ....
Matthew West ChaosMen
Blond guys seem to be rare for me, so when another model said, 'I have a fuck buddy that would love to come do some videos.' I was surprised and happy when he sent me his pictures. Yum! He even had his pubes! Matthew is a hot gay guy, who really likes to bottom. He likes groups and has even setup events around group sex. He is very comfortable being nude also. This wa....
TommyDxxx Jackoff
For this week's explosive update, Tommy will be servicing himself. The TommyD-ster will present this hot solo scene wearing only a plush white robe. He kicks back on the sofa and strokes himself to an ever-so-satisfying orgasm.
Eric Payne at Twinkscom
Its a nice load this dark haired cutie-pie shoots at the conclusion of his solo jerk off. He seems to like it too, happily rubbing it all over his stomach and chest. Yum!
Sascha Borodin at Badpuppy
Sascha Borodin just turned 18 and is a full time student. He is straight and agreed to be video taped in a solo jerk off for Badpuppy! He rubs his smooth body, removing his shirt and slowly removes his pants, as he caresses his body. He begins stroking his uncut cock, which quickly becomes hard. He turns and shows off his bubble butt and virgin hole. Sascha smiles and....
Blake Bennet with Brandon Hart with Sam and Max Flint Clip 1 from Broke Straight Boys
Four ways, like southern ice tea and the solos of Lester Young, are blessings from the heavens.
Jerry Fucks Rick Clip 1 from College Dudes
After Rick McCoy did his solo video, we were sure he would look great getting pounded - and boy were we right on! Jerry Ford and Rick McCoy really make sparks fly in this hot fuck session. Before the cameras started rolling, none of us, including Jerry, realized the extent of Ricks cock-guzzling skills. Rick swallows Jerrys huge cock over and over - all the way down h....
Johnny from College Dudes
Johnny Castle has a perfect body, great smile, great attitude - and he gives one of the best solo performance you will see on collegedudes. I KNOW you will enjoy this.
Arab Heat Clip 7 at Raging Stallion
Bonus Solo Scene With One Of Our Best Stud Aybars. With Aybars.
Jessy Karson at Gay Amateur XXX
Our friend Jessy gives a a solo shoot here and we mean shoot! Jessy's huge dick and balls go slap slap as he jerks himself off and cums on his own face. So pull out your pole and watch our gay studs acrobatic moves With Jessy Karson.
Dan White Bonus Boy Sites
Everything about newbie stud Dan White is beyond perfect, from his large dick to an ass that demands to be lovingly used. If none of that appeals, wait until the end of this stand out solo. Won't give it all away, but here is a two word hint: self facial. Title: Dan White.
Gay Masturbation with Dildo Mike 18
Pretty gay boy is coating his hard dildo with oil before raunchy solo masturbation.
Raunchy Anal Fingering Mike 18
Sweet twink is fingering his lusty bunghole tenaciously during wild solo masturbation.
Marko Pick Up Solo X MP4 Amateurs Do It
Marko Pick Up Solo X.
Sean Lawrence Colt Studio Group
Muscular and hairy stud Sean jerks off in the bathroom. From Men of Summer: Colt Minute Man Solo Series. Featuring Sean Lawrence.
Twink Colby Bonds Homo Emo
Share a fresh cum drinking jerk off solo with gorgeous twink boy Colby. Featuring Colby Bonds.
Cum Solo Five Star Boys
Gay solo scene helps nasty twink finally cum and unload nuts.
Kadens Recruits at AEBN
This is the first of hopefully many volumes to come for the golden boy who coined the phrase, "from never to whenever". And if anyone knows all too well the meaning of that phrase it would be Kaden Saylor himself. He's lived it right before our eyes here at Active Duty since we first introduced him in "An American Sailor" where we were treated to four solos shot over ....
Evan Squirting Toegasms
Hairy dicked straight boy Evan delivers a toe-curling cum shot in his solo. Original release date: August 19th, 2015. Full title: Toe-Curling Cum Squirts! - Evan Heinze.
Tommy Porter Active Duty
This has to be the cutest, sweetest boy we've had cum through in a long time. Tommy Porter simply slayed me with those big, brown eyes, those freckles, and that boyish charm! And wait until you see his adorable outfit. He wore suspenders, a straw hat, and a necktie...just like a sweet, young pool-hall hustler, too big for his britches. And when those britches come off....
Balcony Blast Japan Boyz
This is Kazuki, Japan Boyz's latest model. He's 23 years old, a college student from Tokyo and, as he puts it, I just need a job. Today he'll be doing a solo, and with the job thing, I'm sure we'll find him a partner. Gay, Kazuki is looking for a boyfriend, right now he masturbates a couple of times a day. Sitting out on the balcony, Kazuki licks his fingers, rubs his....
Steve and Hoyt Freshmen
To continue with our expedited release of Freshmen under a question mark we have Steve Skarsgaard. I know that you like Steve from his solo and photos, but I have to say that he is a tough nut to crack. Not that his is unwilling or unenthusiastic, but despite his good looks I suspect his sexual appetite is not exactly made for porn. Instead of his first scenes, you ar....
Double Time 13 AEBN
Active Duty proudly presents Double Time 13: Quentin Does Double Duty. Quentin has been drafted for a double mission: Jeremy, a studly new recruit that is finally ready to move on from his solo and into his first sex scene. Brian, who had taken a break from porn but is back with his big cock to pound Quentin's tight ass in the name of duty. The chemistry between them ....
Vin ChaosMen
Vin had done a solo before, and after he submitted himself Vin is Italian and has done some solo and cam work before. To me he looks like actor Eric Balfour (Skyline and TV's Haven) and I think he is super sexy. They could be cousins! He also kind of reminds me of my first boyfriend in high school. Lean and Italian! Vin has a lot more experience in front of a cam, and....
Ulysses ChaosMen
Ulysses is another hot Cuban guy! I am on a roll on them this October! He had some gay friends who told him he should come do video work, and he was totally down for it. It is something that he had put his mind to, and he was going to be all in. As you will see next week, during his Edge video with Vander, he totally brought his 'A' game to the shoot. Ulysses has a gr....
Mateo and Jaime Guys in Sweatpants
There's no quicker way to get boys naked than to take them to a nude beach, and tell them it's a requirement. Luckily, it took no convincing. After Jaime's solo, we wanted to have him back to fuck our newest model, the super cute Mateo. From the ride from the airport until jumping in bed together, these two were all about each other. So we literally just turned on the....
Parker ChaosMen
Parker Thorn is one smokin' hot dude and I am super happy to have him part of my team! This is a more high energy solo then he is used, but the boy really knows how to work the camera and show of that amazing ass of his. I know he is not afraid to get his dick sucked, so next week, he will be back for that. And to be honest, he seems down for all kinds of work, so we ....

