Kaleb and Jayden Sean Cody

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Title: Kaleb and Jayden Sean Cody
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Description: Kaleb has been wanting to do something out of his comfort zone for a while now, but his nervousness has always taken over...he finally gave in, though! Kaleb bottoms for the first time, and Jayden has the great pleasure to pop his cherry! Do you know how many guys have been trying to fuck me? It's crazy! Jayden is the man. Clearly, he was excited to be paired up with Jayden, and looking at Kaleb's perfectly round booty, Jayden was equally as excited to slide his big dick into that virgin hole and show him a thing or two! Jayden eased Kaleb into it nice and slow, but once Kaleb was comfortable enough, he got a good ol' pounding! Featuring Kaleb, Jayden. Original release date: December 2nd, 2017.
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Added: 2017-12-03

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