Too Distracted Raging Stallion

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Title: Too Distracted Raging Stallion
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Description: The men's locker room smells like ripe dick and Jake Waters and Isaac X are tasked with the job of cleaning it up. Jake is a little too distracted by all the used jockstraps laying around to do anything, and Isaac gets the idea to offer up his own sweaty jock for Jake to smell. After inhaling the musk coming from Isaac's crotch, Jake ditches his shorts, reveals his own jock, and presents his smooth hole for his sweaty fuck buddy. Now completely naked in the locker room, Isaac pumps himself in and out of Jake's ass while the young athlete strokes his own XL cock that's spilling out of his bright red jock. A few more thrusts lead to both men exploding streams of seed all over Jake and wiping up the sticky mess with Jake's used jockstrap. Featuring Isaac X, Jake Waters. From the film: Tales from the Locker Room 2. Original release date: November 10th, 2021.
Category: Raging Stallion
Added: 2021-11-23

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