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10 Trystan Bull Solo at Trystan Bull
Another Day At The Office. He strokes his cock to relieve some pressure from his day.
7 Trystan Bull Solo at Trystan Bull
On The Set - Trystan Bull. Trystan go from portrait to porn style as he strips down.
Brock Cooper Motorcycle Solo at Dylan Lucas
Brock jumps on his motorcycle and decides to rub one out. With Brock Cooper.
Solo Rider Maskurbate
Me and my friend Zack Lemec went away for a snowboard weekend. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well the first day and Zack had to go solo. He brought his new portable camera to try it out while I was resting in the cabin we rented. When he got back, I got to play a little bit with his new cam and, since I was with a very horny dude, decided to shoot some footage. As al....
Hunter Solo 8teenBoy
With the camera in the hot hands of dick dynamo Max Carter we take ravishing red, head bottom boy Hunter Graham on a gorgeous walk by the beach. Exploring gorgeous cliffs by the shore the pair cum upon a hidden cave. With the waves crashing in the back ground, Hunter starts to strip seductively. With Max lending a "hand" Hunter cums bouncing out of his underwear. Agai....
A Solo Session for a Twink Daniel 19
The boyfriend's out of town this week, so if this cutie wants to experience an anal orgasm, he has to turn to his thick, flexible dildo and a handjob.
Randall Solo East Boys
Randall White, our POV star, is having private moment alone this time, just Randall and the camera. Randall will entertain us with some weight lifting and muscle flex, before moving to more important stuff, namely his massive cock! Who wants to see nice cumshot? Featuring Randall White (aka Bozek Kolek). Original release date: March 3rd, 2018.
Mario Solo East Boys
Mario Gibson, we have already met before has understated look of guy next door, but has awesome athletic body, great smile and piecing gray eyes. Mario will workout a bit just for fun, then strip naked, oil up and take care of his cock. And that's not all, big dildo comes handy as well! Featuring Mario Gibson. Original release date: April 5th, 2018.
Beck Hartley Solo Helix Studios
Masturbation maestro Max Carter is back again conducting a super sexy solo symphony with a small town boy with a big talent! New cummer Beck Hartley has a body to die for and a big beautiful round butt he's happy to show off and spread wide as Carter delivers a few spankings! His cock is thick and meaty and both boys hands fit on it comfortably. Carter cups his balls ....
Big Dick Solo Homo Emo
Casey has a demanding dick, and a tight fuckhole that always needs attention! Featuring Casey Wood.
Drake Solo Butch Dixon
Let's face it we're here for them men and they don't come any more strapping, big-dicked and all round sexy than Drake. One-hundred percent masculine, One-hundred percent top, and overly, oh-so-overly hung, just cop-an-eyeful of that cock! And so much foreskin for you to work on you can make a real meal of this meat-feast. Drake's not just an all round, heavy cummer, ....
Mason Wyler Solo 11 at Mason Wyler
Mason imagines be chained in a ship's hull, he grows a boner
Babe Has a Solo Fuck Before School Daniel 19
Though he has to be at university in a little while, this tempting sweetheart has enough time to fuck his ass with a toy before getting ready for school.
Solo by Gay in Red Panties Five Star Boys
Gay dude in red panties uses his hands to play with erected pecker.
Golden Gate Season 2 Episode 5 Solos Part 1 at Naked Sword
Solo Tony Buff: Tony Buff is well known for bringing his scene partners to explosive climaxes, but can he give himself the same amount of pleasure? You bet he can. Watch the legend that is Mr. Buff passionately stroke himself to full release.
Cute Teens Sexy Solo Session Daniel 19
With a flush to his pretty cheeks, a teenage dude gets a handle on his thick erection while working a hard toy in and out of his clenching asshole.
Cody Cummings Solo 10 at Cody Cummings
A Camera & A Cock. Cody trips down, pulls out his massive meat and jerks it!
Mason Wyler Solo 18 at Mason Wyler
Mason strokes his dick and switches for a big toy in his ass
13 Trystan Bull Solo at Trystan Bull
Pool Table Mischief. The cute buddy strokes his piece of wood on a pool table!
Marko Pick Up Solo X MP4 Amateurs Do It
Marko Pick Up Solo X.
Cum Solo Five Star Boys
Gay solo scene helps nasty twink finally cum and unload nuts.
Landon Vega Solo Helix Studios
Landon Vega is certainly not little! This tattoo'd Latin cutie comes to us from South Carolina with a just hint of a sexy southern drawl. Max chats him up and finds out he likes some pretty butch activities like hunting and fishing. He also finds out he's got a gigantic cock, which he pulls out and slaps against the boys tight torso. The thing is so heavy and thick it....
Casey Everett Solo Dominic Pacifico
Casey Everett, is a stunning Fetish Pup, who is eager to please. He can' wait to show of his cock - packed in his neoprene jock strap. sweaty and excited, Casey rips off the cover to stroke his hard cock till he pops his massive load all over himself. Featuring Casey Everett. Original release date: June 29th, 2017.
Taylor Solo Boy Fun
Russian twink Taylor Blaze is a hot up and coming star in the gay porn world, and for good reason. Check out that body and cock and no wonder this bottom boy is going to make it big. Featuring Taylor Blaze. Original release date: August 12th, 2017.
Rado Solon William Higgins
Rado Solon is aged 19 and lives in Zabreh. This good looking str8 guy is a student of IT. In his spare time he enjoys sports, fitness and ice-hockey. He looks so good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. He reveals that he likes to think about bondage and pegging (being fucked by a girl). He has also been thinking about trying sex with a guy too. After....
On the Set Trystan Solo at Trystan Bull
Trystan's bringing you on location for a sporty photo shoot. With Trystan Bull.
Jacking Tommy D Solo at TommyDxxx
Tommy D Solo In The Window. It's the morning and Tommy is already warming up his cock!
Adam Nivad Solo UK Hot Jocks
Adam is one of our exclusive jocks, you won't find him anywhere else. Born and raised in Manchester but from half Pakistani half Arabian decent. He's full of Northern english charm, fun and filth. A self confessed aggressive top he's got a thick dark dick to back it up. Broad, muscular, hairy in all the right places and with eyes deep and soulful we think Adam is gift....
Gay Likes Kinky Solo Games Five Star Boys
Kinky solo games are being demonstrated by an amateur gay dude.
Fingering Solo Stroke Lollipop Twinks
Gorgeous young Alex loves to finger his tight little ass while he enjoys his uncut cock. Featuring Alex Page. Original title: Hole Fingering Solo Stroke. Original release date: July 4th, 2015.
