Right in the Ass Gay Wire

Title: Right in the Ass Gay Wire
Description: I tried to play a game with our guy today and made him a pretty sweet deal. We had these darts here so I tell him if he can hit the bull's eye, we'll pay him and he doesn't have to get his little asshole stretched out by Izzy today. Of course, he says fuck yea let's do it, but he missed. He took his lost like a man and got ready to get pounded away although his hands were shaking like crazy. This guy was a pretty cool guy so I was kind of rooting for him to survive through this massive dick just drilling through him... And he did but it hurt like hell!!! Anyway guys take a look at this guy who by the way has a pretty bad ass looking body and can take 14 inch dick. Full title: In the Ass. Gay Wire Sub Site: It's Gonna Hurt. Featuring Izzy James, Jason Rock.
Category: Gay Wire
Added: 2023-01-07

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