My Siblings Stiffy Jawked

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Title: My Siblings Stiffy Jawked
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Description: Inked twink Maksim Orlov's gaydar goes off every time he meets up with his step-brother Kieran Karlsson, and it's not just because the cute younger guy is so hot and sexy. He's long had the idea that the boy is into cock but until now it was just a theory. After accidentally meeting up in town Maksim sees his chance and invites his step-brother back to his place, revealing the truth as soon as they walk in. With lips meeting and hands groping young Kieran gives in and shows his bro exactly why he's given him those lustful looks for so long. Their dreams finally come true as t-shirts come off and cock are revealed from their pants, their stiff young erections wet with precum and their mouths salivating as they swap their tasty penises. Adorable Kieran can't believe he's finally sucking his bro's cock but with a little licking of Maksim's ass he's getting even more than he could have hoped for, sliding his naked young dick deep inside and fucking him from behind. Maksim soon discovers that his step-brother isn't as inexperienced as he might have thought, impaling his pucker on the twink dick and riding him before laying back and letting the boy ravage his butt with his rampant pink meat. The sight of Maksim splashing his milky cream all over himself soon has the boy jerking out his own juices over Maksim's chest and neck, bringing their first bro fuck to a finish. Featuring Kieran Karlsson (aka Tomas Furan), Maksim Orlov. Original release date: February 4th, 2021.
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Added: 2021-06-01

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