Anal Play Solo TXXXM Studios
Taylor loves to show off on cam, the thought of making guys out there cum gets him so turned on! Featuring Taylor Blaze. Original release date: June 22nd, 2017.
Elliot Solo East Boys
And we have more solo action with Elliot Holloman. Elliot is first having some fun lifting weights, feeling his muscles, stripping down so you can see that he has smooth athletic body and nice abs, then no worries, he will pull out his magnificent cock and start massaging it, playing with it, enjoying his hard on. Featuring Elliot Holloman. Original release date: Apri....
On the Set Trystan Bull Solo from Trystan Bull
The sexy Trystan Bull poses for the camera behind the scenes. With Trystan Bull
Lance Alexanders First Solo at Dylan Lucas
Lance's 1st time on camera, his sexy voice and amazing body. With Lance Alexander.
Cum Addicts Austin Lucas Solo 1 at Self Sucking BFs
Austin Lucas Gives Himself A Hot Load
Bira and Andre Solo Jackoff at Bang Bang Boys
In 2007 we did a live show on BangBangBoys and always wanted to reedit it and give you guys a better quality video. Im sure you guys are going to like this the end result featuring my model Bira and his buddy Andre.
Solo Player JR Ext World of Men
Sitting thinking about all the things he loves best, JR begins to play with his crotch, working his nipples and balls. Stripping off for the camera he shows off his ripped physique, his tight abs and his solid cock. This guy isn't afraid of the camera and knows how to show off! Bending over his chair, showing us his bubble but and tight hole, working his cock the whol....
Tanner Solo Active Duty
Description not available. This Active Duty video features: Tanner II.
Gay Solo Session Five Star Boys
Enjoy the full access to gays solo session that he performs indoors.
Solo Play Lohan 20
Lohan grabs a magazine and toy for solo play.
Tyler Hill Solo Helix Studios
Dick-tastic director Max Carter makes the most of Tyler Hill in this epic dildo filled solo scene! With his model good looks and easy going fun personality, Tyler always leaves us wanting to get to know him better. Max does just that, covering everything from college to cock and every sticky little secret in between; he gets all the grease on the golden boy. After the....
Golden Gate Season 4 Solos Part 2 at Naked Sword
Sit back, relax, and watch three of Golden Gate's most well endowed men pleasure themselves just for you in this extended and explosive solo compilation starring Morgan Black, Leo Forte, Tristan Jaxx and Dominic Sol. With Dominic Sol Leo Forte Morgan Black Tristan Jaxx
Drake Law Interview and Solo 3 at Blake Mason
Confident and cute Drake Law tells us a little about himself before wanking out a cum shot
Glass Dildo Solo 1 Boy Crush
Kenny Monroe hops onto the bed and gets comfortable as he strips his clothes off. Kenny's got himself a lean, smooth body and a great cock. Video title: Kenny Monroe Kenny Monroes Glass Dildo Solo
Gym Solo at Mason Wyler
Mason's hands migrated from the dumbells to his hard dick!
2 Rod Daily Solo at Rod Daily
One With The Forest. Rod is alone in the woods with his dick to keep him alive!
Solo Keith Conner at Twinks
Inked, blond and beautiful - there's a reason Keith Conner has 'Infamous' tattooed down the side of this slender, smooth body. This twink could woo the pants off just about anybody, and we're sure yours will be on the floor in seconds upon watching his solo jerk-off video.
Ken Solo Gay Asian Network
Ken is a cute college boy with an insatiable ass! Watch this horny boy finger himself and shoot his cum for you.
Brian Uniform Solo Active Duty
In Active Duty's War Chest, there was another trip down memory lane as they unveiled a never-before-seen solo of Brian Austin in (and out of) uniform. Handsome Marine Brian came to AD a number of years ago thanks to their photographer pal and admirer of military men, Major Wood. Soon after Brian joined their ranks, he was paired up with Kaden Saylor for his first hard....
Long Haired Lover Boy Solo Zack Randall
Say hello to long-haired lover boy Jesse, a horny young man who loves to jerk it. Original release date: June 16th, 2015. Full title: Long Haired Lover Boy Solo - Jesse Rider.
Pierce Solo Dominic Pacifico
In the Dungeon with Pierce Paris only wearing sneakers and a jock strap. Pierce is excited to show off his massive 9inch cock. He loves to tease and flirt with the camera while pulling and smacking his huge balls sack. Featuring Pierce Paris. Original release date: December 12th, 2017.
Kent Solo East Boys
In case you had no Friday evening plans, we are glad to offer you solo performance by Kent Mills. Naked, young, smooth and muscular, Kent has great body and enjoys showing it off, and tonight he will -- besides flexing and oiling up -- beat and punish his cock as well. What better way to complete your working week? Featuring Kent Mills. Original release date: January ....
Benny Solo Straight Off Base
Straight off base, USMC Lance Corporal Benny reports to the Major's quarters to rub one out and pocket some extra cash for the weekend. He just spent the past week in the field qualifying for his Humvee driver permit. LCpl Benny hails from the great state of Idaho, is 19 years old, stands at 5' 9 and weighs in at 186 lbs. Benny was a wrestler and played baseball back ....
Mason Wyler in Solo Action
For this scene, the blond haired hunk will be doing a bit of masturbation to keep the excitement in his day. Once he arrives home, Mason takes a seat at his computer and puts on some porn to get himself in the right mood. He pulls out his huge cock and starts stroking it while he enjoys the flesh fest playing on the laptop.Mason loves to show off to all his loyal fans....
Ryu Solo Japan Boyz
Ryu is a cute Japanese twink with a huge cock! Watch this hot boy stoke it off into a waterfall of cum.
Paris Solo at Vintage Gay Loops
This guy is so horny he's masturbating while looking outside
Benjamin Godfre Erotic Photo Shoot Solo at Falcon Studios
Benjamin's trunks come off and the wood comes out as he poses. With Benjamin Godfre.
Austin Merrick Solo at Dylan Lucas
This solo scene is the first time Austin appeared on camera. With Austin Merrick.
On the Set Austin Wilde Solo Clip 2 at Austin Wilde
Austin Wilde strikes some poses On The Set of his new solo. With Austin Wilde.
Hairy Jock Denis Reed Solo 3 at Boyfriend Share
Jock boys like Denis Reed are always horny and needing to shoot a load!
Nathan Dale Solo 2 at Blake Mason
After too long away, sexy stud Nathan returns for a solo cock stroking!
4 Austin Wilde Solo at Austin Wilde
CAGING THE WILDE. Austin is at the gym alone, working the bag & stroking hard!
Cody Cummings Solo 19 at Cody Cummings
EVA DOLL. Watch as Cody gets a little rough with this plastic fucktoy!
Mason Wyler Solo 24 at Mason Wyler
The blond guy is getting naughty in a relaxing warm bath.
Golden Gate Season 2 Episode 3 Solos at Naked Sword
With the body of a Greek god, the face of an angel, and the sexual prowess that reminds us of the most popular gay porn legends of all time, Marcus Mojo is the total package. Watch him pleasure himself as only he knows how as he jerks himself to an explosive climax! A self-proclaimed powerbottom and a gay porn twink sensation, Jake Lyons shows that he doesn't always n....
On The Set Solo at Trystan Bull
On The Set - Trystan Bull Solo Featuring: Trystan Bull
Ryan Raz Solo Ext 1 Cum Pig Men
Eat as much cum as the island will give me.'Â? Those are some of the first words spoken by Ryan Raz, our steamy discovery from Blue Alley Studio's 'St. Title: Ryan Raz- Solo. Featuring Ryan Raz- Solo.
Ryan Solo Active Duty
Active Duty got some good feedback on sexy uniformed Ryan III, so guest director Mike brought him back for a second solo that may be a test run for his first time bottoming! Mike teased the crack of Ryan's luscious bubble butt with a toy, and even got a finger in. I wonder how far across the line this soldier will go?
Double the Cum in a Hot Solo Part 1 Zack Randall
With a sleeve on his cock and a toy in his ass, Zack cums twice from the pleasure! Original Title: Double the Cum in a Hot Solo! - Zack Randall
Toe Sucking Solo Boy Tyler Full Toegasms
Tyler loves playing wit his sexy naked feet, and jacking his big cock too! Original Title: Toe Sucking Solo Boy Tyler - Tyler Bolt
Bruno Fox Solo Bulldog Pit
Covering his buff, hairy hunky body in leather, kinky muscle man Bruno Fox shows us exactly how it's done. Snapping on the gauntlets, zipping his leather jockstrap and squeezing his huge bicep beneath a strap, the smell of the leather against his hot skin is pure heaven. Rubbing his hairy chest, playing with his pierced nipples and getting hot under the dark material,....
Tasty Solo Treat Homo Emo
Cum eating twinks like Ryan are so hot to watch in a solo jack off video! Featuring Ryan Conners.
Drake Solo Part 2 Broke Straight Boys
Today we bring you the newbie to BSB Drake Tyler! This broke, straight guy is in need of extra cash and some ass play, so we start him with a solo scene and watch him stroke one out! Original Title: Drake Tyler Solo
Lochie Solo Amateurs Do It
Aussie twink Lochie is a bit of a show off - so being in front of the camera to jerk off his 7" cock was not too nerve racking for him. His slim smooth body is partially to do with the fact that he's studying to be a personal trainer but for now he's training all his attention on stroking out a load of cum for all of you. Featuring Lochie. Original release date: April....
Benji Banks Solo Jason Sparks Live
Meet Benji Banks - our latest find on the Jason Sparks Model Search. He gets picked up on his way to the gym - which is lucky as it's pouring a fine ole Florida shower. In the back seat his driver can't see him horned up and jerking himself off. I guess he's focused on the road and driving in the rain as Benji gets louder and louder as he strokes out a huge load! A fi....
Jae Roze Solo Video Boys
It's difficult to be in a bad mood when Jae Roze is in the room. He's just a little bundle of positive energy bouncing around bringing smiles. He has an air of friendly confidence about him and consistent with his confident personality, Jae is a self-confessed show-off/exhibitionist. Whether it's strutting naked around the locker room or posting revealing selfies on s....
Hiroki Solo Japan Boyz
The first scene I ever did was with Takeru; we had fun blowing one another on Japan Boyz. Calling me back, the site said they would like me to do a solo. Young, but legal, I really just want to film and have sex with the boys; typically I top. For me, a hot guy is someone with a lot of muscle. My own body is tight and slim, as you can see through my outfit; I enjoy we....
Solo Xavier Part 2 Broke Straight Boys
We break in the new guy to BSB with a solo shoot and Xavier does not disappoint! He touches his big dick until he shoots his cum across the bed! Full video title: Xavier Ryan Shoots His Load. From the web series: Xavier Ryan Shoots His Load. Original release date: September 27th, 2017.
Surfer Solo Helix Studios
Sexy surfer Luke Wilder catches his last wave of the day and emerges from the ocean wet and ripped riding on his big board. His muscled body still looks elegant and graceful as he packs up his gear and changes shorts right there on the beach. The gorgeous setting ignites an orgasmic itch Luke needs to scratch so our beach boy finds a secluded spot to wax his board. Ma....
A Single Solo Japan Boyz
Signing up for a solo, the videographer said he would walk me through it; I do like a helping hand. Pulling on my cock through the towel, I play with my nipples then tug. As the guy runs the camera, I go under the towel and jerk; my cock is throbbing. Displaying what we all enjoy, he then strokes my cock and slaps it against my stomach; yes, I'm both big and thick. St....
Jacob Solo Straight Off Base
Straight off base, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jacob, is a tatted and fuzzy 24 year old salty Sailor stud from Michigan who stands at 6' and weighs in at 173 lbs. He's been keeping busy swabbing the decks and dicks on his ship after being underway for several weeks and swings by the Major's quarters to bust his nut for the Major's ever-ready camera. PO2 Jacob played footb....
Solo Time at TommyDxxx
His neighbors who just moved next door have been fucking by the pool nonstop on a daily basis so he has decided to sneak into the backyard and try to catch a glimpse of them fucking. He quietly sneaks into the yard by the pool but nobody is home so he pulls out his cock anyways and starts stroking it out in the wide open.
Seth Bond Shower Solo at Dylan Lucas
A quick shower before work becomes an assplay and JO session! With Seth Bond.
Justin Owen Dildo Solo Dylan Lucas
Justin picks out a dildo to show a little extra for the fans. Title: Justin Owen Dildo Solo Featuring Justin Owen.
Andrew Strong Solo Clip Cocky Boys
Andrew Strong is your typical outdoorsy kinda guy with a hot athletic body, huge dick and a bubble butt. For his solo scene he said he wanted to get inspired by Mother Nature so he went for a walk in the park. Soon enough, his shirt was off and he was rubbing his crotch without even caring if people would see him or not. He may look like the shy type at first but wait....
Leo Marco Solo 2 Eurocreme
It's the first night of having 5 of the hottest London talent staying in his father's cottage, and CottageBoy himself Leo Marco doesn't want to miss this opportunity for some eye-candy. What he gets almost immediately is something he couldn't have wished for, and sees slim, sexy and very twinky Lyle Boyce getting it on with super-stud Kayden Gray right there on his so....
Ashton Harvey Solo at Dylan Lucas
Hot surfer boy Ashton Harvey takes a break to beat his meat With Ashton Harvey.
Tommy D Solo 6 at TommyDxxx
Tommy D Deep Cockstroke. Tommy is trying various stroking techniques around the pool!
Tommy D Solo 19 at TommyDxxx
Leopard Print Fun. Mr. D grabs ahold of his dick and gives it a hard stroking!
Golden Gate Episode 4 Solo at Naked Sword
The undeniably hunky Jeremy Bilding is one of the most in-demand porn stars working today and after watching his amazing solo performance here, you'll see why: movie star good looks, muscles for days, and a million-dollar smile. Standing on a the stairs of the beach house, Jeremy strokes his near-perfect cock until it erupts in a must-see hands-free cumshot. It's some....
Behind the Scenes Samuel OToole Solo at Samuel OToole
A bathroom NextDoorStudios photo shoot with Samuel O'Tool. With Samuel O Toole
Flint Harris Jerks Off Solo Broke Straight Boys
Flint Jerks off until he cums a big load all over his chest. Title: Flint Harris Jerks Off Solo.
Pablo Torres Solo Tribal Twinks
Pablo Torres is a slim sexy latin twink that likes nothing better than sitting by a stream naked and stroking one out for the cameras. He gets covered in cum so jumps into the stream when he's finished to wash off the sticky goo before he continues on with his day. Featuring Pablo Torres.
Nikko Solo Bang Bang Boys
Go-go boy Nikko is back for a solo video and how I've missed him. He proves that the slightly older, leaner and darker boys really have a lot to offer. Don't miss seeing his hot little performance in front of the camera. Featuring Nikko.
Evan Parkers Slick Solo Helix Studios
Newbie exclusive Evan Parker loves the feel of a smooth ride and warm leather under his ass in this brand new slick solo. Get to know this hottie's banging boy body in his debut solo as he jerks his shaft for a creamy white finish line. Starring: Evan Parker. Title: HX102S35 Evan Parker's Slick Solo.
Summers Sudsy Solo Helix Studios
Aiden Summers shows off his tight jock body in some in this personal self pleasure session. Aiden strips his young, tight bod then down and hops in the shower. Dripping wet and stroking his boner he rubs out nice hot load all caught in crystal clear HD. Starring: Aiden Summers. Title: HX00S72 Summers' Sudsy Solo.
Conrad Solo Active Duty
Description not available. This Active Duty video features Conrad.
Arm Chair for Gays Solo Scene Five Star Boys
Take a look as excited gay sits on armchair to initiate hot solo scene.
Big Studio of Twinks Solo Five Star Boys
Big studio is being used for showing off exciting twinks solo session.
Gay Starts Solo Five Star Boys
Teen gay starts hot solo in the room in order to satisfy his endless lust.
Free Time for Gay Solo Five Star Boys
Twink uses his free time in order to play with his erected hard dong.
Ty Thomas Solo Jason Sparks Live
Nature delivers some exquisite vistas -- the mountains, streams, sunsets and the site of a big-dicked boy jacking off. This week's episode combines several of those -- there's no sunset but there is a lonely mountain path with a hot blonde big-dicked boy walking through it til he finds a solo spot to unleash his big dick and jack it til it blows. How's the serenity? F....
Amato Solo Cazzo Club
Amato is hairy and manly from head to toe. After a wild night he wakes up with an erection in his Berlin apartment. Because wanking alone is boring, he calls a buddy to help him in his horniness. While listening to his buddy's hot words, he jerks his cock and massages his hairy asshole with his fingers. Slowly The Rosette awakens and calls for more action. He spits on....
Seduction Solo Helix Studios
Ben Masters is a stunning, graceful, sexy young man. He seduces you slowly and puts on one hell of a sexy stroke show. Long and lean like a powerful ballet dancer, Ben strips down and puts his perfect body on display. Our boy bends over to show off his hard round rump, spreading it open like the gates of heaven. With moans of pleasure, Masters fingers his hot hole as ....
Lance Hart Solo Dominic Pacifico
Lance is a Hot Silver fox, with a breathtaking demeanor. He loves watching himself stroke his cock in the mirror. Showing off for Dominic at the same time he jerks his cock until he shoots a fat load on himself. Featuring Lance Hart. Original release date: October 5th, 2017.
Here is a Solo at TommyDxxx
Tommy's all by himself but that never stops him from having any fun. After his pants drop in the bathroom and whips out his cock in front of the mirror. We then follow him into the shower where he puts on a sexy, soapy show for us. He loves to cum on his chest but it wouldn't be half as fun if he didnt lick every last drop of tasty white cream off his fingers.
Javier Milan Solo at World of Men
If you haven't seen little Javier Milan before here on World of Men, well, after you see him here playing with his huge white uncut Cuban cock, you may want to go back and check out his scenes! this time Javier takes off his clothes and then pops out his enormous cock for a private playing session. He takes out his cock, lubes it up with spit, and then plays with it e....
Hugo Mex Pool Solo at UK Naked Men
Our brand spanking new boy on the block - Hugo Mex is straight, strawberry blonde, a porn virgin and a very handsome young German lad with an exhibitionist streak and a very big, thick uncut dick. Watch him impress the cameras on his first shoot, and we'll see how far this curious lad will go on his next shoot?
On the Set Austin Wilde Solo Clip 1 at Austin Wilde
Austin Wilde takes you on the set of his hot new solo scene. With Austin Wilde.
Hairy Jock Denis Reed Solo 1 at Boyfriend Share
Jock boys like Denis Reed are always horny and needing to shoot a load!
Summer Solo Cody Cummings
Cody is naked as a jaybird as he loosens up by the pool. Title: Summer Solo Featuring Cody Cummings.
Dean Monroe Solo UK Hot Jocks
Sexy stud Dean exudes masculinity. It's pretty safe to say he has a perfect body, rippling abdominals and a bulging chest and biceps, he's a whole lotta man! Distinguished and devastatingly handsome, Dean Is one hot alpha jock. He starts by stripping down in the locker room, revealing a hot black jock strap. Sticking his hands in there you can tell his mind is wanderi....
Alec Solo at Broke Straight Boys
Watch 19 year old tattooed Alec come in for his shoot and jerks off for some cash.
Bravo Delta Solo at Cocky Boys
Whether it's our little Maxie hooking up with his secret admirer or Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci riding 4-wheelers in the desert - one thing's for sure - our Cocky Boys are getting more adventurous by the minute. It's not enough for them anymore to just jerk their dicks off and call it a day. They want more. They want adventure, excitement, and a little bit of danger. ....
Cody Cummings Solo 15 at Cody Cummings
Solo time for the Italian stallion!. Cody is going to stroke his big, fat cock until he cums!
Cody Cummings Solo 1 at Cody Cummings
Cody Loves Stroking For You. Cody is jerking his fat meat in this very hot sofa's scene!
Cody Cummings Solo 29 at Cody Cummings
Plays With The FleshLight. Cody slides his hard dick into the asshole of the FleshLight
Cody Cummings Solo 11 at Cody Cummings
Coffee And Cum. Cody yank on his mammoth cock while he sips his earl grey.
Golden Gate Solos Chris Porter at Naked Sword
You thought Season 1 of Golden Gate was over? Well we have one final surprise for you! You saw him get pounded by Brad Star and Donny Wright, but this time around NakedSword exclusive Chris Porter jerks his cock just for you in a scorching solo that will show you exactly why the young stud is one of the hottest stars in the gay porn universe right now!
On Set Samuel OToole Solo at Samuel OToole
Join Samuel the sweet teddy bear and his huge monster cook! With Samuel O'Toole
Jamie Solo Tribal Twinks
Young twink Jamie has a cheeky look about him, and just loves to tease his audience by slowly stripping out of his clothing. The wait is worth it once you see the massive slab of meat he's hiding in his pants in this solo video. Featuring Jamie.
Dolan Solo Ext Bulldog Pit
There's time for one more man to give the machine a go, and hairy hunk Dolan is the man to call! This super-bottom is always good for a call, and even when he's fucking some trade, he picks up the phone, finishes himself off and heads over to Ashley's kitted out in a damn fine leather harness. Greeted by Ashley and his machine, Dolan doesn't need any introduction and ....
Tim Solo Active Duty
Meet Active Duty's shredded new recruit, Tim. He's 22 years old, stands at a compact 5'4 tall and weighs 140 lbs. As you can see, he also has the most amazing abs ever. This guy is nothing but rippling muscles in his torso. It's insane. You could grate the hardest cheese on Tim's abs. Tim is a bit nervous during this debut solo, as he's never been filmed or done anyth....
Tyler Solo Active Duty
Active Duty introduced a serious looker in the War Chest in the form of Tyler. This hunk is 6' tall and weighs in at a toned 170 lbs. The strong silent 24-year-old has the most gorgeous skin, with full lips and shapely muscles in all the right places. It's no surprise to find out that the quiet Tyler works out three times a week. How else is he going to keep that ultr....
Hung Straight Boy Solo Stroke Part 2 Toegasms
Sexy young Ian shows us his naked feet and strokes his big straight boy dick. Original Title: Hung Straight Boy Solo Stroke - Ian Madrox
Masked Boy Sean Enjoys a Solo Full Zack Randall
Masked Sean is enjoying his thick cock and that tight ass for a solo jack off. Original Title: Masked Boy Sean Enjoys a Solo - Sean Adams
Tom Long Solo UK Naked Men
This week we've got Tom Long in to show us what he can do. Sporting a gorgeously crafted beard, and hefty uncut cock, Tom gets down to business - solo!
Tom Wolfe Solo Extended Alpha Male Fuckers
Few things feel better than an afternoon shower, the hot water washing away any tiredness, the lather mixing with your chest hair, the hand sliding all over your body...all very arousing. And what's better than top a hot shower with a hot wank? Tom's muscular hairy body is now dry and he's back on his bed. He lays down and pick up where he left off in the shower. His ....
Nick Tower Dancing Solo Active Duty
Description not available. This Active Duty video features: Nick Tower.
Wild Solo Five Star Boys
Nude teen gay cannot wait to being kinky solo session indoors.
Twinks Solo Happens Five Star Boys
Twink enjoys wanking at home and does it this time on the armchair.
Jae Solo Video Boys
It's difficult to be in a bad mood when Jae Roze is in the room. He's just a little bundle of positive energy bouncing around bringing smiles. He has an air of friendly confidence about him and consistent with his confident personality, Jae is a self-confessed show-off/exhibitionist. Whether it's strutting naked around the locker room or posting revealing selfies on s....
Solo Pleasures with Uncut Zack Beddable Boys
Sexy young stud Zack has a load in his cock he needs to squirt out all over himself! Featuring Zack Randall. Original release date: July 23rd, 2016.
Solomon Aspen ChaosMen
Did you grow up with a cocky jock who you secretly envied. Maybe he was a nice guy to you, but you figured he was super straight, and you would never stand a chance with him. Kind of full-of-himself, but not in too annoying of a way. Perhaps he was so proud of his body that he would parade around the locker room nude, whipping his junk around? What is great about Solo....
Solo Play Doggy Boys
Johnny is no stranger to exploring new things. The curious boy is back for some horny solo play, getting his big dick out and showing off his perfectly tight little ass as he wanks himself off and empties his cock for us! Featuring Johnny Nightwill. Original release date: March 16th, 2017.
TommyD Solo Wacks Off
He's baaaa-aaaack! The one-and-only TommyD is at it again, this time all by himself in the shower. Watch Tommy sit his sexy ass down on some smooth, elegant marble tile while he jerks his fat cock as water bounces off his tensing muscles. From there Tommy moves into the bedroom, but takes a few minutes to admire his strong, meaty dick in the mirror and watch himself ....
Another On The Set Trystan Bull Solo at Trystan Bull
Join the one & only Trystan in a garage for the photo shoot. With Trystan Bull
Manuel Antonio Solo at World of Men
Manuel Antonio is one fucking sexy Latin with a big cock. When a big hot guy likes his cock so much, it is time to sit him down and film him playing with it. Not only does Manuel Antonio like playing with his cock, he's jerking it off in a hot living room, making him sweat, thus drops of sweat go all the way down his smooth tanned chest to be caught up in his sexy bus....
Scud Solo from Broke Straight Boys
Broke college boy Scud jerks his cock for cash.
Woody Fox Solo at UK Naked Men
All the way from 'down under' Woody's destination is Scotland (lucky Scotland) - and lucky us, being en route! Woody's special mix of Antipodean charm, killer smile and perfectly proportioned, sexy body leaves us gasping for more - and we will have more, very soon. Gentlemen, this time, it's just you and Woody - enjoy.
On the Set Samuel Solo at Samuel OToole
Samuel shows off his hot package in a jockstrap on the set. With Samuel OToole.
Slick Colt Minute Man Solo Series at Colt Studio Group
Ripped footballer Jake flexes as he strips his uniform and JOs. With Jake Genesis.
How to do a Solo 1 Boy Crush
Angel Kelly has been busy at college for the last couple years, but he's finally back in our studio! Video title: How to do a Solo 1
Geoffrey Paine Solo Extended Alpha Male Fuckers
There is no doubt about it. Geoffrey is a real man! He's tall, hairy, beefy and has an beautiful, big straight cock! So you can imagine I really enjoyed watching him stroke his meat for you. He starts undressing and slowly reveals his hairy chest, then his well packed underwear and finally frees a magnificent long, thick cock from the cotton restraint. He works it goo....
Sylvan Lyk Solo Preview Jalif Studio
Pay attention to this young sexy as hell French guy. He just came from France to get fisted by Alfa Jota. But first he must stretch his hole wide open to make happy Alfa Jota. For that he lays down in a mattress and starts fucking his hole with all the big dildos and butt plugs Alfa Jota instructs him to use. He is very submissive and works hard to get his bubble butt....
Hugo Mex Pool Solo Preview UK Naked Men
Our brand spanking new boy on the block - Hugo Mex is straight, strawberry blonde, a porn virgin and a very handsome young German lad with an exhibitionist streak and a very big, thick uncut dick. Watch him impress the cameras on his first shoot, and we'll see how far this curious lad will go on his next shoot? Video Title: Hugo Mex Pool Solo
Pablo Nunez Solo UK Hot Jocks
Pablo is a real Brazilian hottie. Buff, perfectly formed and slightly hairy he has a look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Though innocent looking he may be, we know how much of a dirty bottom boy he is. He strips naked and gets himself hard, caressing his body, his big chest, arms and tight stomach. Pulling on his balls and stretching out his cock he almost lo....
3 Rod Daily Solo at Rod Daily
The Simple Things In Life. Rod gets naked outside and than finish himself in the bed!
1 Rod Daily Solo at Rod Daily
Cage Jacking. It's time for some hot, sweaty action in the NextDoor Cage!
Cody Cummings Solo 27 at Cody Cummings
Solo time for the Italian stallion!. Is going to stroke his cock until he cums all over himself!
Cody Cummings Solo 5 at Cody Cummings
The Italian Stallion pleased himself . One-man session with the Italian Stallion himself, Cody!
8 Marcus Mojo Solo at Marcus Mojo
Everyone Needs Alone Time. His lying down on the carpet stroking his nicely shaved cock
Solo Jake Austin 1 at Twinks
Inked stud Jake Austin is only too happy to give us another look at that tattooed bod, those big nipples, that long cock and perfect ass in this solo video. What a catch this twink is.
Boxing Threesome Solo at Visconti Triplets
Boxing Threesome Solo Featuring: Jason Visconti Jimmy Visconti Joey Visconti
Tyler Torro Solo at Next Door Male
Tyler tries a little pillow-fuck before stroking himself! With Tyler Torro
Kameron Scott Solo Ext 2 Cum Pig Men
Kameron Scott strokes his cock for the cameras. Title: Kameron Scott Solo. Featuring Kameron Scott Solo.
Landon Wright Solo Jason Sparks Live
Jason Sparks has a true talent for finding the hottest new porn models BEFORE anyone else does. Meet his latest find Landon Wright. Landon's got a high sex drive so he thought that porn was just the place for him. He's got an artistic bent as well - but today's he's doing the life modelling for us as he jerks off as an introduction to his hot body. Featuring Landon Wr....
Conner Kline Solo Helix Studios
Hot jock Connor Kline is back at the gym working out and showing off his bulging muscles. After building up a nice sweat and getting his blood flowing, Connor finds himself all alone in the locker room and can't resist playing with his big stud dick. Using a dildo to loosen up his tight little boy hole, he hits just the right spot causing his cock to erupt with a beau....
Solo Player JR World of Men
Sitting thinking about all the things he loves best, JR begins to play with his crotch, working his nipples and balls. Stripping off for the camera he shows off his ripped physique, his tight abs and his solid cock. This guy isn't afraid of the camera and knows how to show off! Bending over his chair, showing us his bubble but and tight hole, working his cock the whol....
Solo Player JR Clip World of Men
Sitting thinking about all the things he loves best, JR begins to play with his crotch, working his nipples and balls. Stripping off for the camera he shows off his ripped physique, his tight abs and his solid cock. This guy isn't afraid of the camera and knows how to show off! Bending over his chair, showing us his bubble but and tight hole, working his cock the whol....
Travis Solo Active Duty
Say hello to Active Duty's new recruit Travis. This big hunk of a guy stands 6'1 tall and weighs in at a sizable 190 lbs. You can tell he works out quite a bit, from the size of his broad chest and big arms. Not to mention his meaty thighs that have just the right amount of blond hair on 'em. He's got some ink on his body too -- with most of his left arm covered in ta....
Guilles Solo Broke Latino Guys
Guilles relaxing in a bath, this smooth young cocky Latino twink soaping up his ass and cock. Jerking harder and faster getting rock hard, his juicy uncut cock's foreskin rolling over his thick cock head as his balls pull close to his body and he moans and aches to release.
Nice Solo Action of Nance Aaron Cute
Twink is teasing his sweet penis while the camera is filming his every action.
Astounding Twink Enjoys Solo Action Aaron Cute
Amazing clip featuring horny gay dude masturbating.
Brunette Gay Guy Loves Solo Action Aaron Cute
Solo masturbating action of the young chap filmed on camera.
Hot Gay Solo Masturbation Big Muscles Big Cocks
Once their done with the nasty butt fucking action, horny gays Mike Ramsey and Buster were ready for their hot solo masturbation. These muscled men took their turns in giving themselves a handjob, grabbing their big cocks, not stopping till they cum wildly.
Foot Licking Solo Boy Dustin Part 2 Toegasms
Dustin licks his own warm cum from his own foot after a good jack off session. Original Title: Foot Licking Solo Boy Dustin - Dustin Fitch
Alasdair Ford Solo Eurocreme
When his girl is out of the way, it's time for blond twink Alasdair to get his secret stash of porn from under the mattress and get his fix of cock and ass! His dick can't help but grow in his hands as he gazes upon Eurocreme's finest, so much so that he pulls out his fleshjack, giving us the greatest view of what his cock would look like as it penetrates. Working it ....
Xavier Caballo Solo SD Boy
Today we have Xavier Caballo, a toned hot Latino. As he is being photographed, we get to see a very nice uncut dick hanging low. During the interview, we meet this 23 year old who needed some work. He talks about his very large dick, he never really thought about it until another guy joked about being envious. He thinks its 8" but I'm going to have to measure this big....
Stone Solo Boys Smoking
Stone is a little shy, but we gave him a porn mag and a pack of smokes and things came naturally! Featuring Stone. Original Title: Stone Solo
Solo Wank Twink Boy Media
Horny twink boy exploring. Featuring Fernando.
Straight Spunk Tanks First Solo at AEBN
Description not available. Full Video Title: Straight Spunk: Tank's First Solo
Ben Solo Cocky Boys
Description not available. Full Title: Ben Rose Solo. Original release date: July 30th, 2012.
Kael Diggs Solo Bonus Boy Sites
Newbie Kael Diggs confesses he's a bit of a freak. Made out with a guy once and had no problems. The skinny southern lad is a perfect BSB fit. He's low key when it comes to beating his meat, but that first cum stream lands on the middle of his stomach.
Jack Off Solo Lollipop Twinks
Austin really enjoys jacking off, his favorite part is the creamy reward. Featuring Austin Lucas. Original title: Cum Loving Jack Off Solo. Original release date: December 19th, 2015.
Raves Sizable Solo Straight Men XXX
Rave Hardick is here for his Straight Men XXX solo; "scars" and all. At 25, this Cali guy doesn't want to label himself; he's into "holes" and sexy bodies they are attached to. Flashing for the camera, Rave pulls back the chiffon and produces a sizable cock, still limp. With his beautiful toned body and "big show," he sits down to catch some good vibrations. In the zo....
Ashley Ryder Solo Cazzo Club
Ashley Ryder is without a doubt one of the biggest stars in the industry. The largest dildos and the hardest cocks fit into his ass. His motto is always to go a little further than others and push the boundaries of his lust steadily forward. For our session, we have ordered him in an abandoned Berlin warehouse. Dressed with only a leather jock waiting for the unknown.....
Solo Cain AEBN
Straight off base, Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Cain, after six months at sea, spends some of his well-deserved shore leave at the Major's penthouse and decides to rub one out before heading to a local watering hole in downtown San Diego. Cain kicks back, removes his civvies, pulls out his thick curved cock, and strokes it until he unloads. Full title: Straight Off Base....
TommyDxxx in Solo Action
We have another great TommyD solo for you today. To spice things up a bit, we let Tommy get loose on a trampoline. He says there's something about bouncing up and down in the sunny outdoors that makes him horny. He proves this by stripping down in mid-bounce then sprawling out on the black, bouncy surface. Tommy strokes his cock until he's quivering and launching his ....
More Mason Wyler Solo
It's a sunny afternoon and Mason is outside with a book easing some stress. Once he puts the book down he then uses that free hand to grapple his cock. It's so nice outside that he drops his pants to let the beast loose out in the sun. After building up some tension in those big Wyler balls of his, he heads off to the barn to cool off. In the barn Mason loses all clot....
Solo Christian Mohr at Twinks
Get those studio lights bright, weve got a twink on his lonesome whos keen to get naked and kinky in front of the camera, and we want to see every inch of that smooth body. Christian shows us just how well he can work his own twink tootsie roll in this great jerk-off video. Christian Mohr
Back On the Set Rod Daily Solo at Rod Daily
Rod Daily gets it up early in this behind the scenes clip! With Rod Daily
Nathan Dale Solo 3 at Blake Mason
The handsome and built Nathan returns to us to enjoy a great solo jerk off!
Tommy Brookes Wanking Solo 3 at Blake Mason
Tommy Brookes enjoys a shower and plays with his meaty fat 8 inch cock!
Lucas Davidson Solo Preview Bulldog Pit
He might have just come back from one of the hottest three-ways the hotel has seen so far, but Lucas is still not sated, and reminiscing about this hot session makes his dick twitch and stand to attention once again as he sits back and makes the most of having nothing to do. Playing with his hot thick shaft, his shirt is undone and wide open, exposing his hot abs and ....
Marco Sessions Solo Preview UK Naked Men
Look what we found! We shot Marco Sessions' first solo video way back in spring and somehow it never made it to the site! That's a nice surprise to end the year and a reminder it's good to check your files now and then! Marco has the kind of body that causes men (and women) to drool; every ripple and bulge is sculpted through years of careful training. Look up to his ....
Harley Everett Solo UK Hot Jocks
Muscle stud Harley is the definition of man mountain. At 6'4 He towers over most men and we're pretty sure that's part of his appeal! After a hard workout Harley likes nothing more than relieving the tension, usually by taking it out on some guy but since he's on his own, he'll have to make do. Stripping off, he watches himself in a mirror opposite, there's some real ....
Cameron Solo Bath Out Him
Fucking toolbag made a solo sex tape for a guy he liked and thought was gay. Turns out the guy he liked wasn't gay and not only broke Camden's heart but also showed this tape to his close friends!
Lyle Boyce Solo 1 Bulldog Pit
Young and cute Lyle is chilling out in the park when he gets a suspicious call, telling him to head to a certain address or else bad things might happen. As soon as he arrives, he's locked in and challenged to a game, a game like no other!! All he can see is a collection of dildos and a very odd looking machine, also with a thick dildo on the doesn't look pre....
Drake Law Interview and Solo 2 at Blake Mason
Sexy and confident Drake Law strips and wanks one out after his interview!
Cody Cummings Solo 2 at Cody Cummings
Cody taking a brisk walk. He takes that fat cock and lies back while stroking his wood
Tommy D Solo 24 at TommyDxxx
Tommy's Voyeur Side. Watch him work out some morning steam in this outdoor solo!
8 Trystan Bull Solo at Trystan Bull
On The Set - Trystan Bull. M. Trystan Bull in a red chair for the photo shoot session.
Adriano Moraes Solo at Bang Bang Boys
Last month you got to see some updated images of Adriano and this month I can bring you some video. The last time I worked with him was about 2006, so you see that not much has changed other than maybe a little tan and a tighter body. But, most importantly, the cock is still nice, big and ready for some action.
Davin James Solo at Twinks
Stroking that thick cock of Davin James's must really take a lot of concentration, God knows if I had a cock that big I wouldn't have enough blood to cater to my brain when masturbating. Thankfully, Davin doesn't seem to have any problems with that here in this solo video.
School Jason Solo at Visconti Triplets
Today, Jason decides to shake his man's meat in the class.
Golden Gate Season 2 Episode 5 Solos Part 2 at Naked Sword
Solo Riley Price: Gay porn's most popular firecracker knows what gets him off, and he loves it when you watch. Check out Riley's solo right now!
Rod Daily Solo at Rod Daily
Rod Daily strokes his big cock and blows a nice hot load
Kameron Scott Solo Trailer 1 Cum Pig Men
Kameron Scott strokes his cock for the cameras. Title: Kameron Scott Solo. Featuring Kameron Scott Solo.
Tyler Mitchell Solo 1 Cum Pig Men
Tyler Mitchell Is a hot young southern stud looking to fulfill his lust for cum and cock. Title: Tyler Mitchell -Solo. Featuring Tyler Mitchell -Solo.

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